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The Pamphlet Collection of Sir Robert Stout: Volume 2


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Me Dear Dan,—

I've been axed be scores o' gintlemin in high posishuns to didicate me Budgit to thim, but I've silicted yoursilf for the high honor on account av our long frinship an' the many starlin' qualities that have reccominded ye to me; but, above all, bekays yer a counthryman o' me own, so ye are. The many plisint evenins that we spint togither when you occupied the iditorial chair o' the New Zayland Times is still fresh in me mimory, an' begorra I'll niver forget the night whin the Markiss an' yourself roulled into me offis on the Kay to ax me to write a laidin' article for nixt mornin's paper, bekays ye felt a little knocked up aft her a shampain supper at the Club. Av coorse I don't want to let the public know that ye used to get some o' yer most illigant political idays from me, an' that I've spint many an hour in correctin' the proofs o' yer laidhers; nor is it me intinshun to publish to the world the fact that ye are inditted to me for the numerous coatashuns from Vargil an' Sisero an' Horace (not Bastings) that used to garnish yer articles. Me objict now is to offer you this didicashun as a slight but sinsare thribute av isteem an' respect To slightly alther a varse o' Tom Moore's, I may ixclaim:—

There is not in this wide world a blarney so sweet
As that which ye use, Dan, whiniver we meet;
Oh the last ray o' feelin' an' life must depart,
Ere the bloom o' yer visage shall fade from me heart.

Believe me, me dear Dan, Your affecshunate frind an' obaygint sarvint,

Paddy Murphy.

Lambton Kay, Willin'ton,