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The Pamphlet Collection of Sir Robert Stout: Volume 2

The Dunaidin Bankit

The Dunaidin Bankit.

Don't talk to me av Throjans
Or ainshint thaologans,
That live in Æsop's fables, or Homer's high-flown dhrames;
I wish ye wouldn't prate, O,
Of Sock-rat-is an' Plato,
I'm mountin' my Pig-asses now for grandher, nobler thaimes.

page 42

The Railway Dimonsthation
Claims me congratulation;
Och, blur-an-ounthers, man alive! 'twas beautiful to see
The City Guards an' Gunners
(Begorra, they are stunners),
Presintin' arms, an' legs, too, for the Governor an' me.

The grand illuminations,
An' banners av all nations,
In lovely situations, wor gorgeous to behould;
Likewise the banket, too, boys,
No thripe or Irish stew, boys,
But rale ould mountain jew, boys, wid geese an' turkeys could.

The butchers an' the bakers
Put life into the spaikers,
Wid diafram ixtinded, the Markiss poured a flood
Av flowery ilocution;
An' ivery risolution
We toasted, boys, wint far to prove the rod-hero was good.

The Clargy, too, wor presint,
Quite jovial an' pleasant,
Forgettin' all their differinces, remimbirin' they are min
Who're buildin' up a nation;
The lines of siparation
Wor wash'd in aitch libation, an Union conquer'd thin.

Begorra, as I gazed, boys,
Quite gratified an' plaised, boys,
I thin purshued, amazed, boys, a tkrain of thought on love;
Some think that line a stale way
To heaven; but it's the Rail-way
To link the cities of the earth wid cities up above.

Paddy Murphy.

Inn Bee .—A grate many people is wondherin' why I didn't wair me Coort shuit at the Dimonsthration, but I forgot to take it out o' me uncle's on the Kay.