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The Pamphlet Collection of Sir Robert Stout: Volume 1

Destruction of the Mission-House at Rewa by Fire

Destruction of the Mission-House at Rewa by Fire.

At midnight (on the 9th of February) Mr. Moore was awakened by the crackling of bamboos in the adjoining house, which had been set on fire. He got Mrs. Moore and the two children out in their night-clothes, and urged them on with rapidity to a small house outside; though Mrs. Moore was anxious to remain on the spot to try to save something. Consternation and fear prevailed. The source of the evil deed was not known, and people stood aloof. As soon as the people mustered, and when there was no small stir, Mr. Moore urged them to take what things they could get, and carry them home. This was as effective as Mr. Leigh's fish-books; it occupied their attention and efforts; and was, I believe, instrumentally, the salvation of Mr. and Mrs. Moore: for it is now reported that those who fired the premises have ever since wondered how their design of murdering all on the premises was frustrated. A club was up to kill Mrs. Moore, but a Rewa man prevented. I now see how providential was my hurried and unexpected return the day before; for had I been there, and made any attempt to save the property, I doubt not but we should all have perished. The fire consumed most of the goods, whether belonging to the family or to the Mission. Much of what the natives took, they have as yet taken care of, or otherwise disposed of. Some empty boxes which could not be concealed, and other articles, have been returned, through the exertions of the Rewa Chiefs.