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The Pamphlet Collection of Sir Robert Stout: Volume 1

B. F. Underwood's Works

B. F. Underwood's Works.

Essays and Lectures. Embracing Influence of Christianity on Civilization; Christianity and Materialism; What Liberalism offers in Place of Christianity; Scientific Materialism; Woman; Spiritualism from a Materialistic Standpoint; Paine the Political and Religious Reformer; Materialism and Crime; Will the Coming Man Worship God? Crimes and Cruelties of Christianity; the Authority of the Bible: Freethought Judged by its Fruits; Our Ideas of God. 300 pp., paper, 60 cents; cloth, $1.

Influence of Christianity upon Civilization. 25 cents.

Christianity and Materialism. 15 cents.

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What Liberalism Offers in Place of Christianity. 10 cents.

Scientific Materialism: Its Meaning and Tendency. 10 cents.

Spiritualism from a Materialistic Standpoint. 10 cents.

Paine the Political and Religious Reformer. 10 cents.

Woman: Her Past and Present: Her Rights and Wrongs. 10 cents.

Materialism and Crime. 10 cents.

Will the Coming Man Worship God? 10 cents.

Crimes and Cruelties of Christianity. 10 cents.

Twelve Tracts. Scientific and Theological. 20 cents.

Burgess-Underwood Debate. A four day's debate between B. F. Underwood and Prof. O. A. Burgess, President of the Northwestern Christian University, Indianapolis, Ind. Accurately reported. 188 pp. Paper, 50 cents; cloth, 80 cents.

Underwood-Marples Debate. A four nights' debate between B. P. Underwood and Rev. John Marples. Fully reported. Paper, 35 cents; cloth, 60 cents.