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The Pamphlet Collection of Sir Robert Stout: Volume 2

Appendix D

Appendix D.

In the matter of the Liquidation of the Para Para Iron and Coal Company [Limited].

Tenders will be received by the undersigned until Noon of Wednesday, March 6,

For the Purchase of the Property and Plant

of the above-named Company, situate near Collingwood. Tenders will be received for the whole, or for the separate lots as hereinafter numbered, and must be accompanied by a marked cheque for ten per cent, of amount of tender, as a guarantee that the Tenderer will page break section a map page 41 complete the purchase, but the Liquidators do not bind themselves to accept the highest or any tender.

Lot 1.

Lease from the Crown of all the Coal in 990 Acres of Land, for Twenty-one years from 1st day of January, 1870, at a royalty of two per cent., which shall not be less than £16 a year. This is the Company's Coal Mine, and the seams have been driven into in several places. There are over 800 feet of iron tramway in the drives, and from thence there is an iron tramway about two miles long to the wharf. Part of the land over which this goes is the Company's freehold, the rest has been held under a lease at a peppercorn rent. Also, 2¼ Acres and 13 Sections of the Township of Ferntown, all freehold, on which are Six Cottages, Manager's House, Stables, Storehouses, a Pooley's Five-Ton Weighbridge with House, and the Wharf, with coal bunkers. This lot will include all the Plant on the above-described sections, which is everything necessary for working the Coalmine.

Lot 2.

150 Acres Freehold, situate about a mile from the wharf above-mentioned. On it are two Cottages and Sheds, Brick-kiln, about 80,000 Bricks, Wharf, and a quantity of Plant.

Lot 3.

105 Acres Freehold, comprising the Iron Mine, situate on the Para Para river, and also a Lease from the Crown of all the Iron and other Minerals except Gold, in 600 Acres of Land, for 21 Years from 1st of January, 1874, at a royalty of 2 per cent., which shall not be less than £30 per annum.

Lot 3.

Two 40-ton Barges, and 1 10-ton Punt lying near the Company's wharf. They were built in Nelson, and have been but little used.

Conditions of Sale and Catalogues containing fuller particulars can be had from the Liquidators. The Manager at the Mine will show the Property to any intending purchaser.

John R. Mabin

, Liquidators.

A. W. Scaife

, Liquidators.