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The Pamphlet Collection of Sir Robert Stout: Volume 2

Me Pals An' Me

Me Pals An' Me.

Lambton Kay, Wellin'ton

Be the hokey it's a blackguard shame, so it is, that those mane pinny-a-liners av the New Zayland Times an' the Cantherbury Press, an' sich like rags, should be allowed to blackguard us in the way they're goin on. They say we're divided amongst ourselves, bad cess to thim, whin they know we're as continted as the happy family in Woomewell's Minagery. They say that the Kurnil is a Tory, whilst Sir George and the Attorney-Gineral are Socialists an' Red Republicans in disguise; but the views we hould, when weighed in our Ballance, will not be far asthray. Maybe the notions of meself an' Rabby an' Sir George are a thrifle more advanced than our collaiges, but that matthers very little avick machree, for sure we can rayson wid one-another in our discoorses, an' Mac's ile always smooths the throubled wathers. I've sthruug off the followin thrifle in connection wid the above remarks:—

To spile our noble mission,
The dirty Opposition,
Those frinds av Abolition
Declare we can't agree.
They sware we're not decided,
Begog, I can't abide it),
Our Cabinet's divided,
Betchune me pals an' me.

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This mane an' dirty faction
Have dhruv me to disthriction;
A Ministhry of action,
Ipon me word, are we.
Before, ye have been vassals,
But now we'll give ye castles,
Ye'll faiste all night in wassails,
Jist like me pals an' me.

Sure Mac in language glowin'
Wid milk an' honey flowin'
(Faix he's the boy for blowin')
Has sworn we must be free
From furrin yoke av Saxon,
Our ground they shan't be taxin'
We'll give ye land for axin',
Me dacint pals an' me.

Wid vile abusive capers,
Those dirty rags o' papers
Expose our jobs, be jabers,
But faix we'll let 'em see
Whilst we're in the ascindint,
Dimocracy resplindent,
(Av coorse there's lots o' wind in't)
Betchune me pals an' me.

Be gog, it's quite divartin',
(Me eye an' Betty Martin)
I tell ye thruth for sartin—
Sure Progress is our plea.
We'll promise dainty dishes,
An' do the people's wishes,
An' share the loaves an' fishes
Betchune me pals an' me.

Paddy Murphy.