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The Pamphlet Collection of Sir Robert Stout: Volume 1

It was all a Delusion!

It was all a Delusion!

When I was a Christian, I was under the delusion that my religion was of divine origin, and that all other forms of religion were nothing but a mass of superstitious mummery. I was fool enough to believe that a God had given me a religion; while nine-tenths of mankind had none. I page 33 was simple enough to believe I had the word of a God for ray guide, while nine-tenths of the world were being led by impostors (such as Mahomet for instance who the Christians say was an impostor). I do not remember how I reconciled that, as my Bible told me that God was no respecter of persons.

Now having had the use of my reason ever since the Holy Ghost went out of me; for of course I could not have the use of both at the same time, since it is well-known (or ought to be by this time), that reason is sudden death to the Holy Ghost; as he, she, or it, has no more chance to live where there is reason than moschettos have where there is frost.

Yes, I have found out since the Holy Ghost left me, that instead of my religion being made of heavenly materials, as I was given to understand, that it was made up from the rags of other religious systems. But my being under the influence of the Holy Ghost at the time, and it being presented to me in the shape of hash, why, as a matter of course, the pepper and salt and the Holy Ghost disguised the fraud. I was like poor Joseph—sold.