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The Pamphlet Collection of Sir Robert Stout: Volume 1

The Truth Seeker Library

The Truth Seeker Library.

The World's Sages, Thinkers, and Reformers. The Biographies of three hundred of the most distinguished teachers and philosophers (who were not Christians), from the time of Menu to the present. By D. M. Bennett. 1,075 pages, 8vo. Cloth, $3.00; leather, $4.00; morocco, gilt edges, $4.50.

The Champions of the Church; Their Crimes and Persecutions. Biographical sketches of prominent Christians. A companion book to "The World's Sages," etc. By D. M. Bennett. 8vo. 1,119 pages. Cloth, $3.00; leather, $4.00; morocco, gilt edges, $4.50.

The Gods and Religions of Ancient and Modern Tillies. Vol. I. gives a full account of all the gods the nations of the earth have worshiped, including Jehovah, Satan, The Holy Ghost, Jesus Christ, Virgin Mary, and the Bible. 835 pages, 8vo. Vol. II. describes fully all the religious systems of the world, including Judaism, Mohammedanism, and Christianity; the latter occupying 372 pages, going fully into its merits. 949 pages. By D. M. Bennett. Written in prison at Albany. In cloth, $3.00 per volume, or $5.00 for the two volumes; in leather; $7.00; in morocco gilt edges, $8.00.

Supernatural Religion. An inquiry into the reality of divine revelation. Decidedly the most thorough and exhaustive work on the claims of supernaturalism ever written. By F. W. Newman, Emeritus Professor of the London University. 1,115 pages, 8vo. In cloth, $4,00; leather, $5,00; morocco, gilt edges, $5.50.

The Great Works of Thomas Paine. Including The Age of Reason. Examination of Prophecies, Reply to Bishop of Llandaff, Letter to Mr. Erskine, Essay on Dreams, Letter to Camille Jordan, The Religion of Deism, Common Sense, The Crisis, and The Rights of Man; the whole preceded, by the Life of Paine, and a steel-plate portrait. 800 pages, 8vo. Cloth, $3.00; leather, $4.00; morocco, gilt edges, $4.50.

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Analysis of Religious Belief. An examination of the Creeds, Rites, and Sacred Writings of the world. By Viscount Amberley, son of the late Lord John Russell, twice Premier of England. Complete from the London edition. 745 pages, 8vo. In cloth, $3.00; leather, $4.00; morocco, gilt edges. $4.50.

The foregoing volumes are called "The Truth Seeker Library." If all are ordered together and sent by express, one dollar will be deducted from the price of each.