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The Pamphlet Collection of Sir Robert Stout: Volume 1

Saturday Evening, 31st August, 1867

Saturday Evening, 31st August, 1867.

Rev. Sir,—

I am in receipt of a note from you, addressing me In a manner quite unusual, and, before I reply to the subject of your note, allow me to ask if it was from design that you addressed me as Mr. Harding, being a member of another branch of the great Protestant Church. It may be that you do not respect my ordination to the office and work of the Christian ministry, and yet I can hardly think you would take such unusual action from that stand point.

Your speaking and mode of acting within your own church, under the restrictions of your own peculiar views, may be seemly when those to whom you speak, or before whom you act, hold your own views; but when you come forth and violate the common usages of society, you must not think it strange if men ask you to explain; and, in the position in which your letter places me, I must beg you to say, was it inadvertance, or was it of purpose? and, if the latter, then page 6 under what principle do you refrain from addressing ministers of other churches as yon would those of your own?

You may also use my proper name in your next; not John Harding, but

I am,

Rev. Sir,

Yours, &c.,

Isaac Harding.

Rev. D. H. Nicholls, "Incumbent" of Christ Church.