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The Pamphlet Collection of Sir Robert Stout: Volume 1

Progress of Events

Progress of Events.

Recent events in Feejee are full of interest, as they are likely to exercise an important influence on its political history, and on the spread of religion. A year ago to-day, Thakombau, the notorious Chief of Bau, embraced Christianity, with many of his people. He has since been remarkably consistent, sparing the lives of his enemies when they were completely in his power, sending back the bodies of those slain in war, decently wrapped in mats, to be buried by their friends, constantly striving after peace, and urging all to become Christians. He had been brought very low by the revolt of many of his towns; and his most formidable enemy, the King of Rewa, was boasting that he would soon eat him, when death stopped the boaster's mouth. Ratu N'Gara, this King of Rewa, had been building a temple, making presents to the Priests, and trying in every way to please the gods, that they might give Thakombau into his hands. The Mission had just been re-established: he had again heard the truth, had refused to receive it, preferring to put his trust in lying vanities. God would not be mocked, and took him away in his sin. Many in Rewa have since embraced Christianity, and they have made peace with Bau. The Popish Priests are there; but the people seem to think that system little better than their old Heathenism; and, by the last accounts, have deliberately preferred Protestantism. King George's visit, so long expected, is now paid, and is likely to contribute much to the settlement of affairs in Feejee. A canoe which he sent to Ovalau was fired upon without provocation by a party of natives and half-castes, instigated by Mara, a Chief who has rebelled against Thakombau. George called on him to explain; he refused, resisted, and the town of Kambah was attacked and burnt; but the Chief escaped. He is following him up, while he does his utmost to save life and prevent fighting. The result of the whole, up to the present, is, that several towns have hastened to make peace with Bau, and to embrace Christianity, as the security for peace. But these matters are still pending; and, while we anxiously watch the progress of events, we wonderingly admire the manifestations of God's wisdom, in promoting his own cause by all means.