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The Pamphlet Collection of Sir Robert Stout: Volume 1

The Ungodly Teacher

The Ungodly Teacher

it might cause much mischief. In that case it is not the Book, it is the man, you have to fear. He has opportunity enough during school hours to do a great deal of harm without the introduction of the Bible. The objection, like some others, is theoretical. It is based on the theory that Bible reading is an act of worship, and that it would be wrong to entrust it to an ungodly man. But the advocates of the Bible in schools argue for it not as an act of worship, but as a part of education, the Bible being an admirable text book, and the reading of it an essential part of children's education. From my acquaintance with the teachers I regard it as a libel on them as a body to speak of the ungodly teacher as if he were so commonly to be found as to influence legislation on this question. On the contrary my knowledge of them would lead me to say they are the reverse of ungodly, and would hail the introduction of the Bible as a boon. But if there were a teacher whom a Committee could not trust, they have a check on any abuse in their own hand. Such an objection will not be seriously entertained by those who have a practical acquaintance with our schools, who consider the magnitude of the interests at stake, and who remember that the State has not to legislate for teachers, but for the education of her future citizens.