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The Pamphlet Collection of Sir Robert Stout: Volume 1

How Settled Elsewhere

How Settled Elsewhere.

And here I may mention, in few words, how the religious difficulty has been settled elsewhere

1. In England,—the law is, 'Times for religious instruction—at beginning or end of school meeting, or at both—inserted in time table approved by Education Department, and conspicuously affixed in every schoolroom,

The London School Board has the following regulation—"In the schools provided by the Board the Bible shall be read, and there shall be given such explanation and such instruction therefrom in the principles of morality and religion, as are suited to the capacities of the children." Two provisions follow,—1. Against proselytising; 2. For objections by parents or ratepayers, to be considered by the Board.

2. In Scotland religious instruction is part of the system.

3. In Ireland education is controlled by the Board for National Education; "Readers" are used containing much scriptural instruction. There is a half-hour for religious instruction by ministers or teachers appointed by them.

4. In Germany, there is dogmatic religious instruction by teachers appointed or by ministers.

5. In the United States, during the first half hour there is prayer, singing, and Bible reading without comment. Care is taken that teachers shall be of good moral character.

6. In France, the system includes religious instruction.

7. In Holland, the Bible is read and taught by the teachers, who are required to avoid most carefully touching on grounds of controversy between the sects.

8. In Canada, school is opened and closed by reading: scripture and prayer. Christianity is recognised as an element that ought to pervade all the regulations for elementary instruction.

9. In Victoria, the system is secular. *

10. In Queensland, secular; facilities for ministers out of school hours.

11. In New South Wales, the Irish school books are used, containing Bible history, and also books of scripture extracts specially prepared Secular instruction is understood to include religious teaching, but not dogmatic theology. Sectarianism is excluded but not religion.

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12. In South Australia, the system is secular; provision is made for the teacher reading the Bible before school hours if the parents of 10 children send a written request.

13. In Western Australia, the Bible is read and taught by the teachers, under a conscience clause.

14. In Tasmania, religious instruction is imparted by the teachers from 9 to 10 a.m. in Scripture history and narratives, under a conscience clause. The Bible, Irish school books, or others approved by the Board may be used.

In South Australia, they are agitating for a course of Bible reading and teaching on the basis of the London School Board. According to that plan a year's instruction would be systematically given from selected portions of Scripture, in school hours, subject to a conscience clause.

* The following cablegram from London appeared in our local newspapers in August:—"Bishop Moorhouae, speaking of the Victorian educational system, expressed his opinion that under it children grew up in the most profound and deplorable ignorance of the Bible."