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The Pamphlet Collection of Sir Robert Stout: Volume 2

Province of Otago

Province of Otago.

1.The Town of Dunedin,
2.The Dunedin Country District,
shall deliver his Claim, or cause the same to be delivered at the Resident Magistrate's Office Dunedin, or at such other place or places as the Resident Magistrate at Dunedin may, by public notice, direct and appoint.

List of Claims to be prepared.

27. On the Fifteenth day of May next, and on the Thirtieth day of April in every succeeding year, or as soon after as conveniently may be, the Resident Magistrate, or some other fit person or persons to be appointed by the Governor in that behalf, at each of the above-named offices in the respective Districts in the Islands of New Zealand and several Provinces as aforesaid, shall respectively cause a list to be prepared of the Claims which have been delivered at such re- page 115 spective offices as aforesaid, in pursuance of this Proclamation, setting forth the Christian and Surname of every Claimant at full length, together with his place of abode, calling, or business, and the ground on which his claim may be made, and arranging the names in alphabetical order, and classing them for the several Districts for which they may respectively claim to be entitled to vote.
28. On or before the Fifteenth day of June next, every such

And to be published.

Resident Magistrate, or other person as aforesaid, shall, as soon as conveniently may be, cause a copy of the List of Claims, and in the month of June, in every succeeding year, shall cause a copy of the List of Claims which may have been preferred in pursuance of this Proclamation, together with a copy of the Electoral Roll then in force, to be posted in some conspicuous place in the District, to which the said List and Roll shall especially relate, and shall subjoin thereto a Notice, that all objections thereto will be heard and determined at a meeting of Justices open to the Public, and to be held on a day to be specified in such Notice, not being more than one calendar month after the date thereof.
29. Each such Resident Magistrate or other person shall

Justices to prepare Electoral Roll.

call a Special Meeting of the Justices of the Peace, residing within the District or Districts to which the said Claims may relate, to be held on the day so to be specified as aforesaid, for the purpose of hearing and determining objections to such List and Roll as aforesaid, and of forming the Roll for the ensuing year of persons qualified to vote under the provisions of the said recited Ordinance.
30. Any person whose name shall be on any such List or

Objections to Claims.

Roll may object to any other person as not entitled to have his name retained on the Electoral Roll. But the person so objecting shall, ten days at least before the day appointed for the formation of such Electoral Roll, cause notice in writing of such objection, and of the ground thereof, to be given to the Resident Magistrate or other the person acting for the District, and also to the person objected to.
31. At the meeting to be held for the formation of the said

Electoral Roll how to be formed.

Electoral Roll, or at some adjournment of such meeting, the Justices (any two being a quorum) shall retain on the List of Claims, and on the Roll then in force, the names of all persons to whom no objection shall have been duly made, and shall also retain on the said Lists and Rolls the name of every person page 116 who shall have been objected to, unless the party objecting shall appear in person in support of such objections, and shall also prove due service of his notice of objection.

Proof of Qualification in what case required.

32. In case the party objecting shall make his objections in person, and shall prove such service of notice as aforesaid, the Court shall require proof of the qualification of the person so objected to : and in case the qualification of such person shall not be proved to the satisfaction of the Court, the name of such person shall be expunged from the List or Roll. The Court shall also expunge therefrom the name of every person who shall be proved to be dead, and shall correct any mistake, or shall supply any omission, which should be proved to have been made therein respectively, in respect of the name or the place of abode of any person who shall be included therein, or in respect of the local description of his property : and the Lists and Roll so corrected shall form the Electoral Roll for the ensuing year, and shall be signed by the Resident Magistrate, or other the person presiding at such meeting of Justices as aforesaid.

The Electoral Roll how long in force.

33. The persons whose names shall be so enrolled thereon shall be deemed and taken to be the Electors of the District until the completion of the "Electoral Roll" for the year next ensuing : and every person whose name shall appear upon such "Electoral Roll" shall be deemed and taken to be duly qualified to vote for the District in respect of which his name shall appear upon such Roll without any further or other inquiry, revision, or scrutiny whatever. And when the name of any person claiming to be placed upon such Roll shall once have been duly enrolled thereon, such name shall from year to year continue to be published as aforesaid, and be retained on the Electoral Roll for the time being without any further claim on the part of the Elector, until his name be objected to and shall be duly expunged in manner hereinbefore prescribed.

Copy of Electoral Roll to be published.

34. As soon as conveniently may be after the annual revision of such Roll, the Resident Magistrate, or such other person as aforesaid, shall cause copies thereof to be published for general information : and the original Roll shall be preserved by him as long as it shall remain in force, open to the inspection of any Elector, at reasonable times, on payment of one shilling.