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The Pamphlet Collection of Sir Robert Stout: Volume 1

D. M. Bennett's Works

D. M. Bennett's Works.

A Truth Seeker Around the World. Four large volumes. With a steel plate engraving of the author in Vol. I. and each volume illustrated with forty-seven cuts. By D. M. Bennett. Late editor of The Truth Seeker, author of "A Truth Seeker in Europe," "Gods and Religions of Ancient and Modern Times, "The World's Sages, Thinkers, and Reformers," "Champions of the Church," etc., etc. Handsomely bound in red cloth, $6.50; in leather, red edges, $9.50; in morocco, gilt edges, $10.50.

Readers of The Truth Seeker know the circumstances under which this work was written. The last words penned by the great author were for the fourth volume, which was nearly completed at his death, and which contains an account of his world-lamented death and burial. Mr. Bennett was a very patient and faithful chronicler of the habits and customs of the different peoples of the many places he visited. The every-day life of all nations is laid before the reader by one who has visited them and beheld them with is own eyes. Particular attention Is paid to the progress of Free thought in the various countries he visited, and the morality of so-called pagan nations is contrasted with the morality of Christian countries, much to the detriment of the latter. The work Is a "Freethinker's History of the World." This Work and "A Truth Seeker in Europe" should be in every Liberal's library. Besides its intrinsic worth it is a memento of one or the greatest Freethinkers the world has known—of one who ranks with Voltaire and Paine in the force and clearness of his writings.

The World's Sages, Thinkers, and Reformers. 1,075 pages, 8vo. Cloth, $3.00; leather, $4.00; morocco, gilt edges, $4.50.

The Champions of the Church; Their Crimes and Persecutions. 8vo. 1,119 pages. Cloth, $3.00; leather, $4.00 morocco, gilt edges, $4.50.

The Gods and Religious of Ancient and Modern Times Two Volumes. Written in prison. In cloth, $3.00 per volume, or $5.00 for the two volumes; in leather, $7.00; in morocco, gilt edges, $8.00.

From Behind the Bars. A series of letters written in prison. Over 700 pages. Price, $1.50.

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A Truth Seeker in Europe. A series of letters written during a visit of ten weeks in Europe. Giving some account of the International Freethinkers' Congress held at Brussels, to which Mr. Bennett was a delegate, followed by a description of what he saw in England, France, Holland, and Italy. The letters from Rome alone are worth the price of the book. With a steel-plate portrait of the author. 850 pages. $1.50

The Semitic Gods and the Bible. Treating upon the gods of the Semitic nations, including Allah, Jehovah, Satan, the Holy Ghost, Jesus Christ, the Virgin Mary, and the Bible. To the latter 230 pages are devoted, showing that book to be a very inferior production for a first-class God. 333 large pages. Paper covers, 60 cents; cloth, $1.

Judaism, Christianity, and Mohammedanism examined historically and critically. It is thought to be the most damaging exhibit of Christianity that has appeared. 500 large pages. Price, $1.50.

Thirty Discussions, Bible Stories, Essays and Lectures. 700 pages. Paper covers, 75 cents; cloth $1.

The Humphrey-Bennett Discussion. A debate on Christianity and Infidelity, between D. M. Bennett and Rev. G. H. Humphrey. This book has had a very large sale, and is a splendid work for Freethinkers to loan to Christian neighbors. 550 pages. Price, $1.

Bennett-Teed Discussion. Between D. M. Bennett and Cyrus Romulus R. Teed. Jesus the Lord God Creator of Heaven and Earth. Paper, 30 cents; cloth, 50 cents.

What Objections to Christianity? A discussion between D. M. Bennett and G. M. Mair, divided into the following theses: 1. Christianity is neither new nor original, being borrowed or copied from much older systems of religion, (a) The belief in an offspring being begotten by a god upon a human virgin is nearly a thousand years older than the mythical story of Jesus and his virgin mother. (b) Other so-called saviors and redeemers have been believed in and reported to have been crucified and to have died on the cross many hundreds of years before the same was said of Jesus, (c) There is not a dogma, rite, sacrament, or ceremony in Christianity that did not exist in pagan systems from five hundred to two thousand years before Christianity was known in the world.

2. Miracles and supernatural achievements have been as fully and truly ascribed to other teachers and founders of religion as to Jesus.

3. The story of Jesus and his mission in the world is unhistorical; it is not corroborated by contemporaneous history.

Bennett affirms; Mair denies. This is an exhaustive discussion. Price,-$1.50.

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Interrogatories to Jehovah. Being 3,000 questions propounded to his Jewish Godship upon a great variety of subjects. Paper, 50 cents; cloth, 75 cents.

Deacon Skidmore's Letters. First Deacon of Zion Hill Baptist Church, giving many church incidents and his evolution from Christianity to Liberalism. Paper, 50 cents; cloth, 75 cents.

Anthony Comstock: His Career of Cruelty and Crime. 25 cents.

Eighth and Last Letter from Ludlow-Street Jail. 10 cents.

Letters from Albany Penitentiary. 25 cents. Matter, Motion, Life, and Mind. 10 cents. Answers to Christian Questions. 25 cents.

The Book of Chronicles of the Pilgrims in the Land of Yahweh; also the Epistle of Bennett the Apostle to the Truth Seekers. Cloth, $1.00.

The First Epistle of Bennett the [unclear: Apos le] to the Truth Seekers. 10 cents.

The Gods of Superstition. 8 cents.

The Great Religions of the World. 10 cents.

Open Letter to Samuel Colgate. 10 cents.

Jesus Christ. Considered as an Infidel. 10 cents.

An Hour With the Devil. 10 cents.

Sinful Saints and Sensual Shepherds. 10 cents.

Honest Questions and Honest Answers. 5 cents.

An Open Letter to Jesus Christ. 5 cents.

Trial of D. M. Bennett in the United States Circuit Court upon the charge of depositing prohibited matter in the mail. This gives a full history of this celebrated case and shows what monstrous injustice was perpetrated upon Mr, Bennett. Price, cloth, 75 cents; paper, 50 cents.