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The Pamphlet Collection of Sir Robert Stout: Volume 2

The Battle O' Thrafalgar Square.A serious disturbance took place in London between Turkish and Russian sympathisers

page 20

The Battle O' Thrafalgar Square.

A serious disturbance took place in London between Turkish and Russian sympathisers.

Ye warlike Muses who ne'er refuses,
Whin blood an' bruises is the minsthrel's lay,
Assist me Janus, an' don't detain us,
For faix my sthrain is of a warlike fray.
This introduction for your instruction,
About a ruction, sure beyond compare,
Whin viliant hayros, as bould as Pharos,
Fought just like Nayros in Thrafalgar Square.

The Turkish laygions from St. Giles's raygions,
Erected stagins' for to blow and spout
About poor Turkey, an' Terry Burke, he
Left off his work, he began to shout.
Ses he, "Those Tarthars would make us marthyrs,
They'd stale our charthers, sure, if they dare,
At the Sultan's Coort, boys, they'd dhrink his Porte, boys,
But we'll show them sport, boys, in Thrafalgar Square."

Then the gossoons present held up the Crescent,
Och, 'twas mighty pleasant for to see it float
Upon the vapors, 'mong cheers an' capers—
"The Turks be japers" rang from every throat.
But boys, me jewel, just while it blew well,
Some spys so cruel of the Rooshin bear,
Dhragged down the flag, sure, and began to brag sure,
Of the Rooshin rag, sure, in Thrafalgar Square.

Whitechapel baigles, an' Greenwich say-gulls,
Wid Rooshin aigles, began to cheer
For Alexandher, that grate commandher,
Like bould Lysandher, that haythin peer;
Thin wid a crush, shure, they made a rush, shure,
Oh, 'twould make you blush, shure, had you been there,
To see the varmints peel off their garmints,
And fight like divils in Thrafalgar Square.

Wid sticks and pegs, boys, an' wooden legs, boys,
An' rotten eggs, boys, they set to work,
Until, be jabers, their nearest naybors,
Couldn't tell the difference 'tween Russ and Turk.
One Cossack stalker, be the name o' Walker,
A cat's-mate hawker, tuk a broken chair
An' stbruck a tailor, an' a dhrunken sailor
From a Turkish whaler, in Thrafalgar Square.

The Turkish phlankses charged the Rooshin rankses,
Though their sabre clankses made little noise,
For soords and rifles are only thrifles,
Jist fit for sojers, not for dacint boys;
Aitch British Spartan fought so divartin',
I'm purty sartin it will make ye stare
To hear it spoken how Poles were broken,
An' Turks were murdhered in Thrafalgar Square.

page 21

Now, boys, be aisy, don't talk av Craissy,
'Twas only play, see, I swear to you;
An' Agincoor was a ruction poor,
Jist like the Nile, shure, or Watherloo.
In warlike story, yer sowl to glory,
'Tween Whig an' Tory (be gog it's quare),
This famous ground, boys, wid glory crowned, boys,
Will long be found, boys, in Thrafalgar Square.

Paddy Murphy.

Lambton Kay, Wellin'ton,