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The Pamphlet Collection of Sir Robert Stout: Volume 1

Special Fund for Printing Standard Protestant Works

Special Fund for Printing Standard Protestant Works,

The Committee of the Protestant Association have resolved upon extending their operations by issuing in an attractive form

A Series of popular Works,

calculated to extend Protestant principles, and to counteract the rapid spread of error in the land, and propose to create a separate Fund, to enable them to prosecute with vigour this fresh work in the cause of Truth; and they now affectionately invite the kind pecuniary support, and the co-operation of their Christian friends throughout the country.

Already Published.

I. History of the Great Reformation.

By the Rev. J. H. Merle D'Aubigne. Abridged by Rev. Edward Dalton, Secretary to the Protestant Association. 18mo., cloth lettered, with Frontispiece, 4s.

II. The Divine Warning to the Church at this Time.

By the Rev. Edward Bickersteth. Third Edition, considerably enlarged. 18mo., cloth lettered, price 3s., or £3 for twenty-five to give away.

III. The Jesuits; their Principles and Acts.

By the Rev. Edward Dalton. One vol. 18mo., 3s.

IV. Thoughts on Popery.

By the Rev. Dr. Nevins. Revised by Isaac Taylor, Esq., Author of "Ancient Christianity," "Natural History of Enthusiasm," &c. One volume, 18mo., 2s.

V. Life of Edward VI.

By the Rev. R. W. Dibdin, M.A. One volume, 18mo., 1s. 6d.

VI. Serious Dissuasives from Popery.

By Archbishop Tillotson, and Bishops Hall and Jeremy Taylor.

With Introductory Essay by the Rev. Edward Nangle, M.A. One volume, 18mo., 3s.

In the Press.

On the Idolatry of the Church of Rome.

By Rev. A. S. Thelwall, M.A. One vol. 18mo.

Preparing for the Press.

I. History of the Inquisition.

By the Rev. R. Macklin, M.A. One volume. 18mo.

II. No Peace with Rome.

By Bishop Hall. With Introductory Essay by the Rev. Edward Bickersteth, M.A. One volume, 18mo.

III. Select Protestant Biography.

One volume, 18mo.

IV. The Pope's Looking-glass.

Revised by the Rev. Dr. Marsh.

V. The Papal Antichrist.

By Bishop Hurd. With Appendix from Bishop Newton, and Introductory Remarks by the Rev. R. W. Dibdin, M.A. One volume, 18mo.

VI. The Life of Luther.

One volume, 18mo.

VII. The Gospel Lever applied to Romanism.

By the Rev. Edward Nangle, of Achill. One volume, 18mo.

VIII. Memoirs of the British Reformers.

One volume, 18mo.

IX. Accusations of History against the Church of Rome.

By the Rev. George Townsend, Prebendary of Durham. Revised by the Rev. J. E. Cox, Perpetual Curate of Aldeby, Norfolk, Editor of a recent Edition of "James' Bellum Papalc," &c.

X. The Nullity of the Romish Faith; or, a Blow at the Root of the Romish Church.

By Matthew Poole. With an Introductory Essay by the Rev. Peter Hall. Rector of Milston, Wilts, and Minister of Long Acre Chapel, London. 8vo.

Other Works are under the consideration of the Committee, who are in communication with some of the most distinguished and learned advocates of Protestant truth, who will preface and revise the Works to be published.

Macintosh, Printer, Great New Street, London.