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The Pamphlet Collection of Sir Robert Stout: Volume 1

Preface by The Author to Second Edition

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Preface by The Author to Second Edition.

In issuing the first edition of this work, in 1881, it was announced that it would be a "continued love story;" and friends were invited to send the author clippings from newspapers, giving date and name of paper. Many good friends have done so, and the result shows that the author was correct in estimating that not one-half of the offenses charged against the clergy had been seen by himself.

Since publishing the first edition a flood of vituperation, slander, and falsehood has been poured upon the luckless wight who dared to publish such an exposé A few have attempted to deny the charges against the reverend dead-beats, and in each instance have failed. From all parts of the country the author has been informed that the charges preferred were correct. All over the land, from Maine to Texas, from Oregon to Louisiana, the press has noticed the work, either criticising it in a friendly or unfriendly spirit. The Liberal press has universally commended the work, and assisted in circulating it, and has the earnest thanks of the author.

The necessity for such a work becomes apparent when looking over the frightful list added during the last year. Let all who believe that the clerical villains should be published send the author papers containing such items. This "Labor of Love" will be page iv issued yearly so long as priestcraft lives a life of crime, or until the author can write no longer.

Waverly, lowa, June, 1882.