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The Pamphlet Collection of Sir Robert Stout: Volume 1



Soon after this, the Bau Chiefs assembled in council, and decided upon seizing, by a coup de main, the canoes belonging to the rebel Chiefs. But, in consequence of the King being advised to forbear a little longer, the order was countermanded. Although this step originated with the King, yet the common people, secretly encouraged by mischievous Chiefs, blamed the Missionary for the measure which, as they thought, deprived them of very considerable plunder. The Chief of the Lasakauans asked why our house should not be burnt for this act of interference, as he termed it. This was sufficient encouragement to stimulate his wicked men to annoy us, which they did in their own effectual way. They spoke openly of stoning the Missionary and they robbed our premises almost hourly. A constant discharge of stones was kept up for several evenings. Two attempts were made to enter our house by night, but were frustrated. The King intreated us, with tears in his eyes, to endure this harassing persecution, it being out of his power to protect us at the time. "You are suffering," said he, "because you uphold my authority. Those who ill-treat you are traitors who desire to deliver me into the hands of my enemies."

The King of Rewa again sent, urging our departure from Bau, or he would not be answerable for the consequences.

Our own King made offers of peace to his old adversary, which were rejected with scorn. "We shall see," said he of Rewa, "whether Jehovah your God, who is 'a Spirit,' can save the body of Thakombau."

A spy taken in the act of bribing the people of Nakorowau was recommended to lotu, and escorted in safety to his own town. A few months ago he would have been clubbed and eaten.

A few days afterwards the King had a conference with one of his rebel brothers, and freely forgave him; but he refused to submit to his authority,