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The Pamphlet Collection of Sir Robert Stout: Volume 1

Murder at Nandy

Murder at Nandy.

Mr. and Mrs. Fordham, our fellow-voyagers, are stationed at Nandy, with Mr. and Mrs. Samuel Waterhouse. We heard the other day of the opening of two new chapels in that Circuit, and of the general spread of Christianity in that dark neighbourhood. While we visited them, a woman was murdered, because they expected the death of her husband, and feared the interference of the Missionary if the strangling were delayed till the usual time. The murder of their unborn children is fearfully common throughout the group. The degraded condition of the women is one of the saddest features of Heathenism in this land: they are given away in marriage to whomsoever the Chief pleases, without any concern for the wishes of the woman; if she has taken the liberty of giving her heart to some one else, and will not submit to the will of the Chief, she runs away to another town, from which the Chief and his party will probably attempt to bring her by force; and here is a frequent source of Feejeean wars. But, worse still; they lend them to ships for some paltry consideration, and give or sell them to foreigners living among them to abuse at their vile pleasure. The influence of Christianity does away with the worst of these evils; but it will require time and instruction to raise these poor creatures to their proper level.?