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The Pamphlet Collection of Sir Robert Stout: Volume 2

Special Telegram

page 38

Special Telegram.

Lambton Kay, Wellin'ton,

Begorra I've been so busy helpin' Mac wid his Public Works Statement that I've no time to sind ye anything av importance this week, barrin' the information that I'm comin' down wid the boys to open the railway. Av coorse I'll thravel incog-night-o (the lihteral manin' of which word is that I'll be undher a cloud, and keep me idintity dark), bekaise if the public discovered me, Be the man-in-the-moon there'd be a thrimindichus dimonsthration, an' Be jabers, Sir George might get jealous; besides, I hate dimonsthrations in favour o' mesilf. Modesty an' whisky is me partikular waikness. But whisper, an' I'll tell ye a grate sacrit; but ye must keep it quiet, or I'll be found out. If ye see a fine, bould, gintlemanly-lookin' man, wid a good ould Milesian face, dhressed in a blue frock coat, snuff-coloured throusers, an' a slight Frinch accint, walkin' about wid, or sittin' nixt, the Markiss, that will be me, for that's the soart o' man that I am; but don't tell anybody, avick machree, or they'll be wantin' to prisint me wid addresses an' purses o' sovereigns at iveiy little township, an' 'pon me sowl I've a sovereign contimpt for sich things. Ajew for the present, an' keep yer eye on the Markiss an' his tall frind,

Paddy Murphy.

N.B.—We are lavin' our Bobby to watch the Threasury.