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The Pamphlet Collection of Sir Robert Stout: Volume 2

The Prorogashun

The Prorogashun.

"Come all ye hayros, young an' ould,
Ye pathriotic statesmin bould,"
'Twas thus Sir John spake—so I'm tould—
"I'd have ye for to know,
That from this noble Spaiker's chair,
I am commissioned to declare
This Ouse prorogued—the weather's fair—
So darlints ye can go

"The session's been prolonged a bit,
But sure the public pays for it;
It's months since ye came here to sit,
To growl, an' snarl, an' blow.
Like gintlemin ye've all been dhressed,
Ye've lived upon the very best
It's time ye had a little rest,
So, darlints, ye can go.

"To some o' ye that I could name,
This is a rosey little game;
Ye plot, an' hatch, an' dodge, an' schaime,
Wid principles so-so
Av coorse, ye live on polyticks,
An' other little knavish thricks,
Begorra, ye must cut yer sticks,
So, darlints ye may go.

"Fine Bills ye passed through Parlimint,
But, boys, be dacint—take a hint—
Shure there are other bills a gint
Is oft compelled to owe.
Now, fellow-mimbers, don't be mane,
Jist lave the Impire City clane,
Faix thin ye can come back again,
So, darlints, ye can go.

page 22

"At spoutin', faix, ye're all immense,
Yer rich an' varied iloquince,
So full of sound an' void of sinse,
In Dimosthanian flow
Rolls through the Sinate loud an' long;
'We're want in' billets,' is yer song,
But now to Putney, or Hong Kong,
Me darlints, ye can go.

"Ye've spint the counthry's time an' brass
In vile abuse an' impty gas,
An' takin' ye jist as a class,
Yer characther is low.
The Governor requests that I
Should wish ye all a warm good-bye;
Faix, some o' ye are lookin' dhry,
So, darlints, ye can go."

Paddy Murphy.

Lambton Kay Wellin'ton,