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The Pamphlet Collection of Sir Robert Stout: Volume 1


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Summary of Proceedings. Page.
Plan Proposed—Conference appoint a Committee—Committee direct a Case to be prepared for the opinion of Counsel. 5
Case detailing the proposed Plan ib.
Questions for the opinion of Counsel 7
Opinions of Counsel 8
Committee direct a Draft to be prepared 9
Plan approved by Conference, and Committee re-appointed to carry it into execution ib.
Copies of Draft circulated—Draft revised—re—circulated—laid before Counsel for final settlement. ib.
Draft adopted by the Committee 10
Committee report their proceedings to Conference ib.
Resolution of the Conference of 1832 thereupon ib.
The Model Deed
Commencement and Parties 11
Recital respecting the Origin and Formation of the Methodist Societies. ib.
Rules of the Scieties 12
Society Stewards and Poor Stewards ib.
Classes and Class-Leaders 13
Appointment of Preachers by Mr. Wesley ib.
Formation of Circuits ib.
Assistants or Superintendants ib.
Circuit Stewards ib.
Origin of "the Conference" 14
Mr. Wesley's Deed Poll ib.
Recital respecting the Recitals therein ib.
Testatum defining the term "yearly Conference" 15
Further Testatum naming the then Conference 16
Rules for the yearly Conference ib.
First. Time and Place of yearly Conference ib.
Second. Act of the majority binding 17
Third. Vacancies to be filled up ib.
Fourth. Forty members a quorum, except, &c. ib.
Fifth. Duration of the yearly Assembly ib.
Sixth. President and Secretary to be elected ib.
Powers of the President 18
Seventh. Members absenting them-selves ib.
Eighth. Power to expel Members ib.
Ninth. Power to admit persons ib.
Tenth. Time of Probation 19
Eleventh. What persons the Conference may appoint to the Chapels, and for what time to the same place ib.page 53
Twelfth. Power to hold the Conference at any place 19
Thirteenth. Respecting Chapels and Conference in Ireland. ib.
Fourteenth. Resolutions to he entered on the Journals, &c. 20
Lastly. Provision respecting the extinction of the Conference, and the appropriation of the Chapels in that case ib.
the Deaths of Charles and John Wesley. ib.
the Formation of Districts ib.
Chairman of the District 21
District Committee or Meeting ib.
Contract for Purchase ib.
Conveyance in pursuance of the Contract ib.
Testatum of the Model Deed 22
Description of the Parcels conveyed 23
General words ib.
Habendum 24
Declaration of Trusts, &c.—Commencement of.—To build, &c. ib.
Preachers appointed by Conference, and certain others to preach in Chapel ib.
Times and Manner of Services.—Who to conduct 25
Proviso respecting immorality, doctrine, and ability of Preachers.—How tried and removed, &c ib.
doctrines to be preached 27
School-Room . ib.
Power to demolish buildings to enlarge Chapel 28
Mortgage ib.
for the whole debt or debts ib.
Mortgagees not answerable 29
not to prevent Trustees altering, &c., except, &c. . ib.
Power to let Pews, Houses, School-Room, &c. ib.
to sell Graves and Tombs ib.
to receive Rents, &c., except certain Collections, &c 30
Appropriation of Rents and Profits ib.
Surplus monies 31
Power for Trustees to subscribe, &c., to the Funds of the Connexion ib.
to appoint Chapel Stewards and Treasurer ib.
Account Books to be kept 32
Account Books to be shown to Superintendant on request ib.
to be audited yearly.—Notice of Meeting 33
Auditors may appoint deputies ib.
to sign accounts ib.
Trustee Meetings for special business, Notice of 34
for ordinary or urgent business, Notice of ib.
valid, though notice does not reach certain Trustees 35
Vote, who entitled to ib.
of majority, binding ib.
Casting vote ib.page 54
Who shall judge of what is "necessary or expedient" 35
General Rules and Usage, what 36
Chairman of Meetings ib.
Power, with consent of Conference, to sell ib.
Appropriation of Purchase Money 37
Power, without consent of Conference, to sell ib.
Appropriation of Purchase Money 38
Receipts of Trustees good discharges 39
Purchasers, Mortgagees, &c., not answerable, &c., ib.
Trustees not answerable, or accountable, when 40
for six months out of Methodist Society, shall cease to act, and on being indemnified shall convey the Trust Estate to other Trustees ib.
not to prevent their future election 41
Survivors to indemnify representatives of deceased Trustees 42
Power to appoint new Trustees ib.
although above or below the specified number 44
to increase the number of Trustees ib.
to bring actions, and refer disputes to arbitration 45
Executions of the Deed 46
Attestation of the executions ib.
Acknowledgment in Chancery 47
Indorsement of Inrolment in Chancery ib.
Attestation of examination (vera copia) with the original Deed ib.
Precedent of a Conveyance, by Reference to the Model Deed.
Commencement.—Parties.—Recital of Contract 48
Testatum . ib.
Parcels.—General words 49
Habendum ib.
Declaration of Trusts by reference 50
Words of reference ib.
Conclusion ib.
Practical Observations.
Any Tenure may be thus settled 51
Statutes of Mortmain must be strictly attended to ib.
Precedent must be varied according to circumstances ib.
The words of reference will in all cases be the same ib.

The End.

London: Printed by James Nichols. Hoxton-Square.