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William Rolleston : a New Zealand statesman


page 7


All through his later life Rolleston maintained his interest in his old School. In 1900, while on a visit to England, he attended the prize-day ceremony, and was described in the local papers as the most notable of the old Rossallians present. He himself described the school as "the Marlborough of the North". On the platform were many eminent clergymen and the Headmaster of Rugby, Dr James, who was an old boy of Rossall.

In a year (said the Headmaster) when the self-governing Colonies had done so much to help England in her hour of need, it is an additional privilege to welcome an old Rossallian from one of the Colonies, the Hon. W. Rolleston, an ex-Minister of New Zealand.

At this ceremony Viscount Cross, in presenting the prizes, told a story which is too good to omit about the Queen Dowager, Queen Adelaide. She had been watching a game of football at Rugby, and later on went to supper with Dr Arnold, who told Lord Cross that the Queen said: "Dr Arnold, all those boys are apparently so very anxious to kick at the ball, could not they afford to have two?"