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The Pamphlet Collection of Sir Robert Stout: Volume 2

Me Cousin Mick's City Hotel, Dunaidin September 8, 1878

Me Cousin Mick's City Hotel, Dunaidin

Av coorse yer tin thousand readhers will be looking out anxiously for yer humble sarviut's account o' the Openin' o' the Railway, and the thrip down from Willin'ton, an' begorra I'm sorry for it, for I've the divil's own headache to-day afther last night's banket, an', in konsiquince, I'll not be able to give ye sich a graffic report as I might have sint ye under more propishious sarcumstances. Howsomever, I'll thry an' give ye a brief outline o' the dimonsthration. Av coorse ye know that mesilf an' the Markiss kum down to Lyttelton in the Nymphe, whilst the rest o' the boys thraveiled in the Hineymo an' Taupo. Only two mimbers of the Ministhry, besides mesilf, kum down, as the rest o' me collaiges are busy makin' out our bills, bekaise it's the beginning o' the month. Me two fellow Ministhors, Misther Stout an' Farmer Fisher, wint aboord the Hineymo, but the Markiss iusisted that I should thravel wid him in the Nymphe, which landed in Port Cooper a day sooner thin the other mimbers. Begorra we got a grand recipshun in Christchurch, so we did. Five bould warriors, mounted on hansom chargers (splindid kab horses, out o' complimint to the Kabinit), wid dhrawn soords, gilloped afther the Vice-raygil carriage to the Club, where our party put up. Thin kum Docthor Fosther, robed in his a-cad-dam-ical page 39 kostchume, lookin as proud as a newly married pay-cock. The sthreets wor lined wid the most initinse enthusism, only there was so much dust that ye couldn't see it, an' the two min an' a boy, who are keepin' the ruins o' the kathedhril in ordher, stopped their wheelbarrows to gaze on the coortage as it passed. On the Thursday, mesilf an' the Markiss opened the Musaim, which is a great place intirely, so it is. Talk about moas, an' monkeys, an' whales, an' rhino-soar-us-is, an' sich like baists, 'pon me conshinse it has no aiquil in New Zayland; but for donkeys it's not to be minshioned in the same breath as Willinton at this saison o' the year, so it's not. On the Thursday night, av coorse, we attinded the