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The Pamphlet Collection of Sir Robert Stout: Volume 2

Schedule (E.) — Form of Conveyance from the Trustees

Schedule (E.)

Form of Conveyance from the Trustees.

A Deed made this____day of____in the year of our Lord____between A.B., C.D., E.F., and G.H. (trustees of the premises herein-after described under a deed bearing date____and made between____and registered in____) of the one part, and____of the other part, whereby the said A.B., C.D., E.F., and G.H., in consideration of the sum of____to them paid on the execution of these presents, the receipt whereof they do hereby respectively acknowledge, do grant and convey unto the said____and his heirs all____together with the rights and appurtenances to the premises belonging, and all the estate and interest of the said A.B., C.D., E.F., and G. H.____therein and thereto, to hold the premises, with the appurtenances, unto the said____and his heirs, to such uses and for such estates as the said____shall by deed appoint, and in default of appointment, page 32 or so far as such appointment shall not extend, to the use of the said____his heirs and assigns for ever; and the said____hereby declares that no widow of his shall be dowable out of the said premises.

As witness the hands and seals of the respective parties, the day and year first above written.