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The Pamphlet Collection of Sir Robert Stout: Volume 1

Publications of the Protestant Association

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Publications of the Protestant Association.

Statement of Views and Objects of the Protestant Association. 35. per 100.

Claims of the Protestant Association on Public Support. By G. H. Woodward, A. B. Second Edition. 2d., or 12s. per 100.

Circumstances attending the Publication of the Bible with Rhemish Notes. By the Rev. Robert J. M' Ghee. 2d. Edit. 6d., or 40s. per 100.

England the Fortress of Christianity. By the Rev. G. Croly, LL.D. 38th 1000. 1d., or 7s. per 100.

The Jesuits Exposed. 3d. Edit. 3d. or 20s. per 100.

The Popish College of Maynooth. 10th 1000. 1 ½d., or 105. per 100.

The Reformation, a direct Gift of Divine Providence. By the Rev. George Croly, LL.D. 5th Edit., revised. 3d., or 20s. per 100.

Jezebel. By the Rev. H. M'Neile. 4d., or 28s. per 100.

Come out of Rome. By the Rev. E. Blckersteth. 3d., or 20s. per 100.

A National Standard of Civil and Religious Liberty. 1 ½d., or 10s. per 100.

Speech of Sir Robert Peel on Church Extension; to which is appended a Speech of John Pemberton Plumptre, Esq., M.P., on the same subject. 1 ½d., or 10s. per 100.

The Protestant Magazine. Published Monthly, in 8vo. 3d.

The Penny Protestant Operative. With woodcuts. Published Monthly, 1d., or 7s. per 100.


Popery the Enemy of God and Man. 5th Edit. 1s. per 100.

Popery Unchanged. 4th Edit. 1s. per 100. No Popery. 3d Edit. 1s. per 100.

Guilt of Assisting Popery. 3d Edit. 1s. per 100. Murderous Effects of the Confessional. 25th 1,000. 1s. per 100.

Idolatry of the Reigning Pope, Gregory XVI. 1s. per 100.

Loyalty and Patriotism. 1s. per 100.

Narrative Tracts.

Eleanor, the Irish Convert. 2d., or 12s. per 100. Anecdotes of our Protestant Martyrs. 1d., or 6s. per 100.

Massacre of St. Bartholomew's Day. 1d., or 6s. per 100.

The Persecution of the Church of England by Queen Mary. 2d., or 12s. per 100.