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The Pamphlet Collection of Sir Robert Stout: Volume 2

Appendix G

page 47

Appendix G.

Iron Ores.

Nos. 109, 112, 113.

These were samples of black iron sand from Stewart Island, Taranaki, and Tokomairiro. The iron ranges from 49 to 54 per cent.

No. 218.

This speciman is hydrated sesquioxide of iron from Port Molyneux. It yielded:—
Water 14 per cent.
Oxide of iron 65.5 per cent.
Earthy matter (clay silica) 20.5 per cent.

This is equal to 46 per cent, of metallic iron. If there is a large quantity of this ore near a good coal field, it should take a good place among the industries of the future. The small quantity of silica present (about 10 per cent.) will not require much lime for its removal.

No. 300.

This is an excellent iron ore. It was sent for analysis by D. Proudfoot, Esq. It contains 84 per cent, of sesquioxide of iron, 5 per cent, of water, and 11 per cent, of earthy matter. This is equal to 58 per cent, of metal.

No. 315.

The sample sent for analysis by Mr. Lubecki. It is the black iron-sand of our coasts. It yielded 51.5 per cent, of metallic iron. It is, therefore, of the same quality as that found in large quantity in Stewart Island.

No. 327.

This sample was forwarded by Captain Hutton. It is hydrated sesquioxide of iron, of fair quality. It yielded:—
Water 7 per cent.
Sesquioxide 55 per cent.
Earthy matter, chiefly silica 38 per cent.

The silica (about 20 per cent.) would require lime for its removal. Equal to 38.5 per cent, per metal.

No. 443.

This sample consists of anhydrous sesquioxide of iron, specular page 48 iron ore, mixed with 30 per cent, of quartz and earthy matter. It yielded;—
Sesquioxide 70 per cent
Silica 22 per cent
Earthy matter 8 per cent

This is equal to 49 per cent of metallic iron. It is, therefore, if present in quantity, a valuable ore.

No. 511.

This specimen was forwarded by Captain Hutton from Tokomairiro. It is an excellent ore. On analysis it shows of—
Sesquioxide of iron 79.5 per cent
Water 14.0 per cent
Earthy matter 6.5 per cent

This is equal to 55.75 per cent, of metallic iron, and in such a state of combination and purity as to be very easily reduced. It will, if found in large quantity, be a very valuable ore of iron, and should not be neglected.

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