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The Pamphlet Collection of Sir Robert Stout: Volume 2

The Split Cabinet

The Split Cabinet.

Come all ye opposition min, wherever that ye be.
I hope ye'll pay attintion, an' listen unto me,
A saycrit grate about the State, I'll whisper to ye now,
The Cabinet is split, yer sowls, the boys have had a row.

The Ministhers assimbled for a Cabinet See—ance
One night when we (Sir George an' me) were sthrollin' near be chance,
Whin', be me soul, we heard a groul; "Och George!" ses I "bow-wow,
Faix here's a lark, ye hear em bark, the boys have had a row."

"Whist Pat," ses be, "bad luck to ye, keep quiet, av ye plaize,
I'll peep inside, the split is wide, and hear what Pollen says,
I know the ropes—they raise my hopes—the Kurnel shouts 'Allow
Yer Chief to know'—ha, there's a blow—the boys have had a row."

Och, tare-an-ages! had ye heerd the ruction that was there,
Aitch bloody nose, wid thumpin' blows, was crimson wid' despair;
The Kurnel and the Docthor fought, faix I can't tell ye how,
Till both had styes upon their eyes—the boys have had a row.

Hurroo, hurroo! this thraitor crew, will tumble, I'll be bound,
From mouth to mouth, from north to south, our watchword flies around,
From Plinty's Bay, hooray, hooray, to Cargill,s lofty brow,
The people's cry is "Mind yer eye, the boys have had a row!"

The tyrant crew thried to subdue, wid their connivin' thricks,
Our shinin' light, bould Kawau's knight, the prince o' polyticks;
The ship of state would be complaite, wid Geordie at the prow,
Begog, he'll soon be there, ye'll sec—the boys have had a row.

Thin shout, ye bould Provincialists, the day is dhrawin' near
Whin we shall sit in Cabinit wid saits av honour here;
Wid Geordie, Bob, an' Mac, begob, we'll show the varmints how
To make the laws correct, because the boys have had a row,

Paddy Murphy.

Lambton Kay, Wellin'ton,