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The Pamphlet Collection of Sir Robert Stout: Volume 1

Note L

Note L.

So notorious is it that the nature of Papal authority inevitably interferes with the working of the civil power in a country even thoroughly Popish in its tendencies, that proofs abound, when we merely look to the past history of the most priest-ridden countries in Europe. A Committee of the House of Commons in 1816 published a Report, shewing the regulations made by some Continental states, as to the publication of certain bulls affecting the very stability of the civil power. In this Report it is stated that three of the most Popish states of Europe, France, Spain, and Portugal, forbade the publication of the bull Cœna Domini within their dominions. The French Parliament in 1768 thus pronounced: "The Court, all the Chambers being assembled, has ordered, and does order, the said publication to be suppressed forever; it forbids all persons, of whatever condition, dignity, and quality they may be, whether laymen or ecclesiastics, secular or regular, printers, booksellers, hawkers, or others, to cause the said publication to be printed, distributed, sold, or otherwise issued, on pain of proceedings extraordinary being instituted against them, as rebels against the king, and as guilty of high treason."