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The Pamphlet Collection of Sir Robert Stout: Volume 1

To the Reader

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To the Reader.

At this awful crisis, when Popery has assumed so menacing an attitude, that she appears ready to seize on the reins of the British Government, the foregoing admirable Preface to the Rev. George Croly's Work on prophecy is most earnestly recommended to the serious consideration of the British Public, and especially to the enlightened and well-educated portion of it.

"It (Popery) has a restless spirit, and will strive by these gradations:—First, it will seek for connivance; it will then ask for toleration. Having obtained this, it will require equality. When this is obtained it will insist on superiority, and will never rest until it has effected a subversion of the true religion!"

Remonstrance of the Commons (by Selden) to King James 1.

"The principles of the Church of Rome, being unchangeable, are applicable to all times."

Doctor Troy, lute R. C. Titular Archbishop of Dublin.

"If any man will assert or pretend to believe, that modern Catholics differ in one iota from their ancestors, he either deceives himself, or wishes to deceive others."

Plowden, R. C.

"The page of history has recorded the sanguinary product of the principles of Romanism in former days, and these principles remaining unchanged, must necessarily produce the same fruits when invested with the powers now sought by the adherents of the See of Rome."


But should proof be wanting that the Church of Rome adopts and sanctions at the present day the same intolerant, persecuting, and exterminating principles she ever has done, the reader has but to refer to the Dedicatory Letter to the Queen's Most Excellent Majesty on the Laws of the Papacy, set up by the Romish Bishops in Ireland to subvert the Authority of their Lawful Sovereign, in 1832." Published by the Protestant Association in 1847." Price 4d. each, or 25s. per 100.

Protestant Association, 6, Serjeants' Inn, Fleet Street; Wertheim and Macintosh, Paternoster Row; Seeleys, Fleet Street.

mdcccxi. Price 1d., or 7s. per 100.

No. 8. Macintosh, Printer, Great New-street, London.