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The Pamphlet Collection of Sir Robert Stout: Volume 2

Arrival at Dunaidin

Arrival at Dunaidin.

Be the hokey-poker, me pin lacks iloquince to discribe the grand ovation we recaived at the Dunaidin Station. The volunteers, undher Kurnil Stavely, looked mighty imposin', dhrawn up in line av battle, only it was so dark we couldn't see thim, so we couldn't. Thin there was the illicthors lights (a manhood suffrage dimonsthration), an' illuminations on Watsons', an' Sargood's, and the Banks, an' the braes, an' the public building Begog, it was a fine sight intirely, so it was. A carriage an' four greys wor waitin' to take mesilf an' the vice-raygil party to the Club, but who the dickens should I meet at the station but me cousin Mick, who keeps the City Hotel, an' he would force me home wid him in spite o' the remonsthrances o' the Markiss, who feels miserable if I'm not always be his side whiu he's thravel- lin'. Av coorse dacincy wouldn't allow me to turn the could shouldher on me own kith an' kin, for although I occupy a more ixalted position thin me rilitive, still there's no dirty pride about me, an' blood is sthronger than wather, so it is. I need hardly tell ye that Mick made me as welkim as the flowers o' May to the City, an' he got a warmin'-pan to mc feet, bekaise I'm not cured o' me could yit. Whin I tell ye that it's twinty-one years since Mick an' I parted, ye'll undherstand how glad we wor to meet again. Whin we lift the County Waxford together, he imigrated to Boston, an' I kum out to New Zayland. Av coorse our first few words o' greet in' was in our native language, as follows:—"Och asthore, banachlath gude deamatha thu grah machree?" ses Mick. "Arrah bather shin ma bouchileen bawn, shule aroon, shin-fane shin-fane, thiggin thu," ses I. That inded the discoorse in Gaelic, an' "Kinnahin," from Belfast, was brought in to keep us company. As I've to start in the mornin' be the thrain, in ordher to be up at the nixt Kabinit sayance in Willin'ton, I have been forced to write this on the Sunday against me will. The ixcillint banket given last night be yer Mayor (Misther Leary) suggested the following thrifle:—