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The Pamphlet Collection of Sir Robert Stout: Volume 1

Crimes of Preachers

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Crimes of Preachers.

Having met an article in the Cincinnati Commercial giving the names, places of residence, and facts constituting the crimes committed by preachers in the United States, giving forty instances, and entitled, "Preachers' Pranks," I thought it might be well to clip from newspapers such accounts for a time, and record the result.

The lists were opened May, 1876, and closed for first edition May, 1881.

If I was astonished at the fearful list of forty given by the Commercial, that astonishment paled into insignificance when I had prepared the following array of "preachers' crimes." It seems impossible that such a record could be compiled with the meager means at hand.

These data have been the result of the reading by the author, of four newspapers, and the casual reading of seven others. These papers are published in the states of Massachusetts, New York, Ohio, Indiana, Illinois, Iowa, and Missouri. None has been from the Southern states, none from the Pacific states.

The author has reason to believe that he has not collected more than one-half of the instances published, no particular pains having been taken.

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It has been customary to drop the first names of men who have "taken holy orders;" consequently many a pious villain is recorded as Rev. Smith or Rev. Jones. In some cases the place was not fully given where the crime was committed. In some instances the offense is given the laconic name applied by the ecclesiastical court which tried the criminal, as "immoral conduct," "lascivious conduct," etc.; names probably given to hide the grossness of the offense, and to screen the reverend scoundrel in the interest of Christ's church.

The author has besides a long list of offenses committed by these reverend "bilks," where the name is entirely suppressed, as is supposed, out of respect for his "sacred calling."

The denomination was not given in many instances to which the "pious soul" belonged, consequently this record will hardly do to rely upon to enable the reader to ascertain what branch of "the church of God" has shown the most efficiency in pastoral criminality.

Letters will be found placed after a name, as P. E., for presiding elder, Ev. for Evangelist; for instance: Carhart, Rev. J. W., P. E., and Bayliss, Rev. E. L, Ev. The D.D., Ph.D., LL.D., and other addenda purchased of those institutions called colleges and theological seminaries—which are established and maintained for the purpose of preventing men from being educated—have not been preserved with any great care. If any reverend gentleman feels aggrieved by the omission, if he will send to the author the certificate of the warden of the state prison where he is page 9 confined, to the effect that he is entitled to such a distinction, the same shall be added in the next edition of "Crimes of Preachers."

If any have been overlooked, and left out of this "illustrious category," and desire the distinction of having their names made famous, they will please forward the facts, certified by some responsible person, to the author, and they shall not go away hungry.

"These be thy gods, O Israel!"

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Date Preacher's Name. Residence. Church. Crime Charged.
1878 Anderson, Rev. Robert New York, N. Y. M. E. Forgery, arrested while fleeing.
Avery, Rev. Eph. K. Tiverton. R. I.
Fall River, Mass.
Bristol, R. I.
M. E. Seduction, adultery, and murder; married.
1879 Allen, Rev. Cincinnati, O. M. E. Adultery and drunkenness; married. Seduction; state prison.
Araah, Rev. Anamosa, Iowa.
Anderson, Rev. J. S.,P.E.
alias J. S. Clark.
Waverly, Iowa.
Charles City, Iowa.
M. E. Adultery, seduction of wife of D. C. Hayes, Esq.; elopement, deserted wife & children.
1880 Appell, Rev. R. S. Belleman, Pa.
Reading, "
Fighting for pulpit, after being voted out; riot in church, quelled by sheriff's posse.
1881 Arkills, Rev. Moses E. Fredericksburg, Iowa.
Rudd, Iowa.
Bap. Swindling, cheating, lying, obtaining $6,000 under false pretenses; arrested.
Atwater, Rev. W. D., P.E. River Falls, Wis.
Knapp, Wis.
Menomonee, Wis.
M. E. Adultery, seduction of Miss Kate Northrup, caught in act; lying; arrested, church trial.
Aldrieh, Rev., T. E. Middletown, Conn. Drunkenness, beating wife; arrested,
1882 Austin, Rev. Geo. H. Madison, Ind.
Dodd City, Tex.
Forgery, $280, names of John & Perry Cotton; fled; arrested; pleaded guilty; Penitentiary 5 years.
Adams, Rev. Wm. Louisville, Ky. Plagiarism, literary piracy; asked to resign.
1881 Arwood, Rev. Lumpkin Co., Ga. Deserted wife and children, destitute.
1876 Botts, Rev. Thos, B. Philadelphia, Pa. M. E. Adultery, seduction of Louisa Younger, a deacon's daughter; married.
Benn, Rev. B. Storm Lake, Iowa. Pres. Adultery, seduction of Mrs. O. W. Smith; married, confessed.
Butler, Rev. Harrison Chillicothe, Ky. Seduction of one of the sisters; she told.page 11
1875 Beecher, Rev. H'ry W. Brooklyn, N. Y. Cong. Adultery, seduction of wife of T. Tilton; married; perjury; she confessed, he too.
1876 Bell, Rev. Frank, or Fred
Bradley, Rev. James
New York and Brookl'n. Huntsville, Mo. Bap. Seduction of 12 sisters; penitentiary 2 yrs Adultery, seduction, and bastardy with wife's sister.
1877 Buffum, Rev. F. K., or Francis E. Hartford, Conn. Cong. Adultery, seduction, bastardy, and abortion four times; confessed, married.
1878 Booth, Rev. D. R. Terre Haute, Ind. Adultery with a "soiled dove."
Boyle, Rev. Leonidas H. Indianapolis, Ind. Drunkenness and suicide.
Bensinger, Rev. G. T. Pittsburgh, Pa. Bap. Gross fraud; jailed.
Broad well, Rev. W. B. Vanceburgh, Ky. Chris. Rape on girl ten years old; expelled.
Butler, Rev. Myron Flint, Mich. Ad. Rape on Alma Mint, ten years old; arrested.
Blackwell, Rev. Wm. Columbus, Tenn. Bap. Larceny, horse-thief; arrested, confessed.
Brown, Rev. Henry. Texas Seduction, breach of promise.
Bartlett, Rev. J. S. Milford, Ohio Adultery.
Bottes, Rev. Rich Meriden, Mass Larceny; convicted.
Berkeley, Rev. E. F. St. Louis, Mo. Seduction of girl eleven years old.
Butler, Rev. W. H. New York, N. Y. St Lukes Immoral assault on young woman of his congregation; resigned.
Bowen, Rev. B. F. Cold Spring, N. Y. Malicious trespass.
Burdick, Rev. A. B. River Point, R. I. Adultery with many "sisters;" convicted.
Bell, Rev. Fred A. New York Immoral assault on young woman; fled.
Berry, Rev. Jos. M. Ashville, N. C. Adultery, drunkenness; convicted.
Burr, Rev. D. Ellington Ellardsville, Mo. Adultery, drunkenness; convicted.
Bettinger, Rev. Levi S. Baltimore Co., Md. Seduction of a girl in his charge.
Black, Rev. Prof. Wm. F. Indianapolis, Ind.
St. Louis, Mo.
Chris Seduction of Miss Corrinne K. Voss; occupied same bed at Planter's Hotel; pres. Christian college.
Baird, Rev. E. J. Richmond, Va. Pres. Larceny, embezzled $22,000 cash belonging to Pres. Pub. Co.; he was secretarypage 12
1878 Bowan, Rev. Willis N. Morrisania, N. Y. Immoral assault on a young girl, daughter of John T. Cooper, member of church.
Brooks, Rev. Wm. P. St. Louis, Mo. Adultery with sister McDonald.
Barnhart, Rev. Brooklyn, E. D., N. Y. M. E. Adultery, seduction of servant girl.
Barker, Rev. S. P. Brantford, Ont. Cong. Insulting personalities from pulpit.
Butler, Rev. Henry Hot Springs, Ark. Adultery with a "sister;" she told.
1879 Barry, Rev. Edward Wyandotte, Mich. Seduction, bastardy with Miss Lizzie Thiede; he was arrested and held by Jus. Jones.
Bowers, Rev. George Coonville, N. Y. Cong. Adultery, elopement with Bro. Lecroft's wife, deserting his own wife and children, general swindling, over $7,000; forgery.
Bayliss, Rev. E. L. Ev. Waverly, Iowa.
Corruna, Mich.
Maple River, Mich.
Ovid, Mich.
Bap. Adultery, seduction of wife of Mr. Phoenix; elopement with her, deserting wife and four children; state prison in Mich; false name—assumed name of his "sweet singer" Leeland.
Berry, Rev. Ev. Toledo, Ohio. Adultery, seduction of Bro. Bebont's wife.
Browning, Rev. C. H. Grinnell, Iowa. Larceny, stealing cattle.
Braun, Rev. Caspar Houston, Tex. Luth. Adultery, seduction, fighting for pulpit after he was expelled.
Buck, Rev. New Hampton, Iowa. Advent. A.
1880 Bowen, Rev. Somersett Co., Md. Inhumanly beating his little son; fled. Illegally marrying a man to his twelve-year old step-daughter.
Biscoe, Rev. Parsippany, N. J. Seduction; bastardy with Miss K. Leonard.
Bridells, Rev. J., or William J. Marietta, Pa
Philadelphia, Pa
Adultery, drunkenness; expelled.
Bowden, Rev. New York. R. Pres. Quarreling in church.page 13
1880 Billman, Rev. Ira C. Jackson, Mich Adultery, elopement with a "sister," deserted wife.
Bohanan, Rev. A. B. Leavenworth, Kan. Chris. Adultery, bigamy, deserted wife, embezzlement; fled.
Banker, Rev. Canton, Kan. Bap. Indecent familiarities with a "sister;" resigned.
1881 Beekman, Rev. J. V. Armington, Ill
Pekin, Ill.
Chris. Beating wife, drunkenness; jailed.
1876 Brittain, Rev. P. H. Beverly, N. J. M. E. Immoral assault on two young girls, breach of hospitality; confessed; fled.
1881 Breese, Rev. J. T. Racine, Wis. Larceny, embezzlement, swindling.
Blum, Rev. Jos. Michigan. Jew. Eloped with a widow; arrested in Chicago.
Buskirk, Rev. Sullivan, Ind. M. E. Adultery, seduction of wife of Bro Jones; promised to marry; disc'v'd; church trial.
Bowens, Rev. Jas. H. Chicago, Ill. Pres. Embezzelment, swindling, obtaining money by false pretense; church trial.
Bair, Rev. D. W. Honeytown, O. Brutal ass'ult on a lady; bound to keep peace.
Black, Rev. Indianapolis, Ind. Adultery with widow on Ohio River steamer
Boyd, Rev. Dr. St. Louis, Mo. Literary piracy; plagiarism from E. Everett.
Baskerville, Rev. Thos. Bloomfield, Iowa,
Belknap, Iowa,
Mt. Hope, Iowa,
Lancashire, Eng.
Cong. Adultery, seduction of Lizzie Collier, elopement with her, deserting wife and children. Inhuman cruelty to wife and children.
1882 Brooks, Rev. T. R.
Brooks, Rev. Jno. P.
Bloomington, Ill
Montgomery, Ala.
M. E. Slander in his Banner of Holiness; church trial.
Bedient, Rev. J. A. Greenwood, Mo.
Louisville, Ky.
Cong. Seduction of several "sisters;" dead beat; expelled.
Brown, Rev. Jas. A. Indianapolis, Ind. M. E. Embezzlement of church funds; arrested.
Brown, Rev. Lionel Welland, Can. P. E. Suicide; shot himself; Yicar of Welland.
Burnett, Rev. C. C. Chicago, Ill. Slander.
1878 Bradford, Rev. A. H. P. E. Embezzlement of several thousands.page 14
1882 Burr, Rev. D. E. St. Louis, Mo. Drunkenness, lying, immoralities; convicted. Abusing wife and child.
Barnes, Rev. Shanon Co., Mo. Bap. Incest, adultery, seduction of his granddaughter. aged 13; fled.
1881 Belknap, Rev. Isaac Philomath, Or. Libel on Rev. Walker.
Caskins, Rev. Madison Washington. D. C. Bap. Bigamy, gross fraud.
1877 Crow, Rev. W. S. Hinsdale, Ill. Adultery with females of deacon's family; deposed.
1878 Carr, Rev. Daniel Lawrence, Mass. Adv. Adultery, three cases; breach of promise; convicted.
Chenowitz, Rev. Jno. M. Illinois. Bap. Bigamy; fled; arrested; alias John Wells.
Chase, Rev. Sullivan C. St. Louis, Mo. M. E. Rape on Miss Clara Clem, aged 13, and on other girls; convicted.
Cole. Rev. James Tennesee. Bap. Illicit distilling; convicted.
Craig, Rev. El Paso, Ill. Seduction.
Chabert, Rev, Joseph Montreal, Ont. Cath. Rape on Josephine Beaucamp, aged 15.
Curtis, Rev. Ev. Blackberry, Ill.
Piano, Ill.
Adultery, caught in bed with a "sister."
Copeland, Rev. E. L. Ev. M. E. Bigamy, forgery, swinding; expelled.
Coleman, Rev. Austin Janesville, Iowa. Rape on Ada A. Conner, aged 13; buggery with her brother; adultery; 70 years old; arrested
Clark, Rev. Malcom Howard, Mich. Larceny, forgery.
Coates, Rev. Seth B. Dallas City, Ill. Adultery with several sisters.
Culver, Rev. A. J. Lisbon, Iowa. Seduction of daughter of lady who gave him entertainment.
Crawford, Rev. Geo. C. Brunswick, Maine. Suicide.page 15
1878 Chalfant, Rev. Marietta, Ohio. Incest, seduction of his niece; convicted.
1880 Gole, Rev. J. W. Charlemont, Mass. M. E. Beating wife; after her death, married her maid, and beat her also.
1878 Collins, Rev. Dr. A. M. Grand Rapids, Mich. Adultery; confessed; excommunicated.
1879 Chase, Rev. H. A. Tully, N. Y. Adultery, caught in the act; 75 years old.
Casswell, Rev. J. C. Galesburgh, Ill.
Batavia, N. Y.
Bap. Adultery; fled.
Cowley, Rev. Edward New York, N. Y. P. E. Inhuman cruelty to orphan children under his charge in Shepherd's Fold; convicted, and penitentiary where once he was chaplain.
1880 Coleman, Rev.
Curtis, Rev. George
Louisville, Ky.
Fort Wayne, Ind.
M. E. Larceny, picked lady's pocket of $70.00. Slander, indecent proposals to lady; expel'd.
1880 Caraway, Rev. Alex. Charlotte, N. C. Larceny; convicted.
Crothers, Rev. C. L. Findlay, Ohio. Swindling; fled.
Coat's, Rev. Charles T. Campbell, C. H., Va. Bap. Rape on Ida Turpin, 12 years old; immoral assault on other girls; arrested.
Crude, Rev. Philip, (or Coad) Covington, Ky.
West Depere,
Brown county, Wis.
Cath. Seduction and elopement with Miss Zoe Allard; arrested by her father, Joseph J. Allard.
Cooley, Rev. B. F. Chelmsford Cen., Mass. M. E. Getting a young boy drunk; sued.
Carhart, Rev. J. W. P. E. Appleton, Wis.
Appleton, Tex.
M. E. Perjury, lying, dishonesty, "immoral conduct," "unchristian conduct," and eleven other charges; convicted, expelled.
Cunz, Rev. B. Millersburgh, Ohio. Luth. Beating wife and children inhumanly.
Caywood, Rev. Mrs. Hillsboro. Ky. Adultery with J R. Crane.
Cox, Rev. Chattanooga, Tenn. Immoral assault on wife of Mr. Hulley, who had given him entertainment, and who kicked him out doors undressed.
Carey, Rev. T. H, Farmington, Mich.
St. Johns, Mich.
Bap. Adultery, seduction of Miss Flora C. Gates.page 16
1881 Cousins, Rev. O. M, Portland, Me.
Saco, Me.
M. E. Beating and starving wife and children; she sued for divorce, and proved charges.
Cass, Rev. Columbus Somerset, Ky.
Hickory Ridge, Ky.
M. E. Murdered Wm. McKinney, supt. Sunday-school, beat head to jelly with an ax; fled.
1881 Cousins, Rev. O. M. Portland, Me. Slander; tried by church court. Extortion, dishonesty, drunkenness, slander,
Callaert, Rev. Michigan. Cath. "a depraved wretch," so called in report of Judiciary Com. of Legislature.
Chase, Rev. W. H. Medway, Mass. Cong. Swindling, obtaining money by false pretense, lying, false personation; fled.
Corry, Rev. Daniel Hudson, N. Y.
Stillwater, N. Y.
Bap. Adultery, seduction, and bastardy with Alice Orton, servant girl; confessed; resigned; expelled.
1882 Crum, Rev. Taylor Andover, N. Y.
West Candor, N. Y.
Hornellsville, N. Y.
Richburg, N. Y.
Bap. Beating wife many times; arrested. Lying, vile language; deposed.
Contois, Rev. St. Louis, Mo. Cath. Embezzlement of church funds, swindling; fled.
1881 Copeland, Rev. A. C. Alias Rev. John Williams. Iowa City, Iowa.
Cedar Rapids, Iowa.
St. Catharines, Can.
Indianapolis, Ind.
Terre Haute, Ind.
M. E. Adultery and seduction at various places; gross swindling, forgery, embezzlement, lying, obtaini'g money by false pretenses; arrested; prison.
1882 Curtis, Rev. Lowell, Mich.
Charlotte, Mich.
Gambling, lying, not believed under oath.
Ceregheni, Rev. John Cincinnati, Ohio. Cath. Drunkenness, calaboose, swindling, obtaining money by false pretense.page 17
1879 Chase, Rev. Hamilton Tully, N. W. Chris. Adultery; seduction of Miss McCarthy,
1882 Curtley, Rev. Little Rock,
Perryville, Ark.
M. E. aged 11; he, 70; she told. Adultery', drunkenness, robbery; prison.
Dawson, Rev. T. M. San Francisco, Cal. Pres. Adultery, bastardy.
Davis, Rev. G. M. Lincoln, Ill. Adultery with Mrs. W. M. Davis; caught by his wife: this in church.
1878 Dow ling, Rev. Indianapolis, Ind. Adultery with servant girl; caught in act.
Deardoff, Rev. Ev. Yates City, Ill. Adultery with three of the "sisters."
Daly, Rev. John Montgomery, Mo. Cath. Seduction of Lizzie McDonald; abortion.
Davidson, Rev. J. A. Pennsylvania. Drunkenness and disorderly conduct.
Dunlap, Rev. Richard Midland, Mich. Adultery.
Davis, Rev. Bap. Adultery with "sister" Burk.
Doolittle, Rev. Aug. Hoosic Falls, N. Y. Adultery with deacon's wife; false personation, alias LeClair.
Doolittle, Rev. Juneau Co., Wis. Incest and rape on idiotic niece, adultery with others, 63 years old; convicted, state prison 6 years.
Dow, Rev. Lorenzo, P.E. Kentucky. M. E. Adultery, deserting wife, elopement with another preacher's daughter; fled.
Dixon, Rev. Simeon Brooklyn, N. Y.
Baxtertown, N. Y.
Adultery, seduction, bastardy with Sarah Jane Williams.
1878 Davis, Rev. J. K. Ohio. M. E. "Unministerial" conduct; expelled.
1878 Dwyer, Rev. Peter Ev. New York, N. Y. Adultery, elopement with "sister" Melville, deserting wife and family.
1879 Davis, Rev. A. J. Madelia, Minn. Bap. Assault, intent to murder J. F. Fisher; arrested.
Dixon, Rev. Dr. Jas. A. New Albany, Ind.
Memphis, Tenn.
Adultery, seduction, of Miss Lizzio Kipley, fraud, lying, attempted suicide, deserting wife and children.page 18
Dobbs, Rev. A. S. Painesville, Ohio.
Meadville, Pa.
M. E. Beating wife; "inhuman monster," expell'd.
Demond, Rev. Charles Massachusetts. Cath. Embezzling church funds; arrested.
Dunbrowski, Rev. A., or
Detroit, Mich. Seduction, bastardy with servant girl, compounding felony; fled to Europe.
1880 Dannehoffer, Rev. Morris, Ind. Cath. Inhumanly beating children; fined.
Daly, Rev. Morrison, Ill. Cath. Murdered his child by "sister" O'Connoll; indicted.
1881 Dorsey, Rev. Wm. Yonkers.
M. E. Bigamy, adulte'y, married "sister" Richardson while wife living, lying to her, told her wife was dead; church trial; depos'd; fled.
Davenport, Rev. Isaac Newark, N. J. Pres. Lying; charged by Bro. Hawkins.
Duer, Rev. Henry E. Newburgh, N. Y. Bap. Larceny; arrested.
1882 Dunn, Rev. J. B. Philadelphia, Pa. Pres. Adultery, seduction of "sister," immoral assault on women; fled.
Dupont, Rev. F. L. Farrington, Ky.
Hopkinsville, Ky.
Atlanta, Ga.
Drukenness, attempted suicide twice; arrested.
During, Rev. John Toledo, O. Inhuman cruelty to his daughter; she committed suicide; church trial; resigned.
Dawe, Rev. Durfield, Mich. M. E. Arson; went to Europe; arrested.
1878 Decunie, Rev. C. L., or
Flint, Mich.
Big Rapids, Mich.
Grand Rapids, Mich.
Cath. Adultery, bastardy, with housekeeper; swindling his sister out of her patrimony.
1882 Dillon, Rev. S. D., or S. J Cincinnati, O. Bap. Larceny, stole money from his host; jailed.
Debeste, Rev. C. Kalamazoo, Mich. Luth. Larceny; caught; expelled; fled.
1878 Ellis, Rev. W. T. Woodstock, Conn. Cong. Vile, indecent, profame language; expell'd.
Eddy, Rev. George O. Gloversville, N. Y. Bigamy.page 19
Edgerton, Rev. Gloversville, N. Y. Larceny.
Eastman, Rev. A. W. West Cornwall, Ohio. Adultery with the "sisters;" expelled.
Echenbery, Rev. John Peru, Ill. Incest with two daughters and daughters in law, adultery, sodomy; fled.
Evans, Rev. W. H. Vincennes, Ind. Bap. Swindling under false pretense; fled.
1881 Ewing, Rev. Thos. Leavenworth, Kan. Bap. Adultery, seduction, and bastardy, with "sister" Leah Barnett; arrested.
1882 Ellis, Rev. W. T. Ev. Abingdon, Ill. Fighting.
Ellis, Rev. Ed. H. Ev. Neponset, Mass.
North Haven, Me.
Rockland, Me.
Bap. Adultery with a "sister," wife of a "brother;" arrested in pulpit while preaching; jumped his bail and fled.
1879 Esmond, Rev. Worcester, Mass. Cong. Embezzlement of $100,000, church funds.
Fishback, Rev. Charles. Winchester, Ky. Assault with intent to rape a 14-years-old colored girl; arrested.
Fiske, Rev. Dr. Syracuse, N. Y.
Adultery; indicted; pleaded guilty.
Foster, Rev. H. Circleville, Ohio. Seduction of servant girl.
Fairchild, Rev. J. H. Boston, Mass.
Exeter, Mass.
Adultery, seduction; arrested.
Fay, Rev. Dr. Boston, Mass. Adultery, fornication, perjury; confessed.
Fink, Rev. Richard Grand Rapids, Mich. Adultery with a young sister; deposed.
Forham, Rev. Chicago, Ill. Cath. Embezzlement of church funds.
Fitz, Rev. E. S. Southampton, Mass. Adultery with "several sisters."
Foster, Rev. J. H. Hannibal, Mo. Adultery, bigamy, several wives, gambling; fled.
Fansette, Rev. Leaven Port Huron, La. Murder; hung.
Flesher, Rev. Andw. C. Bridgeport, Ill. Bigamy.
1879 Furniss, Rev. Wm. P. Ilion, N. Y.
Pleasantville, N. Y.
M. E. Seduction, bastardy with Miss Celeste Watrous; adultery, lying; fled to escape arrest.page 20
1880 Franklyn, Rev. Thos. J. Philadelphia, Pa. Embezzlement; assault and battery on church warden Brown.
Folger, Rev. S. W. Delhi, Ont. Bap. Suicide,
Frazee, Rev. I. D. Branchville, N. J. M. E. Immoral assault on wife of A. Halsted.
Fraeger, Rev. F. W. St. Paul, Minn. Forgery of note for $1,500.
1881 Fifer, Rev. Henry Nebraska City, Neb. Larceny, stealing wood from W. H. Hammond, W. E. Dillon, and News office.
Fossett, Rev. Theo. Sacramonto, Cal. M. E. Drunkenness; arrested.
Flora, Rev. Furos Co., Mo. Immoral assault on a "sister;" indicted
1882 Finnerty, Rev. M. Mokena, Ill.
Chicago, Ill.
M. E. Assault with intent to commit rape on Miss May Sheridan; immoral assault on women; arrested; prison.
Foster, Rev. E. S. Winchester, Vt
N. Adams, Mass.
Utica, N. Y.
Univers. Sodomy, lying, contempt of court; jailed; church trial.
1881 Guiteau, Rev. Chas. J. Chicago, Ill.
Washington, D. C.
M. E.
Murder of Pres. Garfield; lying, adultery; religious tramp with Moody and Sankey; convicted; executed.
1876 Gaskins, Rev. M. Washington, D. C. Bap. Bigamy.
Glendenning, Rev. J. S. Jersey City, N. J.
Henry, Ill.
Pres. Seduction of a young sister, bastardy, lying; she committed suicide.
1877 Gray, Rev. William Lexington, Ky. Bap. Larceny, robbing contribution box.
1878 Graves, Rev. Uriel Baltimore, M. D. Luth. Embezzlement of missionary fund.
Gray, Rev. John A. Texas. M. E. Drunkenness for two years.
Goddis, Rev. Maxwell P. Adultery, drunkenness.
Goodenough, Rev. New York, N. Y M. E. Embezzlement from M. E. Book Concern.
Graber, Rev. Charles A. Meriden, Conn. Adultery.
Gilbert, Rev. Alfred N. Baltimore, Md. Adultery with a grass-widow.page 21
Green, Rev. R. T. Alisa Craig, Ont. P. E. Forgery; penitentiary.
1879 Gabbert, Rev. R. R. Pellville, Ky. Suicide.
Goodnight, Rev. Ev. Corsieana, Texas. Adultery, bastardy with his female assistant evangelist.
1880 Gard, Rev. W. M. Newport, Ind. Chris. Immoral assault on little Cordelia Schuman.
Gallahorn, Rev. J. II. Hannibal, Mo. Gross immorality; expos'd by church co'ncil.
1881 Gray, Rev. Plymouth, Pa. M. E. Robbed old Mr. Albrighten, larceny, lying; gave up the money; confessed.
Gates, Rev. Shode Newberne, N. C.
Fighting for pulpit, whipped two preachers.
1882 Grant, Rev. C. E. Ev. alias Geo. Holmes. Austin, Tex.
Bryan, Tex.
Larceny, deserted wife and children, adultery, attempted bigamy; arrested.
Guy, Rev. Maysville, La. Cath. Sodomy, unnamed crime; driven from town.
Graves, Rev. Baltimore, Md. Luth. Swindling, fraud "indecencies;" trial.
Gallaway, Rev. H'nry N. Topeka, Kan.
Louisiana, Mo.
Bigamy; arrested.
Gleason, Rev. St. Louis Mo. Cath. Adultery, seduction, bigamy; susponded.
1878 Howell, Rev. J. J. Minneapolis, Minn. Suicide.
Heath, Rev. Henry A. Morrison, Ill. Adultery many times, deserted wife and family.
Harlan, Rev. Dr. Nebraska. Slander and vulgarity; expelled.
Hopkins, Rev. Jer. D. Brooklyn, N. Y. Cheating by false pretenses.
Hoerlin, Rev. Martin Buffalo, N. Y. Arson, burned his house for insurance. Adultery, seduction of Miss Eva Roberts;
Houghoworth, Rev. J.
Liscomb, Iowa.
Gifford, Iowa.
Adv. she was killed by her Lover, John Bell, who then committed suicide, dying with her in his arms.
Harmon, Rev. Christ. Greenburgh, Ind. Bigamy; prison.
1879 Hines, Rev. H. K. P.E. La Grand, Ore.
Dalles, Ore.
M. E. Aultery with Mrs. A. C. Huntington; fled.page 22
1879 Hayes, Rev. James New York, N. Y. Cath. Inhumanly beating orphan child; indicted.
Heroy, Rev. I. B. Hancock, N. Y. M. E. Adultery with Mrs. Lodiska Edwards, wife of A. J. Edwards, who captured his letters; she confessed; lying; Heroy denied.
Hobson, Rev. John T. Bedford, Ind. Gambling, bet $150 on confidence game.
Harris, Rev. Sherman, Tex. M. E. Embezzlement of church funds; swindling.
Hauser, Rev. George Scipio, Ind. Bap. Illegal marrying; indicted.
1880 Henderson, Rev. J. R. Van Wert, Ohio. M. E. Slander of Miss Nora Comer; she horsewhipped him.
Hafermann, Rev. Henry Hoboken, N. J. Luth. Kissing his servant girl for her spirit'l good; dismissed. Assaulting immorally another woman.
Hojda, Rev. Johann Baltimore, Md. Cath. Fornication, seduction of Miss A. Lieman. Adultery with a "sister," wife of a good
Howell, Rev. E. W. Baxter Springs, Kan. M. E. citizen; confessed by both; deserted wife and seven children.
Hunter, Rev. C. R. Hoboken, N. J. Adultery, elopement with a young "sister," Miss Andervelt; deserting wife and children; confessed.
Hunt, Rev. Hoyt E. Brooklyn, N. Y.
Woodbury, N. Y.
M. E. Sodomy, buggery, unnamed crime with his stepson, Abner Jones, aged 11; prison.
Hinman, Rev. S. D. Santee, Neb.
P. E. Adultery, seduction of Indian girls at the mission school where he was missionary; patronizing brothels in Washington, D.C.; published by Bishop Hare, Niobrara.
Hazlewood, Rev. Webst'r Roxsbury, Mass. Adultery; fraudulent divorce; expelled.
Hendry, Rev. John Saranac, Mich,
Carlton, Mich.
Forgery of Mrs. Lydy's name to note, eta; fled.page 23
Haddock, Rev. F. C. Waupacca, Mich. Cong. Resigned under charges. "Least said the better at present."
Huebner, Rev. Middleton, Ohio. Luth. Adultery with Peter Weigold's wife, and others.
Handford, Rev. J. W. Toronto, Ont. Adultery with wife of Mr. Leslie, caught in act, drunkenness.
1877 Hopkins, Rev. E. D. St. Johnsbury, Vt. Forgery; state-prison; expelled.
1878 Hayden, Rev. H. H. North Madison, Conn M. E. Seduction and murder of Miss Mary E. Stannard.
Higgins, Rev. Sam. Shelbyville, Ind. M. E. Slander of Mrs. Jane Higgins; she cow-hided him.
Hulitt, Rev. S. Jerico county, Ky. Adultery; arrested; suspended.
Hill, Rev. Dr. Wade Rutherford, N. C. Bap. Dueling—shot his son-in-law, And'w Scroggins, in a duel.
Hayes, Rev. Robert Raleigh, N. C. Incest; penitentiary twenty years.
Hudkins, Rev. Jas. A. Mt. Airy, Ohio. Bigamy, three wives.
Huston, Rev. L. D. Baltimore, Md. Seduction of young girls ten to twelve years old.
Holt, Rev. William Paris, Ill. Assault and battery, whipped a poor widow with plow lines.
Hines, Rev. Archibald Knoxvillo, Tenn. Larceny.
Hardy, Rev. L. T. Shelbyville, Ky. Adultery and elopement with a "sister."
Hanna, Rev. J. W. P.E. Tennessee. M. E. Attempt to seduce Miss Parilla Naylor.
Hutchison, Rev. Austin Vermont. Incest and bastardy with his daughter, adultery; she told.
Hutchison, Rev. John Boston, Mass. Swindling; house of correction 8 months.
Hiram, Rev. Greenville, N. Y. Adultery, fornication; convicted.
Humpstone, Rev. Malta, N. Y. Fighting and quarreling with his Church.
1880 Healey, Rev. Marblehead. Cath. Assault and battery on a young lady for refusing to buy his "photo;" convicted.page 24
1880 Hartman, Rev. H. Council Bluffs, Iowa. Adultery, fornication, perjury; put up at hotel with woman not his wife.
1881 Hemenway, Rev. Massachusetts. M. E. Larceny; state-prison; convicted.
Harbaugh, Rev. F. R. Red Bank. Pres. Irregularities; members deserted his church.
Hudgins, Rev. Osnabruck, Ont. M. E. Assault and battery, beating a woman; arrested.
Hargrave, Rev. Brooklyn, N. Y. M. E. Quarreling for the pulpit with Rev. Reeve.
Hammond, Rev. H. H. Solon, Iowa.
Center Point, Iowa.
M. E. Swindling, lying, obtaining money by false pretense, literary piracy; deposed.
Hall, Rev. Jas. E. St. Louis, Mo.
Roxbury, Mass.
Cong. Bigamy, breach of promise, adultery, lying, engaged to marry 5 of "sisters;" depos'd.
Heinrich, Rev. Carl Woodhaven, N. Y. Adultery with wife of Deacon Crippendorf; arrested; she told. Assault on Mr. C.
Hall, Rev. Newman Chicago, Ill. Divorced his wife to marry a new love.
Hoffman, Rev. Henry O. Bloomington, Ill
Holden, Ill.
Quincy, Ill.
Hillaboro, Ill.
M. E. Adultery, seduction and bastardy with Zeletta C. Robinson, bribery, lying about it; confessed, then denied; fornication; dismissed.
1882 Hall, Rev. Newman Chicago, Ill. Cong. Adultery, charged by his wife.
Herndon, Rev. Richmond, Va. Bap. Murder, adultery, seduction, sedue'd a young "sister," murdered her to hide his crime, assault and battery, trying to beat religion into a fellow-convict; penitentiary.
Heinrieh, Rev. Carl Wisconsin.
Naperville, Ill.
Woodhaven, N. Y.
Luth. Adultery, seduction of wife of "Brother" Crippendorf, assault and battery; expelled.
Healey, Rev. Lawrence, Mass. Cath. Adultery, eloped with a "sister."page 25
1882 Hamilton, Rev. Chas. Rondeau. Can. Bap. Adultery, seduction, elopement with a "brother's" wife; deserting sick wife and children; embezzlement of church funds; inhuman cruelty to wife.
1878 Hockpeppel, Rev. P. W. Wilmington. Del. Cath. Immoral assault on a young lady; embezzlement: sent to monastery.
1879 Haight, Rev. Geo. L. Portland, Mich. M. E. Larceny, stole a lady's silver cup on the cars; caught hiding it; arrested.
1881 Horville, Rev. Harry Avoca,
West Virginia.
U. B. Stopped at hotel, Council Bluffs, and slept a week with a strange woman, "Ollie," as his wife; perjury in trying to escape.
Holquerst, Rev. alias McLean, Red Wing Minn.
Norwich, Mich.
M. E. Adultery with wife of Rev.——of Mich., eloped with her to Minn.; arrested.
Holyfleld, Rev. Ellsville, Ala. M. E. Burglary, larceny, breach of hospitality; killed while robbing store of his host, M. McLemore.
1882 Howland, Rev. Seneca Waterbury, Conn. M. E. Adultery, swindling, lying, "secularity;" churched.
Hoff, Rev. Sam. Philadelphia, Pa. Forgery of election returns, fraud; arrested.
Hilton, Rev. Norton Pontiac, Mich. Bap. Adultery, "immoralities;" expelled.
1881 Johnson, Rev. W. L. Albany, N. Y.
Burlington, Vt
M. E. Larceny, stole goods from steamer Drew; arrested.
1882 Johnson, Rev. A. P. Lansing, Mich. Drunkenness; assault and battery; prison ninety days.
1876 Jones, Rev. Wm. H. Toronto, Ont. P. E. Embezzlement, drunkenness, falsehood, vulgarity, and ten other charges; expelled.
James. Rev. F. D. Somervifle, Mass. Forgery, long continued, $100,000; jailed.
Jones, Rev. John Now York, N. Y. Bap. Forgery; arrested while fleeing to Europe.
1878 Johnson, Rev. Joshua Bayonne, N. J. M. E. Drunkenness and disorderly conduct; arrested.page 26
1878 Johnson, Rev. W. H. Rahway, N. J. Larceny; arrested.
Johnson, Rev. Adultery; deposed; editor of the Evangelist.
Johnson, Rev. Williamson Co., Tenn. Adultery, seduction of girl 14 years old.
Jones, Rev. Joseph Ev. Baltimore, Md. Suicide after embezzlement of $50,000 church funds.
1880 Jones, Rev. John T. New York, N. Y. Attempted suicide, shot himself three times; assistant editor of Daily Witness.
1876 Kendrick, Rev. C. A. Columbus, Ga. Bap. Adultery, seduction of a girl of 13, caught in the act in his church; adultery previously; fled; arrested; prison; confessed.
1880 Kirk, Rev. A. J. Ottawa, Kan.
Kansas City, Mo.
U. B. Adultery, seduction, deserting wife, swindling; fled; arrested.
Kirkpatrick, Rev. Toronto, Ont. Pres. Fighting and quarreling in church. Riot in church about having an organ.
1881 Kœhler, Rev. Julius Chillicothe, Ohio. Luth. Adultery and drunkenness in house of ill-fame.
1879 Kalloek, Jr., Rev. San Francisco, Cal. Murder of Do Young, editor Clvronicle.
1878 Knight, Rev. A. H. Mitchell circuit, Ind. M. E. Adultery with Mary Smith; suspended.
Kalloch, Rev. J. S. P.E. Massachusetts,
San Francisco, Cal.
Adultery at various times, slander.
Kendrick, Rev. Tunis T. Williamsburg, N. Y. Adult'ry, drunkenness, swindling; convict'd
Keoley, Rev. Madison, Wis. Adultery with Miss Clemmens.
Kendreck, Rev. Seduction of girl of 9 years.
Kristeller, Rev. Newbridge, N. Y. Quarreling with Rev. K. N.Wright for pulpit
Kirby, Rev. Chambersburg, Ohio. Seduction.
Kane, Rev. J. J. Inhuman treatment of wife: arrested.page 27
Knowlton, Rev. DeWitt Boltonville. Adultery and bastardy with a "sister."
1879 Komer, Rev. Olark's Hill
Lafayette, Ind.
Adultery; compounding felony.
1880 Kensico, Rev. Immoral conduct, kissing promiscuously.
Krohn, Rev. Dr. West Troy, N. Y. Adultery: cheating: fled.
1881 Kirby, Rev. Camden, N. J. M. E. Quarreling with Rev. Shimp over ch. dues.
Kellogg, Rev. Iowa. Bap. Adultery; seduction of a "brothers'" wife; fled.
Kera, Rev. E. K. Clermont Co., Ill. Bap. Adultery with "sister" Bontware; tried; resigned.
Knight, Rev. Henry Clifton, Kan. Assault and battery; church trial.
kallsnberg, Rev. Miamisburg, O. Cath. Immoral assault on women.
Kingsley, Rev. C. S. Boise City, Ida. M. E. Incest, adultery, seduction of his niece, Miss Hattie A. Parsons.
Kirkus, Rev Baltimore, Md.
Portland, Or.
"Very objectionable;" resigned.
1882 Kochler, Rev. Julius Manistee. Adultery; sending obscene matter through mails; arrested; fined $300.
Kelley, Rev. Lewisville, Pa. M. E. Adultery, seduction, elopement with Miss Carrie Monroe: deserting wife and children; embezzlement of church funds.
Knight, Rev. A. H. Mitchell, Ind. M. E. /
1882 Lorimer, Rev. Dr. Chicago, Ill. Attempt to poison wife; suspend'd; adult'y. Literary piracy, stealing Dr. Parker's sermon's.
Lewis, Rev. Elmira, N. Y.
Hartford, N. Y.
Adultery with wife of "brother" Kirkland.
Lansing, Rev. J. A. or G. A. Newark, N. J.
Brooklyn, Mass.
M. E. Swindling; obtaining $14,000 from a widow by false pretenses; arrested, indicted, prison.
Lichtenberg, Rev. Utica, N. Y. Luth. Drunkenness; dismissed.page 28
1882 Levinson, Rev. Jacob L. New York.
Cincinnati, Ohio.
Jew. Forgery of $20,000; fled.
Litttle, Rev. Dr. J. Irondale, Mo.
St. Louis, Mo.
Poplar Bluff, Mo.
M. E. Seduction and bastardy with Emma a 19-year old "yellow" girl; discovered by his letters: arrested.
Lampe, Rev. Wheeling, W. Vt. Luth. Assault with intent to rape a 12-year old girl.
Laros, Rlv. Jesse Allentown, Pa. M. E. Rape on Ida Miller, aged 13, adultery; arrested.
1876 Lathrop, Rev. C, D. Amherst, Mass. Cong. Cruelty to family, "unchristian conduct;" expelled.
Lee, Rev. Wm. H. Jersey City, N. J. Beating wife many times, profanity; arrest'd.
1878 Lautrell, Rev. Alf. M. New York, N. Y. Seduction of a young colored servant girl, lying; arrested.
Luxumburg, Rev. Moritz New York, N. Y. Jew. Desertion of wife.
Lyda, Rev. Dr. Wheeling, W. Va. Poisoning starving children, assault with intent to murder, arrested.
Linn. Rev. Pittsburgh, Pa. Adultery many times.
Langdon, D. D., Rev. New York, N. Y. M. E. Embezzlement, larceny from M. E. book concern.
Lindsay, Rev. Medina, N. Y. Murder, whipped a little 3-year old boy to death for incorrectly saying Lord s Pray'r.
LeClaire, Rev. Aug. Hoosic Falls, N. Y. Adultery with deacon's wife, false personation, alias Doolittle.
Leak, Rev. J. F. Troy, Kan. Seduction, bastardy with a young "sister."
Loring, Rev. Ossage, Iowa. Adultery with wife of deacon Hawley, caught in act; both confessed to many offenses.page 29
Locker, Rev. John Cass City, Mich. M. E. Adultery; elopement with "sister" Bell; state prison three years.
1879 Landers, Rev. Brooklyn, Mo. Bap. Fighting and quarreling for the pulpit with Rev. Mr. Treadwell; riot in church.
Long, Rev. George Sprinfield, Mo. Bap. Murder of Frank Gaddy; arrested.
1882 Lofton, D.D., Rev. George A. St. Louis, Mo.
Memphis, Tenn.
Bap. Drunkenness; immoral assault on a lady in cars; knocked down by a passenger. Lying; church trial.
Lewis, Rev. Peter Washington, D. C. Bap. Drunkenness; convicted; fined.
1876 McKilvey, Rev. Alex. New Jersey. Pres. Improper conduct; expelled from church.
1877 Moody, Rev. John Cincinnati Ohio. Larceny, embezzlement of church funds; prison.
Moulton, Rev. DeWitt Boultonville, Ill. Seduction, bastardy with a "sister;" she told; arrested.
McGhee, Rev. Sam. H. Ashton, Ill. Murder of wife; adultery with Miss Lorrille Paddock; state prison 14 years.
McCaffery, Rev. D. M. New York, N. Y Immoral assault on young wife of Mr. Leavitt; attempted seduction; arrested.
1878 McCarty, Rev. C. P. New York, N. Y. Breach of trust; abusive language. Seduction; fornication, long continued, with
McCoskry, Rev. Bishop Samuel Detroit, Mich. P. E. Miss Fannie Richards, aged 14; confessed; 75 years of age; deposed by the house of bishohs.
Merrill, Rev. Dr. St. Joseph, Mo. Bap. Unbecoming conduct; expelled.
Miller, Rev. Herbert C. Gouverneur, N. Y.
St. Lawrence co., N.Y.
P. E, Adultery, seduction of Maria B. Foster, an invalid, bastardy with her; fled while under arrest; escape from justice; desertion of wife and children; lying, represented himself as unmarried, engaged to marry respectable lady.page 30
1878 Murray, Rev. David Ypsilanti, Mich. Pres. Lascivious conduct with Miss Mamie Johnson; arrested.
Manson, Rev. T. New York, N. Y. M. E. Adultery, at M. E. book concern.
Maffitt, Rev. Jno. N. Ev. M E. Adultery with many women.
Mitchell, Rev. S. M. Savannah, Ga. Adultery, gross falsehood.
Mills, Rev. Luke Norwich. Conn. M. E. Adultery, larceny, embezzlement.
Murray, Rev. Dr. Wm. G. Baltimore, Md. Drunkenness and profanity.
Magoon, Rev. Dr. Pres. Jonas college. "Very uncourteous conduct."
Macready, Rev. Chas. S. Middleboro, Mass. Suicide.
May, Rev. F. W. Chesaning, Mich. Adultery with several "sisters."
Morris, Rev. John H. Philadelphia, Pa., San Antonio, Texas. Rape on Mary Rue. his 8-year old adopted daughter, caught by his wife, adultery for a year.
1879 Murray, Rev. "W. H. H. Guilford, Conn. Farmer Swindling, general recklessness.
Maupin, Rev. W. T. City, Ill. Chris. Adultery two years with "sister" Scott; she told.
Mandeline, Rev. John Brooklyn, Ohio. Bigamy, 7 wives; confessed; penitentiary 5 years.
McWilliams, Rev. Aurora, Ill. Larceny, embezzlement of his ward's (Miss Hill) money, assault and battery, beat her with cane and fist for remonstrating.
Martin, Rev, J. L. Missouri Valley, Iowa. Pres. Drunkenness in the hour of divine service
Miller, Rev. S. S. Brookville, Pa. Luth. Adultery, seduction, bastardy with his adopted daughter; she told; convicted.
McNeer, Rev. W. R. Prince George Co., Md. Adultery, seduction, bastardy with a young "sister," swindling, deserting wife and children.
1880 Mason, Rev. Jas. M. Floyd C.-H., Va. Swindling; convicted; jailed; whipped.page 31
Morgan, Rev. Henry Boston, Mass. Publishing obscene literature, so says the
Christian Intelligencer.
Morse, Rev. John Dexter, Me.
Calais, Me.
M. E. Adultery and other crimes; suspended.
Mitchell, Rev. G. Shelbyville, Ind. Deserting wife; attempted bigamy; fled.
Moulton, Rev. R. G. Michigan. Cong. Drunkenness, gambling, profanity; deposed.
Marshall, Rev Frank. Fairland, Ind. Bap. Attempted bigamy; deserting wife and family.
Miller, Rev. T. B. Philadelphia, Pa. Forgery; arrested.
McClelland, Rev. Geo. T. Reynoldsville, Pa. Pres. Immoral assault on a reverend brother's wife, who beat him severely.
1880 May, Rev. Portland, Or. Jew. Assault with intent to murder Mr. Waldeman.
May, Rev. C. S. Danvers, Mass. Adultery and abortion twice, adultery with insane women under his charge.
Marsland, Rev. Jno. Center Village, Conn. M. E. Deserted his post suspiciously.
1881 Miller, Rev. B. C. Ev. Roxbury, N. Y. Ref. Kissing and hugging young wife of David Williams; caught in act; immoral conduct; caught at it; confessed; expelled.
1876 McGlenn, Rev. Boston, Mass. Cath. Slandering Jno. Fanning and wife; arrested.
1881 Mitchell, Rev. D. P. Topeka, Kan. M. E. Bribery, illegal voting, corrupting elections, embezzlement of church funds, larceny; convicted; expelled; candidate for Congress.
Morgan, Rev. Lloyd. Kittenning, Pa.
Cincinnati, Ohio.
M. E.
Larceny, stole books from a public library; adultery with "sister." convicted; forgery.
Mattlack, Rev Robert. Little Rock, Ark.
Izard county, Ark.
New Light Murder repeated; bloody atonement.
Mahony or Malony, Rev. Erie, Pa. Cath. Swindling, obtaining money by false pretense, arrested; worked miracles for paypage 32
1881 Meredith, Rev. G. F. "Washington. Ill.
Peoria, Ill.
Kewanee, Ill.
Kansas City, Mo.
Soublette, Ill.
M. E.
M. E.
M. E.
M. E.
Swindling, obtaining money under false pretense; adultery, repeated many times in each place; seducing six married "sisters," drunkenness, lying, profanity; resigned; expelled. Eloped with wife of "Bro." O'Brien.
Moore, Rev. G. W. Toledo, Ohio.
Chicago, Ill.
Swindling, lying, obtaining money by false pretense.
McGill, Rev. John Weston, W. Va.
Toronto, Can.
Cath. Swindling tramp; arrested.
Miller, Rev. D. New London, Mo. Larceny; arrested; disgraced.
Mcintosh, Rev. Geo. Newton, Ill. M. E. Forgery of Mr. J. W. William's note and sold it.
Mulford, Rev. Jacob Camden, N. J. M. E. Drunkenness in pulpit, drunken spree; suicide, laudanum and whisky.
Malek, Rev. Chicago. Ill. Cath. Murder of Rev. Mielcuszny; arrested.
Mackey, Rev. Youngstown, Ohio. Adultery, seduction of wife of "Bro." J. T. Meal, assault with intent to kill Meal with revolver.
McCarty, Rev. Greenfield, Mass. Cath. Inducing wife to leave husband; shot.
Maban, Rev. I. S. Urbana, Ohio. Bap. Adultery, seduction, lying, insulting ladies; church trial.
1882 Maynard, Rev. F. W. New York.
Decatur, Ill.
Chris. Drunkenness, "immoralities," charges; resigned.
McGill, Rev. John Toronto, Can.
Weston, W. Ya.
Cath. Vagrancy, swindling; arrested.page 33
Morgan, Rev. Floyd Galesburgh, Ill.
Logansport, Pa.
Bap. Adultery with many sisters; seduction of many women: dismissed arrested confessed.
McMurdy, Rev. Robert. Niles, Mich.
Joliet, Ill.
P. E. Adultery with many "sisters;" seduction.
Miller, Rev. Philadelphia, Pa. Abortionist; arrested.
Massingham, Rev. W. J. Chicago. Ill. Immoral assault on ladies, arrested, fined.
Mitchell, Rev. Frank Fairland, Ind. Bap. Attempt to commit bigamy; deserting wife and children; fled.
Marshall, Rev. Jonas T. Rossville. M. E. Guilty under Art. 10. §2, book of Discipline.
Merritt, Rev Battle Creek. M. E. Inhuman cruelty to wife; she attempted suicide.
Miner, Rev. J. W. St. Louis, Mo. Forgery; larceny many times; arrested.
McCord, Rev. Rush Center. Kan. Immoral assault on Mrs. McK.
1878 McElroy, Rev. White Plains, N. Y. Cath. Drunkenness; immorality.
1882 Martin, Rev. Joseph E. Lafayette, Ind. P. E. Inhuman cruelty to wife; held to bail, $500.
Newby, Rev. Thos. B. New York, N. Y.
Central City, Col.
Ravens wood, N. Y.
Lambertville, N. J.
P. Adultery, seduction, bigamy, lying, false pretense; adultery everywhere he went; expelled.
1877 Noble, Rev. Mason. Sheffield, Mass. Cong. Immoral assault on Miss Belle J. Clarke, a pupil.
1878 Nolan, Rev. Hamlin Mt. Level, Va. Seducing a lot of colored girls, aged 13 to 15; expelled.
Navin, Rev. Enoch Paris, Tenn. Nuisance, escaped jail, malicious mischief, indicted.
1879 Newell, Rev. John Lafayette, Ind.
Clark's Hill, Ind.
Adultery with Rev. Komer's wife, compounding a felony.
1880 Newbold, Rev. Geo. Belleville, Ont.
Bartonville, Ont.
M. E. Adultery, bigamy, forgery, assault and battery; convicted, prison; elopement with warden's wife; fled.page 34
1881 O'Malley, Rev. Bryan P. E. Beating and kicking wife; she procured divorce.
O'Brien, Rev. Milwaukee, Wis. Cath. Drunkenness; arrested.
O'Hanlan, Rev St. Louis, Mo. Cath. Riot, drunkenness, assault and oattery.
1877 O'Neil, Rev. R. Moffatt, or Neil. Vermont.
New York.
New England.
Waverly, Iowa.
P. E.
Forgery of ordination papers, literary piracy; expelled. Lying. Again forging ordination papers at Brooklyn, N. Y.; Orange, N. J.; Bellerica, Mass.; Fall River, Mass.; tried and expelled. False personation, now Neil.
1878 Onderdonk, Rev. Bishop New York. Adultery.
Onderdonk, Rev. Bishop New Jersey. Adultery.
1880 O'Reiley, Rev. Cath. Adultery.
1881 O'Reiley, Rev. Carondelet, Mo. Cath. Assault and battery on a mechanic.
1876 Parker, Rev. L. D. P.-E. Catlettsburgh, Ky.
Louisa C.-H., "
M. E. Adultery, seduction, elopement with Miss Winnie Sweetman, daughter of Rev. S. Sweetman, deserting wife and children; swindling.
Pettaplace, Rev. R. M. Lowell, Mass. Adv. Adultery, accused by his wife; confessed; resigned.
Phillips, Rev. Darling R. Hackensack, N. J.
Richmond, Va.
Immoral assault on Mrs. A. B. Foote, forgery; expelled.
1878 Pratt, Rev. H. L. E Staten Island, N. Y.
New York, N. Y.
P. E. Adultery with Miss Mary Clark; arrested; expelled.
1881 Potts, Rev. Orange Co., Ind. Assault and battery; beat Frank Osborn over head with club in church.
Pierson, Rev. Silas Greenup, Ill. Bap. Adult'ry, seduction, and elopement with Miss Maynes, 17, deserting wife and 3 child'n.page 35
Pennell, Rev. Geo. C. Newark, N. J. P. E. Secret marriage; disowning his son; desertion of wife and child; cruelty to wife and child.
Parnell, D.D., Arch Dea. Kingston, Ont. P. E Embezzlement of $1.2,000 church funds.
1882 Pinman, Rev. J. B. Worcester, Mass. Criminal conduct; resigned; fled.
Palmstrom, Rev. A. Hastings, Minn.
River Falls, Wis.
Red Wing, Minn.
Vasa, Minn.
Welsh, Minn.
Leon, Minn.
Luth. Adultery, seduction, bastardy with Miss Anna Erickson; lying; deposed.
1878 Phillips, Rev. Thor. B. or Thorn. E. Baruesville, Ohio. M. E. Wanton conduct with Miss Alma Fuller; expelled.
Parker, Rev. Zacharia Dallas, Tex. Bap. Embezzlement; arrested; bond $3,000.
Pearson, Rev. R. W. Pittsburg, P&. Swindling; gross fraud; arrested.
Parker, Rev. Benj. Elkhart, Tex. Assault with intent to murder colored man named Worth.
Parry, Rev. Wm. Bristol, R. I.
Worcester, Mass.
Drunkenness, long continued; expelled.
Packard, Rev. E. P. W. Unjust confinem't of wife in insane asylum.
Phinney, Rev. B. F. Westboro, Mass. Adultery with the "sisters" in the church.
Pomeroy, Rev. Dr. Sec. American Board of Foreign Missions. Adultery; larceny; embezzlement.
Porter, Rev. J. M. Bethlehem, N. Y. Adultery, long continued.
Porter, Rev. G. W. Danbyboro, Vt. Adultery, seduction of Miss Hattie Allen.
Parshall, Rev. Oakland, Cal. Adultery with the "sisters;" convicted.
Porter, Rev. John W. VanSycle's Cor., N. Y. Adultery, seduction of pupil, a mere child.
Pond, Rev. Lucius M. Worcester, Mass. Forgery $10,000; larceny; swindling; tied; arrested.
Parker, Rev. Ashland, Ky. Adultery, seduction of deacon's daughter; elopement; deserting wife and childrenpage 36
1878 Patterson, Rev. J. B. Elizabeth, N. J. Adultery, drunkenness; confessed.
Phillips, Rev. N. L. Monticello, Iowa. Adultery, elopement with wife of Herbert Barnes, desertion of wife and family.
1879 Parks, Rev. W. J. Canton, Ohio. Pres. Adultery with sister Hicks; confessed; suspended.
Palmer, Rev. Lysander D. Jackson, Mich. Bap. Adultery with married woman; confessed; resigned.
Pledge, Rev. W. H. Atlanta, Ga. M. E. Suicide, cut his throat.
Purcell, Rev. Arch-Bish. Cincinnati, Ohio. Cath. Larceny, embezzlement of $4,000,000 deposited with him by his confiding dupes; confess'd; causing death of 137 persons.
Powis, Rev. Atherton L. New York, N. Y. P. E. Adultery in house of prostitution, caught by his sons; arrested.
1880 Paige, Rev. A. N. East Hampton, Conn.
E. Glastonbury, "
M E. Adultery, long continued (five years), while he kept preaching; confessed; prison.
Paul, Rev. New York, N. Y Bap. Scandalous conduct," charged by his wife.
Ponder, Rev. Chas. New Albany, Ind. M. E. Suicide.
Peltz, Rev. Jamestown, N. Y. Bap. Adultery; seduced two girls; caught in act; fled.
Perry, Rev. John A. Rhode Island. Bap. Arson, burnt his home for insurance; prison
Peck, Rev. H. C. Hanover, Mich. Assault and great bodily harm; suspended.
Pellett, Rev. Egerton, Mich. Swindling, "too free with sisters;" fled.
1878 Peck, Rev. H. F. Napa, Cal.
St. Louis, Mo.
Attempted bigamy with a woman who had a husband, deserting wife.
Quint, D. D., Rev. A. New England. Adultery.
1876 Reagan, Rev. James Madison, Ind. M. E. Adultery with widow McHenry, caught in the act; suspended.
1877 Rublett, Rev. Albert Hoboken, N. J. Bigamy, adultery, drunkenness; prison.page 37
Rowland, Rev. D. Hackensack, N. J.
Richmond, Va.
Immoral assa'lt on Mrs. A. B Foote, forgery.
1878 Richardson, Rev. H. C. Baltimore, Md. M. E. Fighting, with superintendent Johnson about Sunday-school collections.
Ross, Rev. T. S. Jefferson, N. C. Immoral assault and insulting proposals to Mrs. Dan'l Idol; fled.
Ribbie, E. G. DeKalb county, Ill. Adultery, seduction of four girls, desertion of wife and children; fled.
Reed, Rev. Dr. Maldon, Mass. Adultery, fornication, seduction, sodomy, "unnamed crime," rape.
Rice, Rev. Wm. Mason, Mich. Adultery.
Rim, Rev. D. S. K. Pittsburgh, Pa. Adult'ry, seduction of a young lady; she told
Reedsdolph, Rev. Jas. Adrian, Mich. Swindling, drunkenness; prison.
Reynolds, Rev. Muhlenburgh Co., Ky. Compelling daughter to marry against her will; assault and battery, whipped her brutally to compel her.
Rose, Rev. J. H. Hartford, Mich. Forgery.
Rich, Rev. Chas. Boston, Mass.
Washingington, Dr C.
"Gross immorality;" died in disgrace.
Rudder, Rev. J. J. New Milford, Pa.
Newark, N. J.
Adultery, horse racing; fled.
Rea. Rev. F. F. Durham, Conn. Drunkenness.
Roberts, Rev. J. R. Allen, Wis. Slander, lying.
Ross, Rev. H. P. Bennetts Corner, N. Y. Larceny, charged by "Bro." Vanvauken.
1879 Rascoe, Rev. Stephen Mattewan, Mich. Bap. Robbing mails as postmaster.
Ren forth, Rev. Jacob S. Lawndale, Ill. Bap. Adultery, seduction, bastardy with Ellen Manny; arrested.
Rohan, Rev. Gaston de Halifax, N. S.
St. Louis, Mo.
Cath, Forgery, drunkenness, penitentiary live years. Swindling; prison at Halifax.
Rice, Rev. D. (clown) Ev St. Louis, Mo. Adultery, took woman to Chicago, lived with her as his wife.page 38
1880 Roy, Rev. F. V. Cincinnati. Ohio. Bigamy; a converted Brahman.
Richardson, Rev. Henry Sea Cliff, N. Y.
Long Island.
Adultery seduction, elopement with his wife's sister, Miss Lowther; deserting wife and children; fled; arrested with his paramour: prison.
Randall, Rev. N. B. Prattsburg, N. Y. M. E. Immoral assault on Viola Smith, aged 14; she attempted suicide; expelled.
1876 Reynolds, Rev. John N. Booneville, Iowa. Seduction of Miss Hattie Slater, a pupil under his charge; penitentiary 4 years.
1881 Reeve, Rev. B. F. Brooklyn, N. Y. M. E. Quarreling for pulpit with Rev. Hargrave.
Rogers, Rev. Dr. Delphi, N.Y. P. E. Irregularities; invited to resign.
Ross, Rev. Geangaco, N. Y.
St. Johns, Mich.
Ovid, Mich.
Adultery, bigamy, three wives and families; deserting wife and children; forgery; states prison; still preaching.
Rock, Rev. R. Canton, Ohio. U. B. Profanity; suspended.
Ryan, Rev. Cromwell, Conn. Cath. Drunkenness; immoralities; monastery.
Rohe, Rev. Charles H. Detroit, Mich. Luth. Embezzlement, malfeasance, lying.
Rexford, Rev. E. S. Detroit, Mich. Turned wife out of doors; divorced.
1882 Roeber, Rev. F. W. Elm hurst, Ill. Luth. Drunkenness, Sabbath breaking; resigned.
Ryan, Rev. St. Louis, Mo. Cath. Assault with felonious intent; riot, drunkenness, fighting, quarreling.
1878 Robinson, Rev. Fred Putnam, Ill. Outrageous conduct; exposed.
1880 Robinson, Rev. E. Ev. Binghamton, N. Y. Adultery, seduction of many sisters; per. jury; lying; desertion of wife and family; fled; kept diary of his liaisons in Greek and Latin; assault with intent to commit murder.page 39
Roberts, Rev. J. P. Troy, Kan. M. E. Adult'ry, attempted elopement with a young "sister."
Ranson, Rev. Bryant Mount Vernon, Ohio. Inhuman cruelty, dug out live hog's eyes.
Ronault, Rev. Todoro Loretto, N. M., and Los Cruces, N. M. Cath. Seduction, bastardy, elopement with Miss Marguerita Garcia, from convent; arrest'd
1881 Rork, Rev. M. V. "Abomniable crimes."
1878 Skews, Rev. Utah. Adultery; driven from town.
Smith, Rev. John R. Boston, Mass. Swindling.
Skillener or Rev. J.
Sbiltner, Rev. J.
Webster county Ky.
Webster county W. Va
M. E. Rape on a daughter of Ed. Baldwin only 6 years old, shameful breach of hospitality; prison.
Steadman, Rev. C. M. Foxcraft, Me.
Dover, Me.
Burglary, penitentiary six years.
Simpson, Rev. John A.
Simpson, Rev. Geo. A.
Smith, Rev. Geo. A.
Carolina Mills, R. I.
Mansfield, Mass.
E. Boston, Mass.
Univ. Larceny various times; arrested; one man, many aliases.
Shaw, Rev. Flora, Ind. Adultery, incest with Mrs. Josie Shaw, his son's wife.
Stray, Rev. Sydney M. East Lake.
St. George, N. Y.
Warrensburgh, Ohio.
Assault with intent to murder his wife, attempt at suicide, shot his wife then himself, adultery with many "sisters;" deposed. Suicide.
Summerlat, Rev. Franz Waverly, Iowa. Luth. Drunkenness, assault and battery, trying to choke orthodoxy down Aug. Miller; convicted; fined.
1879 Smith, Rev. N. G. New Castle, Ind. Adult'ry with Miss Emily Stipler or Sheplar, subornation of perjury; arrested for both.
Smith, Rev. J. H. Leavenworth, Ind. M. E. Adultery, seduction, eloping with a young "sister," swindling; expelled.page 40
Sanes, Rev. Ripley county, Ind. Luth. Adultery with a "sister;" locked out of ch. Immoralities; "cut off" by Bishop Little-john.
1880 Sparks, Rev. Long Island, N. Y.
Summers, Rev. Mark Louisville, Ky. Bap. Forgery; penitentiary 6 years. Embezzlement of ward's money; convicted.
Sherwood, Rev. Jas. M. Princeton, N. Y. Pres. Is editor of Presbyterian Quarterly and Princeton Review.
Schneider, Rev. Pres. Adultery; beating his wife, assault and bat tery; arrested.
1877 Simpson, Rev. John C. Oregon county, Mo. Bap. Illicit distilling; convicted; penitentiary 20 years.
1878 Smith, Rev. Frank Brooklyn, N. Y. Cong. Adultery, seduction of Miss Matilda Kettle; she told; missionary of Beecher's ch.
Shaffer, Rev. W. H. Schoonover.
Neptune, Ohio.
U. B. Larceny; arrested in pulpit.
Schweinfurth, Rev. Geo. Ann Arbor, Miss. M. E. His tenets were those of the last female he met; too susceptible; expelled.
Spencer, Rev. F. A. Athens, Ohio.
Columbus, Ohio.
M. E. Adultery; immoral conduct; breach of hospitality; expelled.
Stephenson, Rev. J. W.
P. E.
Piqua, Ohio.
Dayton, Ohio.
M. E Adultery, bastardy, drunkennesss, immoral . assault on lady; convicted.
Schon, Rev. E. W. Louisville, Ky. M. E. Adultery.
Smith, Rev. Elgin, Ill. Murder of wife, held her under water.
Sands, Rev. Hoosic, N. Y. Adultery with "sister."
Steelson, Rev. A. Adultery with "sister;" confessed.
Strasburgh, Rev. Pres. Adultery with negro woman, miscegenation; confessed.
Slang, Rev. Aug. C. Paterson, N. J. Rape on sister Pfennibucker.page 41
Southard, Rev. New Orleans, La.
New Jersey.
Adultery, debauchery, drunkenness long continued; died in a brothel.
Stillen, Rev. Joseph Westchester, Pa. Seduction of Miss Sarah Hall, made her insane, quoted scripture to convince her it was all right.
Stillwell, Rev. J. K. Logansport Ind. Immoral assault on a "sister," perjury, lying—this during a revival.
Speare, Rev. M. Mason, Ill.
Bloomington, Ill.
Larceny, stole a roll of bills from a bank.
Schneider, Rev. R. Mt. Vernon, Ind. Luth. Ev. Adultery, seduction, elopement with a girl of seventeen, desertion of wife and children, embezzlement of church funds; fled; pursued by detectives.
Sluter, Rev. Geo. Shelbyville, Ind. Pres. Beating stepson inhumanly; arrested.
Severance, Rev. I. T. Burlington, Ill.
Elgin, Ill.
M. E. Forgery; arrested by constable Schoonover.
1881 Sapp, Rev. Wm. M. St. Joseph, Mo.
Savannah, Mo.
Larceny, embezzlement of $4,000 county funds: fled.
1877 St. Clair, Rev. P. Des Moines, Iowa. M. E. Fraudulent voting in conference, stuffing ballot-box; tried, convicted, suspended.
1880 S—, Rev. Cincinnati, Ohio.
North Hogan, Ind.
Pres. Adultery, fornication with Susanna Schilling, attempt to murder her, adultery with lewd women, swindling; arrested, prison; deposed.
1881 Sheldon, Rev. M. G. Harvard, Ill.
Marengo, Ill.
M. E. Adultery, immorality, obscenity, vulgarity, lying; church trial.
1882 Sherman, Rev. C. W. Ev Abingdon, Ill. Fighting.
Still well, Rev. M. Englishville, Mich. Bap. Adultery with "sister" Barrows; she told.
Smith, Rev. R. M. Indianola, Iowa. M. E. Disorderly conduct; fined.
Stewart, Rev. W. H. U. Philadelphia, Pa. P. E. Deserting wife and family.page 42
1876 Schueller, Rev. J. M. Andrew, Iowa. Luth. Seduction and adultery with a lot of little girls at his asylum school; rape on Zetta Meeker, 8 years old; seduction and adultery with Delia Pardee and Mary Meeker, aged 14; Rose Shaffer, 13; Libbie Ingham and Jennie Adair, 14 years old; Bertha Nellis, 15; and many others; confessed; resigned; fled.
1881 Sharp, Rev. Thos. Gowanda, N. Y.
Hamburg, N. Y.
East Otto, N. Y.
M. E. Assault with intent to rape sister Zuber; lying; she told; suspended.
Smith, Rev. W. L. Brunswick, N. Y.
Rutland, Vt.
M E. Seduction and bastardy with Miss Dora Far-lies; lying; she told on child-birth deathbed.
Simmons. Rev. Geo. B. Troy.
Bap. Seduction, adultery with Miss Lillie Aiken; expelled.
Steman, Rev. Assault and battery on another preacher.
1878 Smith. Rev. M. H. New York, N. Y. Lying about what Miss Clara Morris told him. She never told him anything.
1882 Strongfellow, Rev. Frank Farmville, Va. P.E. Murder of many Union men during the war.
1879 Schilling, Rev. Carl. Alleghany, Pa. P. E. Adultery; drunkenness; expelled.
1881 Shrimp, Rev. Camden, N. J. M. E. Quarreling with Rev. Kirby over church dues.
Sale, Rev. S. C. Mason City, Iowa. Bap. Adultery with "sister" Eva Brewer, lying; deposed; fled. Swindling.
Shurtliff, Rev. Elmira, N. Y.
Hartford, N. Y.
M. E. Slander against Rev. Le is; fined.page 43
1881 Steller, Rev. Erie.
Rich Valley, Ind.
U. B. Immoral assault on Miss Beamer; fled.
Stone, Rev. Dan. H. Queens county, N. Y.
Brooklyn, N. Y.
M. E. Forgery, swindling, fraud, robbing Mrs. B. Sherman (aunt of Gen. W. T. Sherman); indicted.
Smith, Rev. John L. Lebanon. Ind. M. E. Adultery, seduction of Mrs. E. Lovelace, 70 years old, caught in act by M. M. Russell, Att'y; church trial.
Swift, Rev. Carlos Chicago, Ill. Bap. Adultery, seduction of several "sisters," immoral assault on others; they told.
Spencer, Rev. Edward Immoral assault on a "sister," embezzlement; arrested.
Stine, Rev. I. J. alias
T. J. Black.
Leavenworth, Kan.
New York.
Bap. Larceny, often repeated; arrested; confessed; prison.
Spargrove, Rev. J. M. Pittsburgh, Pa. Suicide.
1882 Taylor, Rev. J. W. Great Bend, N. Y.
Binghampton, N. Y.
Bap. Adultery, bigamy; deserting wife and children; convicted; expelled from church.
1881 Teal, Rev. C. Ironton, Wis.
Baraboo, Wis.
Incest, seduction, adultery with his own daughter; she is only 15, and told; arrested; prison.
Thornton, Rev. Abner Bartholomew Co., Ind. Fighting and quarreling with Dr. Beck.
Thornloe, Rev. Jas. Montreal, Can. P. E. Larceny, long continued; arrested.
Taylor. Rev. Joseph. Philadelphia, Pa. Bap. Swindling; English convict.
Tice, Rev. David. Stillwater, Minn. M. E. Malicious prosecution of a poor widow.
Thompson, Rev. J. M. Philadelphia, Pa. Pres. Larceny, dishonesty, bribery; church trial.
Thompson, Rev. Alfred Elgin, Ill.
New York, N, Y.
Adultery, seduction of Mrs. Cobham; robbery of his paramour; deserting wife. Said in court, "We all do such things more or loss." State prison at Sing Sing five years.
Thayer, Rev. J. A. Warren, Ohio. Drunkenness; arrested.page 44
1878 Tice, Rev. Newark, N. J. Bap. Seduction of several girls: expelled.
Thames, Rev. Joseph Ashville, N. C. Seduction of Miss Laura Palm.
Thompson, Rev. L. M. P. Cincinnati, Ohio. Pres. Adultery many times.
Tony, Rev. Western New York. Seduction.
Thompson, Rev. A. T. Cincinnati, Ohio. Adultery, bigamy.
Todd. Rev. J. H. Sioux City, Iowa. Adultery with a milliner, elopement with her, deserting wife.
Tresselman, Rev. T. Annetia, N. Y. Adultery, seduction of several girls, elope ment with wife of Mr. Hunt; bastardy.
Torry, Rev. A. W. Kalamazoo, Mich. Falsehood; tried and found guilty.
Thompson, Rev. Buffalo, N. Y.
Philadelphia, Pa.
Adultery many times.
Taylor, Rev. Horace Oberlin, Ohio. Seduction many times; convicted; prison.
Thompson, Rev. John J. Orange county, N. Y. Immoral assault on a young "sister."
Thompson, Rev. John J. Washington, D. C. Immoral assault on two young girls, caught crawling into their window in his night-shirt.
Thompson, Rev. Chas. Arson; arrested.
1819 Treadwell, Rev. Brooklyn, Mo. Fighti'g, riot in church againt Rev. Landers.
Talmage, Rev. T. DeWit Brooklyn, N. Y. Pres. Lying, deceit, extortion, abusiveness.
Thompson, Rev. J. P. New York, N. Y. Adultery, seduction of Mrs. Deland of his choir, his love letters caught by her husband; pastor of Broadway Tabernacle.
Tabor, Rev. Lorenso Kansasville, Wis. M. E. Adultery, seduction of Miss Nellie Foster; caught in act in her bedroon by Henry Combert; arrested; bailed $500.
1880 Trumbrower, Rev. Brooklyn, N. Y.
Hoboken, N. J.
Immoral assault on servant girl, kissing her for her spiritual welfare; fled.page 45
1881 Tapper, Rev. Kerr. B. Paducah, Ky.
Chicago, Ill.
Margaretta, Mich.
Bap. Arson, burning both churches; adultery, seduction, and bastardy with a girl; she left babe in his woodhouse.
1880 Towes, Rev, Minnesota. Suicide.
1881 Thomas, Rev. Wm. Washington, D. C. Keeping gambling house.
1879 Uttey, Rev. W. H. Detroit, Mich. Swindling, obtaining money under false pretenses.
1882 Van Alstine, Rev. J. J. or J. W., alias George Ebers. Elmira, N. Y.
Bradford, Pa.
Richburg, Pa.
Corry, Pa.
Buffalo, N. Y.
Bap. Adultery and seduction many times; seduced wife of a "brother" in Elmira; broke up the family; seduced wife of another brother in Buffalo; deserted her, seduced her daughter, lived with her in Richburg; deserted his wife and children; false personation; elopement with women.
Vanderborn, Rev. Saginaw, Mich. Cath. Adultery, seduction of wife of W. Colford, who shot at him. Mrs. C. confessed.
1881 Veterling. Rev. Detroit. Mich. Drunkenness; immoral assault on women; arrested.
1876 VanOrden, Rev. M. Missionary to Brazil. Pres. Slaveholder; deposed.
1878 Vossburg, Rev. Geo. B. Jersey City, N. Y. Bap. Assault with intent to murder wife; indicted.
Veal, Rev. W. G. P. E. Wasatchie, Tex. M. E. Rape of Mrs. John Griffin; arrested, convicted; expelled.
Valentine, Rev. Paul T.,
D.D., Ph. D., LL. D.
New York, N. Y. Rape on many little girls under his charge in College for Homeless Children; sodomy, buggery, unnamed crime on little boys under his charge; penitentiary ten years.
1879 Vine, Rev. J. Thos. Ev. New York, N. Y. Deserting wife after squandering all her money.page 46
1880 Van der Bone, E, or
Van Der Born.
Saginaw, Mich. Cath. Adultery with parishioner's wife, caught in the act by Catherine Burk.
1881 Vandeusen, Rev. G. H. Troy
W. Amsterdam, N. Y.
Forgery of pension-papers; indicted.
1876 Watson, Rev. Arthur Kinman. Prot Murdered his wife.
1877 Warren, Rev. A. J.
Warner, Rev. A. J.
Warren, Rev. A. S.
North Vernon. Ind. M. E. Adultery, elopement with "sister" Stanton, embezzlement of church funds, lying, desertion of wife and four children; one person, three names.
Weizerbeck, Rev. Rudol. Bloomingdale. Luth. Forgery, swindling, fraud; arrested.
Whittemore, Rev. Jos. Mitchell, Iowa. Bap. Immoral assault and insult on wife of deacon Geo. Cummings; convicted, fined.
Wiswall, Rev. Alvah Rochester, N. Y. P. E. Fraudulent bankruptcy, swindling, perjury.
Wells, Rev. T. M.
Wells, Rev. John M.
Chenowitz, Rev. T.M.
Lebanon, Ohio.
Bangor, Me.
Adultery, bigamy; arrested while fleeing to Europe; convicted; one man, 3 names.
White, Rev. Reuben Little Rock, Ark. Adultery, seduction of Miss Bush.
Wheeler, Rev. Charles Mansfleld, Ohio. Larceny, arrested.
Waters, Rev. Edward Pantego, N. C. Bap. Assault and battery on Miss Fanny Worland—held her while wife put red pepper in her eyes.
Wray, Rev. New Brunswick, N. S. Suicide, because arrested for drunkenness while in New York.
Weslsy, Rev. Geneseo, Ill. Adultery, seduction.
Wood, Rev. M.D. Decatur, Ill. Seduction.
Wilcox, Rev. Illinois. Adultery, seduction, bastardy four times in one neighborhood.
1878 Warren, Rev. Bussett Hills, N. Y. Adultery, bigamy; four living wives.page 47
1878 Welsh, Rev. Wash'n W. Holly, Mich. Rape on Mrs. Louisa Green, wife of another minister.
Washburn, Rev. Geo. Alleghany county, N. Y. Engaged to marry several ladies at the same time, lying.
Williamson, Rev. R. H. Wilksbarre, Pa. Adultery in house of ill-fame.
Wright, Rev. K. N. New Bridge, N. Y. Quarr'ling for pulpit against Rev. Kristetter.
White, Rev. D. M. Pittsburgh, Pa. Larceny; penitentiary two years.
Watson, Rev. John S. Kansas. Murdered his wife.
Whipple, Rev. E. Hillsdale college, Mich. Adultery, seduction of deacon's wife.
White, Rev. Washington, Pa. Adultery, seduction.
Wilson, Rev. Sam. B. Louisville, Ky. "Immoral conduct;" deposed.
Wright, Rev. Ableman or Ambleman. Whitestown, N. Y. Adultery, seduction of a girl 12 years old; an old man with married children.
Winslow, Rev. E. D. Boston, Mass. Forgery, swindling, $500,000; fled.
Wolfe, Rev. Brooklyn, N. Y. Beating his wife; arrested.
Wimberly, Rev. P. P. Atchinson, Pa. Larceny, embezzlement of church funds.
Williams, Rev. G. R. Griggstown, N. Y. Attempt to commit bigamy, wife appeared, and he fled.
Wells, Rev. J. M. Springfield, Ill. Adultery, bigamy; convicted.
1879 Waugh, Rev. J. L. Brasher's Falls, N. Y. Pres. Beating wife, lying from pulpit; expelled.
Wiseman, Rev. D. M. Somerset, Ohio. Luth. Adultery, seduction, bastardy with Miss Hesse: convicted; expelled; confessed.
Wayman, Rev. F. H. New York, N. Y. Cath. Larceny, embezzlement of $1,000 deposited with him by two women; arrested.
Waite, Rev. Peter Madisonville, Ohio. M. E. Adultery, seduction of Agnes Murray, a young "sister." He was over 60; entered house where she worked, in the night, and was killed by a watchman on the lookout for burglars.
Williams, Rev. Geo. Lanesboro, Minn. Pres. Rape on girl 15 years old; indicted.
Willey, Rev. J. H. Delaware. M. E Adultery with a "sister."page 48
1879 Wood, Rev. John Cedar Falls. Iowa. Pres. Adultery, seduction of two young girls of 14 and 16; unministerial conduct, unchaste conduct; confessed the two last.
Woodry, Rev. Henry Knox county, Ind. M. E. Adultery, seduction of Mary Shoaf; arrest'd.
1880 Willson, Rev. J. A. Jewell City, Kan. Adultery with a "sister;" expelled.
Walker, Rev. C. E. Somerset, Mass. M. E. Adultery, seduction, bastardy, abortion, with Miss Moriss; arrested.
Woolpert, Rev. J. M.. Fort Wayne, Ind. M. E. Adultery many times.
Williams, Rev. John New York. M. E. Inhuman cruelty to wife; convicted in divorce proceedings.
Woodside, Rev. Nevin Pittsburgh, Pa. Quarreling for the possession of pulpit.
Walker, Rev. W. E. Iowa.
Vermillion, Dak.
Adultery; drunkenness; deposed.
Willson, Rev. Chas. A. B. Pittsburgh, Pa.
New Baltimore, Ohio.
M. E. Larceny; arrested.
1881 Willson, Rev. David D. Henrietta, Tex. Breach of hospitality; rape and adultery upon Mrs. Hickman; fled.
Winslow, Rev. Ed. C. New Haven, Conn. Cong. Inhuman cruelty to Louisa Rogers, 8 years old, his adopted child.
1876 Wittrup, Rev. Julius Winfleld, N. Y. M. E. Immoral assault on his niece, a young girl of 16, showed his privates.
1881 Widdows, Rev. Kircardine, Can. M. E. Assault with intent to kill; disturbing meeting.
Wolchencraft, Rev. Chas. Larceny; arrested with stolen watch.
Wright, Rev. Henry N. Northville, N. Y. Cong. Lying; gross immorality; dishonesty; arson.
Webb, Rev. J.W. Bloomington, Ill. M. E. Slander, foul, false, and unchristian.
Whitcher, Rev. W. T. Providence, R. I. M. E. Larceny, lying; caught in act, arrested, fined, confessed, resigned.page 49
Way, Rev. Jesse Wabash, Ind. Incest, adultery, eloped with daughter-in-law.
Willson, Rev. Davenport, Iowa. Bap. Assault with intent to rape "sister" Bush.
Witt, Rev. Chas. Sheldon, Ill. Immoral assault on women; crawled under depot platform and peeked up through cracks under the ladies; arrested, fined.
Williams, Rev. LaPlata, Mo. Adultery. Says the Lord commanded him "to desert wife and children for this woman."
Washington, Rev. Topeka, Kan. Swindling, obtaining money by false pretense.
Weaver, Rev. Wayne county, N. Y. M. E. Immoral assault on lady; dismissed.
Willard, Rev. Wylie J. Boise City, Idaho.
Walla Walla, Wash. T.
M. E. Swindling, embezzlement; cruelty to wife, desertion of wife.
Waite, Rev. Arthur A.
Lynn, Mass. Swindling, obtaining money by false pretense.
Webber, Rev. Chas. Saco, Me. Bap. Adultery, seduct'n, eloped with young sister.
Wetherwax, Rev. Berien Springs, Mich. Luth. Ejected from church for immoralities.
1882 Williams, Rev. Dr. R. H. Pennsylvania.
Milwaukee, Wis.
P. E. Adultery in brothel; attempt at suicide.
Williams, Rev. Jno. alias Rev. A. C. Copeland, Cedar Rapids, Iowa.
St. Catharines, Can.
Terre Haute, Ind.
Indianapolis, Ind.
M. E. Adultery, seduction; embezzlement; obtaining money under false pretense; arrested; prison.
Wardner, Rev. Morton or Wardness, Little Genesee.
Milton, Wis.
Adv. Adultery, seduction of a lot of young girls; lying; fled; church trial.
Walsh, Rev. A. C. Montreal, Can.
Port Royal, Iowa.
P. E Fighting and riot for church; expelled.
Wright, Rev. Prince Chillicothe, Mo. M.E. Adultery; immorality, oft repeated; whipped by a mob; deposed.page 50
1881 White, Rev. Little Rock, Ark. Murder, adultery, seduction of a young girl, attempted an abortion; killed the girl. Her father shot at him four times, but he escaped and fled.
1878 White, Rev. Reuben Adultery, seduction of Miss Bush; attempt at abortion; she told and died: manslaughter; arrested.
Willson, Rev. Reuben E. Harrisburg, Pa.
Mifflintown, Pa.
M. E. Drunkenness; obscenity; jailed.
1879 Wolf, Rev. Wm. New York, N. Y. Bap. Assault and battery; arrested.
1881 Walker, Rev. Prof. Philomath, Or. Adultery, seduction; lying—so says Rev. Isaac Belknap.
1880 Young, Rev. G. B. Indianapolis, Ind. "Lewdness," swindling; church trial.
Yates, Rev. H. C. Dixon, Ill.
Bap. Immoral assault on many ladies, immoral conduct, lechery, lying, adultery, drunkenness, seduction.
1878 Zuner, Rev. Jonathan Philadelphia, Pa. Larceny, embezzlement from Mr. Meyer: arrested.
Additions for third Edition.
1882 Allison, Rev. John Jessup, Iowa.
Milwaukee, Wis.
Pres. Immoral assault, and indecent proposals to Mrs. Alice Moffitt; expelled.
Allen, Rev. Wm. Osgoode, Ont M. E. Adultery, seduction, bastardy with Eliza Hume; got her married.
1875 Ackerman, Rev. G. E Blue Mountain, Idaho.
Boise City.
M. E. Embezzlement of $3,000, church funds; a dead beat.page 51
1882 Ahem, Rev. John C. Denver, Col. Cath. Adultery, immoral assault on women, insulting ladies, lying; removed.
Ahern, Rev. Jere. Denver, Col. Cath. Immoral assault on Mrs. Miller; Mr. Miller accused him. Bribery; the priest paid him hush money. Drunkenness; says he was in liquor at time. Lying about Rev. John C. Ahern.
Brooks, Rev. Wm. R. Hampstead, R. I. Adultery, bigamy—three wives.
Bartlett, Rev. Jos. Gorham, Me. Cong. Suicide; 70 years of age.
Billson, Rev. F. G. Kansas City, Mo. M. E. Drunkenness oft repeated: arrested, jailed, confessed, fined.
1876 Boyd, Rev. T. B. Kittaning, Pa.
West Virginia.
Adultery, seduction, immoral assaults on many "sisters," and wife of "Brother Cook;" confessed; jailed.
1881 Browning, Rev. Wm. G. New York, N. Y. Swindling, $10,000, convicted.
1878 Blanchard, Rev. Wheaton, Ill. Cong. Embezzlement of $3,000, college funds; lying, slander; so say Rev. Chapman and Rev Prof. Webster.
1882 Balky, Rev. Geo. Chilicothe, Mo. Forgery; drew a note and signed his father's and Andrew McCroskin's names to it; arrested, escaped, fled.
Brisbee, Rev. John N. Madison, Tenn. Pres. Horse racing, gambling: church trial.
Bentley, Rev. Chas., Ev., E. Raltimore, Md. Seduction of Miss Emma Martin, a "sister;" bastardy; kept evangelizing very successfully, until presented with an heir; confessed, expelled.'
Bedall, Rev. W. Barnesville, O.
Bealsville, O.
Ozark, O.
Wheeling, W. Va.
M. E. Adultery, seduction of Rosa Arnold, aged 15: elopement with her, deserting wife and three children, penniless; embezzlement of $100, church funds; expelled.page 52
1882 Brand, Rev. Oberlin, O. Slander from pulpit; sued by Bronson.
Brand, Rev. G. F. Wiutersett, Iowa.
Guthrie Center, Iowa.
M. E. Indecent exposure of parson; church trial, expelled.
Bush, Rev., Ev., Covington, Ky.
Cynthiana, Ky.
Adultery, seduction of "sister" Sarah Sherman; elopement with her.
1883 Beattie, Rev. T.R. or F.R. Brantford, Ont. Pres. Immoral assault; slandering Miss Sershman; arrested; bail $4,000; sued for $10,000, slander.
Brown, Rev. W. H., Ev., Sioux City, Iowa. Drunkenness; fined.
Ball, Rev. H. Burg Hill, O.
Wayne, O.
Bap. Drunkenness, lying; got gloriously drunk, denied it; expelled.
Bowen, Rev. Randolph, N. Y.
Ohio, N. Jersey, Wisconsin, Michigan.
Bap. Assault and battery on a "brother;" lying, swindling, making debts everywhere, never paying; fled.
1878 Chapman, Rev. Wheaton, Ill. Cong. Lying, slander, so says Rev. Blanchard.
1882 Christian, Rev. J. T. Quincy, Ill.
Hannibal, Mo.
Bigamy, adultery, lying, swindling; arrested.
Canary, Rev. Andrew New York, N. Y. Cath. Larceny, stealing horse, drunkenness; arrested.
Chapman, Rev. Richard Pine Bluff Spa, Tex Bap. Murder of John Turner; stabbed him three times.
Colfelt, Rev. New York. Pres. Literary piracy; church trial.
1879 Clapp, Rev. Lowell. Mich. Bap. Swindling; prison.
1882 Cook Rev. Alvin C. Eugene, Or.
Springfield, Or.
Chris. Adultery, seduction, elopement with wife of Rix, deserting wife and children; temperance lecturer.page 53
1882 Cleniheim, Rev. Cincinnati, O.
Avondale, O.
Pres. Fighting with one of his elders; got whipped: elder's name, Robert Hood.
1883 Cobb, Rev. R, H. Taunton, Mass. M. E. Deserting wife, leaving her penniless and sick in bed; investigated; resigned.
Corken, Rev. Salisbury P't, Mass.
Lynn, Mass.
Cong. Literary piracy; preached Wilberforce's sermons; quack doctor; sued for malpractice; deposed.
1882 Cox, Rev. Henry, D.D., ("Hallelujah Cox"). San Francisco, Cal. Gross swindling U. S. pension agent: robbed a blind and helpless soldier of $7,278, pension; swindled a widow out of $2,535.
1883 Chambers, Rev. A. I. New Haven, Conn. M. E. Misappropriating church funds; sued.
Comstock, Rev. I. Tongonoxie, Kan.
Reno, Kan.
Ad. Rape, adultery, on 13-year-old daughter of Mr. Anderson; arrested; prison at Leavenworth.
Cook, Rev. Jo. Boston, Mass. Lying generally.
Copeland, Rev. Frasier Walhala, S. C. Murder of W. J. Hunnicritt; confessed; hanged.
1878 Clark, Rev. W. J. Lisbon, N. Y. Pres. "Immoral conduct;" suspended.
1870 Curr, Rev. Alan Dubuque, Iowa.
Leavenworth, Kan.
Bap. Larceny, deserting wife, drunkenness, gross fraud, lying, cheating.
1882 Dye, Rev. J. H., P. E. Searcy, Ark. M. E. Assault and battery; knocked Capt. McCaulley down and pounded him.
Denton, Rev. J. L. or J. W. Fayetteville, Ark. Suicide, charged with embezzlement.
Driver, Rev. S. M. Baker City, Idaho. M. E. Adultery with "sisters;" buried six wives.
Davis, Rev. Geo. Cleveland, O.
Fort Wayne. Ind.
Deserting wife and children; proposing marriage to several ladies, arrested.
Draper, Rev. Frank Youngstown, O
Riverside, O.
M. E. Robbery of his friend and room-mate; drunkenness; fled; spent the cash: his friend died; confessed.page 54
1883 Davis, Rev. Geo., Ev., Logansport, Ind.
Fort Wayne, Ind.
In prison.
DePuy, Rev. Dr. M. E. Swindling in connection with "Isabella mine;" editor Christian Advocate, resigned.
Davis, Rev. Madison, Ind. M. E. Seduction, bastardy, with "sister" Jennie Williams; prosecuted.
1880 Deems, Rev. Dr. New York. Lying, so says Rev. Dr. Mackie.
1882 Dollman. Rev. W. Erie, Pa. M. E. Assault with intent to murder his wife and family, with poison and "cold steel;" arrested; prison.
Dowd, Rev. W. W. Portchester, N. Y. Pres. Swindling; would not pay bills.
Dollard, Rev. Wilmington, Del. Cath. Indecent proposals to Miss Lizzie Jordan; slandered her and her family from the pulpit; sued by her brother Charley Jordan.
Dufresne, Rev. Holyoke, Mass. Cath. Slander of P. Hackman; fined $3,400; selling liquor in his church and school; fled to Canada.
1880 Dugan, Rev. Thos. Delavan, Ill.
Mason City, Ill.
Cath. Rape upon his young housekeeper; she complained to Bishop Spaulding.
1878 Dale, Rev., Ev., New Castle, Ill. Immoral assault on two girls, one 12, other 14; fled.
Daley. Rev. John New York, N. Y. Cath. Drunkenness, habitual; workhouse.
1879 Esmon, Rev. Albert Alabama. Illicit distilling; two stills destroyed by U. S. officials; fled.
1882 Ellis, Rev. Wm. T. St. Louis, Mo. Nuisance; arrested, fined.page 55
1882 Ellis, Rev. Edwd H.,Ev., Thomaston, Me. Bap. Adultery, seduction, and elopement with Mrs. John E. Rose; arrested, fined $400, jailed at St. John's, N. B.
Eastman, Rev. Chas. A.
Geo. E. Hindley,
C. B. Merrill.
Roxb'ry, Lewist'n, Me.; Potterville, Whitehall, Kendall, Alamo, Mich.; Plainly well. Cong. Adultery, bigamy, lying, false personation, deserting wife and family; first married Miss Emma Keyes, of Lewiston, Me.; second marriage with a Miss Piper, of Alamo; broke jail at Kalamazoo; sent to Michigan penitentiary; very religious.
1879 Eagan, Rev. D. San Francisco, Cath. Adultery with "sisters."
Edmonson, Rev. Nathan Schollsville, N. Y. Bap. Suicide; hung himself.
1882 Farmer, Rev. G. W. Tamaroa, Ill. M. E. Assault and battery; beat Deacon Johnson over the head with a chair for saying "Good-morning."
Fern, Rev. Thomas, or Fernly, Rev. Thos. A. Philadelphia, Pa. M. E. Libel on William Entriken; arrested; most popular preacher in the city.
Fulton, Rev. Dr. T. D. Brooklyn, N. Y. Libel upon Rev. T. B. Conway; sued for $40,000; fighting.
Fleming, Rev. N. Cleveland, O. Cath. Drunkenness, visiting house of ill-fame; riot, arrested, jailed, confessed, fined.
1883 Fleming, Rev. Boston, Mass. Cath. Assault and battery on a little girl; tore some pictures away from her; she went into convulsions; sued for damages by her father; fined; riot with 1,000 Irish against the father.
1882 Garry, Rev. M. M. Cincinnati, O. Bap. Burglary, immoral assault; shot, badly wounded, while scaling back wall of yard at midnight, by Roger Pearson.
Gilmour, Rev. Bisk Ohio. Slander; sued by E. Cowles, of the Leader.
Gray, Rev. .J. A. Portland, Or. Bap. Drunkenness, confessed, resigned.page 56
1882 Green, Rev. Abijah Philadelphia, Pa.
Atlantic City, N. J.
Bap. Larceny, stealing books; fighting at church trial with Rev. Wallace and others
Gleason, Rev. P. J. St. Louis, Mo.
Louisiana, Mo.
Cath. Seduction, bastardy, with Mary Proctor, nee Ryan; confessed, subsequently denied; after her marriage adultery and bastardy with her again; first child named John Patrick Gleason, second Richard Gleason Ryan; suspended from priesthood by Bishop Kenrick.
1883 Green, Rev. Mt. Gilead, O. Seduction, elopement with a 13-year-old daughter of a "brother."
Gibbous, Rev. James—Archbishop. Baltimore, Md. Cath. Swindling Mrs. Simpson, while dying, out of her property; sued.
1879 Gaines, Rev. G. W. Columbia, Mo.
Centralia, Ill.
Louisiana, Mo.
M. E. Adultery, seduction of Miss Maria Delly; took her to conference with him; slept with her at hotel.
1882 Henderson, Rev. John Mexico, Mo. Larceny of cattle and hogs, notorious thief; prison.
Hyde, Rev. F. S. New Haven, Conn. Insulted Mrs. Foster; demanded her removal from hotel table because she was an actress.
Higgins, Rev. A. C. Hackettstown, N. J. M. E. Adultery, seduction, with wife of Mr. Hoff; writing her to leave her husband and liv with him; detected, fled, deserting wife and children.
Higbee, Rev. Jesse Drakeville, Iowa. Medical quack; ruined lady's nose; sued.page 57
1883 Hooper, Rev. J. F. Petaluma, Cal. Cong. Breach of promise; engaged to three ladies; fled to escape tar and feathers.
Henselman, Rev. C. D. Canton, O. Chris Immoral assault on three married "sisters."
Healy, Rev. St. Louis, Mo. Cath. Immoral assault on "sister" Maggie Kinney; bounced with a black eye by Mike Dunphey.
1882 Huderdault, Rev. Canada. Cath. Slandering Leon Lanson and Mathilde St. Jean; sued.
Huber, Rev. F. X. Brooklyn, N. Y. Cath. Defrauding dying man out of $90,600; gross swindling; compelled by courts to disgorge.
1883 Hull. Rev. M. S. Pelican Rapids, Minn. Slandering his hired girl, because she told of his swearing, "God damn it!"
Haddock, Rev. Oshkosh, Wis. M. E. "Beecherism," charged by Dr. Carhart.
1880 Hertzberger, Rev. H. A. Honesdale, Pa.
Port Jervis, N. Y.
Luth. Drunkenness, lying, false personation; claimed to be a French count; quarreling for the pulpit.
Hicks, Rev. Henry. H. Camden, Mo.
San Francisco, Cal.
M. E. Larceny, stole $310 from Neil Smith; fled.
1876 Hanks, Rev. G. Litchfield, Ill.
St. Louis, Mo.
Bap. Adultery; drunkenness in a brothel at St. Louis; arrested.
1882 Hyde, Rev. Dr. W, A. Leadville, Col.
Portland, Or.
M. E. Adultery, seduction, elopement with a "sister," deserting wife and children; arrested by his own son; forgery of recommendation
1876 Irwin, Rev. G. A., Ev., St. Louis, Mo. P. E. Adultery, drunkenness, beating wife, profanity, lying, assault to murder; arrested, prison,page 58
1876 Johnson, Rev. W. J. Eureka, Ill. M. E. Adultery, seduction, elopement with wife of John S. Brayman, leaving her children: Johnson is single, and a great revivalist.
1879 Johnson, Rev. W. A. Lindsay, Pa.
Barre, Pa.
Pres. Gross swindling of widow and orphan children: arrested.
1882 Jeffries, Rev. M. St. Joseph, Mo. M. Robbing mails a long time; prison.
Jamison, Rev. Geneva, O. M. E. Embezzlement of church funds.
Keiser, Rev. Alex. S. Womelsdorf, Pa.
Pottsville, Pa.
Luth. Seduction, bastardy, breach of promise; arrested; seduced Miss Lizzie Miller; she supported him while studying theology; he married another; expelled; confessed on trial.
Kuhns, Rev. S. F. Lewisburg, O.
New Paris, O.
Dayton, O.
U. B. Adultery, seduction of wife of "Brother" Hinkle; confessed; said he "couldn't help it;" married.
1883 Kruel, Rev. Kankakee, Ill. Cath. Drunkenness, breach of promise, left the church; promised to marry "Sister" Angela; took her to hotel, staid with her several days, then deserted her, and returned to priesthood.
1882 Lanritsen, Rev. Port Huron, Mich. Luth. Assault and battery; arrested; fighting for pulpit.
Lane. Rev. Greenpoint, N. Y. Cath. Embezzling $174,000, church funds.
Loughlin, Rev. Bishop Brooklyn, N. Y. Cath. Swindling Catholic church at Greenpoint out of church property to amount of about $200,000; threatens excommuni- page 59 cation if they "kick;" obstructing legal process; defying the law.
1878 Lloyd. New York. Luth. Slander, drunkenness.
1882 Mesaros, Rev. Philadelphia, Pa. Pres. Quarreling, threatening to fight in church.
Morgan, Rev. L. Leechburgh, Pa.
Apollo, Pa.
Monongahela, Pa.
Ludwick, Pa.
Bap. Adultery both in Kentucky and Pennsylvania: marries a wife but retains an old "flame" as mistress; forgery of letters of recommendation; lying; church trial.
1880 Mackie, Rev. New York, N. Y. Lying and libel, so says Dr. Deems.
1876 Murray, Rev. I. Brooklyn, N. Y. M. E. Fighting for the pulpit
1882 Martin, Rev. Jos. E. Lafayette, Ind. P. E. Inhuman cruelty to wife; arrested, bailed; adultery, fled.
Miller, Rev. J. H. Point Chautauqua, N. Y. Bap. Embezzlement of $10,000, church funds.
1883 Morgan, Rev. R. C. Connellsville, Pa. Bap. Adultery, seduction of a "sister," wife of R. E. Booth; married, large family; editor Baptist Messenger.
McGill, Rev., alias M. F. Devlin. Cleveland, O.
Columbus, O.
Pittsburgh, Pa.
Cath. Drunkenness oft repeated; fined often; often in workhouse; sent up for sixty days, and $25 fine.
McCosker, Rev. Rahway, N. J. Cath. Disturbing school; drove teachers and scholars out of doors, and would not let them return; brutal assault on women and children.
Martin, Rev. Joseph E. Lafayette, Ind. Inhuman cruelty to wife and children; divorced by court.
Mongin, Rev. John New Albany, Ind.
Louisville, Ky.
Cath. Adultery, fornication, visiting house of ill- fame in Louisville; drunkenness, assault and battery; arrested, fined; lying about itpage 60
1882 Miller, Rev. T. B.; also Major, Rev. Major Chicago, Ill. M. E. "Miller" as dean, and "Major" as secretary of the medical college; gross swindling, gross fraud; allowed a paper reporter to register as a student, and then for $25 gave him diploma as M.D.; Miller expelled, Major suspended.
1879 Munson, Rev. Henry J. Fitchburg, Mass. Ad. Lewd and lascivious conduct; convicted; fraudulent divorce.
1878 Milligan, Rev. Parker Kansas City, Mo. Adultery, lechery, deserting wife, fled.
1883 Nicum, Rev. John Syracuse. Luth. Fighting for pulpit, lying.
1882 Nistor, Rev. Bishop St. Michaels, Alaskr Suicide, leaped from steamer St. Paul.
Neal, Rev. W. H. St. Louis, Mo. F. M. "Immoral character:" dismissed; sodomy and unnamed crime with young "brothers" of his flock, too vile to print.
O'Niel, Rev. Peter Brooklyn, N. Y. Cath. Adultery, seduction of Mrs. Robert Hawks; caught by her husband locked in her bedroom at night, at 273 Thirty-first street, New York; she the mother of several children; arrested.
O'Connell, Rev. Timothy Freemont, Neb.
Cornellsville, Pa.
Huntington, N. Y.
Nebraska City.
P. E. Seduction, adultery with Mary Rogers, deserting wife; illegal divorce; beating wife, lying, perjury, drunkenness, and delirium tremens; threatening to kill Bishop Kerwood and wife.
O'Donoghue, Rev. Morrow, O. Cath. Slander of Mrs. Green; Mr. Green killed him.
Parks, Rev. Noah Winston, Miss. Larceny, lynched, and nearly killed.page 61
1882 Palmer, Rev. J. R. Mountain Peak, Tex. Chris. Indecent exposure of person to a lot of little girls, pupils under his care; immoral assault on Miss Ida Scott; failing in this, slandered her.
Philips, Rev. Shiloh, O. Assault and battery upon parishioner; pounded Sunday law into him.
Parshall, Rev. R. F. Oakland, Cal. Bap. Immoral assault on many ladies and young "sisters;" expelled ignominiously.
Penn, Rev. Texas. Prayed for the death of two men at church; one died next day.
Podd, Rev. Jas. D. Chicago, Ill. Bap. Adultery, seduction, bastardy, with Cora Wheeler.
Pringle, Rev. Paul Mansfield, La. Murder of Alfred Smith; hanged.
Posey, Rev. Dr. Oakland, Cal.
Dutch Flat, Cal.
Swindling, obtaining money under false pretense.
1879 Plunkett, Rev. Warren Springs, N. C. Pres Adultery, seduction, elopement with Miss Kate Ashton, daughter of a wealthy "brother," deserting wife and children.
Pennington, Rev. Scott county, Iowa. Bap. Incest, adultery, seduction, elopement with wife's niece, writing to his wife not to expect him back; deserting wife and children.
1880 Rossvalley, Rev. Dr., Ev., Sing Sing, N. Y.
Plain field, N. J.
Doylestown, Pa.
Auburn, N. Y.
Larceny in Germany; drummed out as rebel surgeon; counterfeiting, state prison; literary piracy, stole Ingersoll's temperance speech.
Ross, Rev. Wm. J. St. Louis, Mo. Murder, convicted, penitentiary.
Rockwell, Rev. J. B.; or, Rev. J. H. Harvey. DeWitt, Neb.
Wilber, Neb.
Cong. Gross swindling, illegal use of mails; arrested, prison.
Rope, Rev. Andrew, Ev., Taylorville, Ill. M. E. Rape, indicted, fled.page 62
1882 Rope, Rov. Andrew J. Texas. Married Miss Gessner; forgery, signed a man's name to note who could not write; discovered, fled, arrested.
Reeder, Rev. J. J. Milford, Pa.
M. E. Gross swindling, made great debts and ran away; immorality.
1876 Robinson, Rev. Kansas City, Mo. Adultery; arrested in a brothel.
1882 Richardson, Rev. Brooklyn, N. Y. "Moral wreck;" expelled.
Roe, Rev. Frank F. Scotland.
Athens, N. Y.
Morenci, Mich.
Oakwood, Mich.
Lapeer, Mich.
Pontiac, Mich.
Various denominations. Drunkenness; expelled at Athens from Baptist church; went to Michigan, became a Congregational preacher, expelled; goes to Oakwood, finally to Lapeer, where he changes to Baptist again; pastor at Pontiac, again expelled, but continues to preach; popular preacher.
Stearns, Rev. Harvey Fort Worth, Texas. Bap. Murder of Jeff. Wood; prison.
Sedwick, Rev. T. B. Dakota. Adultery with Indian women; carried off and supposed murdered by them; he was missionary among the Crows.
Sheppard, Rev. T. J. Mt. Olivet, Mo. M. E. Adultery with "Sister" Wells, wife of Rev. M F. Wells, who is blind; caught by a neighbor; church trial.
Sullivan, Rev. J. C. Salem, O. M. E. Adultery, seduction of "sister," wife of A. L. Halwick; she told; Sullivan married.
1879 Saxon, Rev Lowell, Mich. Bap. Swindling Deacon Post; prison.
1882 Saunders, Rev. Mother New York, N. Y. Lewd woman; arrested in house of ill-fame; was a captain in Salvation Army.page 63
1882 Sklorzik, Rev. Bay City, Mich. Cath. Assault with intent to murder the organist John Richards; arrested; Richards died of the injuries; slander from pulpit; sued by Daniels for $10,000; judgment against him.
Sentenac, Rev. Roxton Falls, Can. Cath. Slander from pulpit of Dr. Desgrobois; sued; compromised, paving $1,000.
Slater, Rev. Ira Cherry Valley, Ill. Bap. Larceny, stealing horse: arrested.
1883 Sherin, Rev. A., alias A. Sheridan, or A. Sherdin, or A. Sherdian. Pierre, Dak.
Huron, Dak.
Flandran, Dak.
Big Stone City, Minn.
M. E. Adultery, seduction, false personation; occupied same room at Dakota House, Huron, with Miss Rice; registered as "A. Sheridan and wife;" introduced her as "Miss Rice, my wife's niece;" preached next day at Flandran, "Miss Rice, a cousin," still with him; married, and family: confessed registering "A. Sheridan and wife," and occupying same room, "merely to protect from harm a modest, timid, warm-hearted woman, of generous impulses."
Shurtleff, Rev. Fabius, N. Y. M. E. Immoral assault, went into Miss Clark's bedroom twice and tried to seduce her, while his wife was sick; sued.
Smith, Rev. J. Hyatt Brooklyn, N. Y. Borrowed $1,128 for election expenses; wouldn't pay, sued.
Spencer, Rev. Geo. T. Corinth, N. Y.
South Corinth, N. Y.
M. E. Outrageous conduct, expelled; fled to escape tar and feathers; adultery, seduction, bastardy, with wife's sister, aged 16; confessed.page 64
1883 Seguin, Rev. New York, N. Y. F. R. Brutal assault on a woman, sent to workhouse.
Satterfield, Rev. Jno. W. Brownsville, Pa. Drunkenness, beating wife very often; church trial.
Starr, Rev. James Peru, Ind. Rape on a little five-year-old girl; caught in the act, and arrested.
Smith, Rev. Silas Mexico, Mo.
St. Louis, Mo.
Bap. Arson; burnt, with help of some "sisters," two churches; arrested, prison.
1879 Surnley, Rev. John Begging while getting $1,400 a year; lying generally.
1883 Stoddard, Rev. E. L. Jersey City, N. J. P. E. Criminal carelessness—or worse; killed his wife accidentally (?) with a revolver.
1882 Tryston, Rev. C. F. W. Newark, N. J.
St Louis, Mo.
P. E. Beating wife; arrested, prison; robbing his wife of money.
Victorian, Rev. Vicksburg, Miss. Cath. Unnamed crime with boys under his charge at Brotherhood College; caught in act, expelled, fled, arrested, prison; a most beastly wretch; he was principal of the college.
Van Dersall, Rev. S. S. Forest Grove, Or. M. E. and
Immoral assault on Widow Marsh; slander and libel; read a paper before college trustees, alleging that she tried to seduce him, and was a bad woman with others; lying; expelled; perjury on slander trial; a most infamous scoundrel; convicted by a jury.page 65
1878 Webster, Rev. Prof. Wheaton, Ill. Cong Slander, lying; so says Rev. Blanchard, president of the "parson factory."
1882 Willoughby, Rev. N. R. Yorkville, Can.
Brompton, Can.
M. E. Immoral assault on Miss Graham; church trial; lying.
Waite, Rev. A. A. North Adams, Mass.
St. Louis. Mo.
Troy, N. Y.
Adultery, seduction, incest, with Lena Capron, his twenty-year-old niece; deserting wife and three children; beating wife; paramour confessed; he was arrested; he "exposed Spiritualism."
Whipple, Rev. Madison, O. Rape on girl 11 years old, he 70; arrested, jailed.
Wharton, Rev. Henry Louisville, Ky.
Eufaula, La.
Bap. Drunkenness oft repeated; church trial, suspended.
Whipple, Rev. Henry Evanston, Ill. Grossly swindling a brother preacher, Rev. John McComber, of Minnesota; gross fraud, sued.
1879 Webster, Rev. Lowell, Mich. Bap. Counterfeiting, prison.
1882 Waggoner, Rev. James Waverly, Tenn. Chris. Swindling creditors, fled.
Wharton, Rev. J. G., or J. W. Wharton, alias J. D. Hill. Carthage, Mo.
Ehzabethtown, Ky.
M. E. Adultery, seduction, elopement with organist, wife of J. R. McGill, forgery for $2,600; deserting wife and 15 children; stole $2,600 from his wife; Mrs. McGill deserting three children; embezzlement; arrested, indicted.
Woodruff, Rev. R. H. Baltimore, Md. Robbing mail, pleaded guilty, fined.
Wallace, Rev. Philadelphia, Pa, Bap. Fighting in pulpit with Rev. Green, threatening to kill him.page 66
1883 Waldron, Rev. Thomas.
alias "Brother Frank."
Buffalo, N. Y.
La Salle, Ill
New York, N. Y.
Cath. Rape on Hattie Carr, aged 7 years, a pupil; arrested, state prison five years; principal of St. Joseph's College; formerly principal of De la Salle (Catholic) Institute, New York.
1882 Walsh, Rev. South Natick, Mass. Cath. Embezzlement of $8,000, church funds.
1883 Wood worth, Rev. A. M. Otisville, N. Y.
Port Jems, N. Y.
M. E. Drunkenness for a week, gambling in a saloon.
Walk, Rev. David Indianapolis, Ind. Chris. Egotism, puffing himself in the papers.
Worthen, Rev. H. W North field, Vt.
Burlington, Vt.
M. E. Rape on Mrs. S. F. Gibbs, by means of opiates; sued.
Wright, Rev. Prince Chillicothe, Mo. M. E. Adultery, expelled; an old man.
Walker, Rev. J. B. R. East Hartford. Conn. Adultery, inhuman cruelty to wife; lying, charged by wife in divorce suit.
1873 Weeks, Rev. Thos. J. New York. Bap. Larceny; prison two years.