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Maoriland: New Zealand Literature 1872–1914

Alexander Turnbull Library, Wellington

Alexander Turnbull Library, Wellington

Alexander, Dudley. New Zealand Journals, 1900–1904. Ranfurly family Papers. MS-Group-0756.

Alexander, William Frederick. Papers, 1900–1957. MS-Papers-0423.

Arnold, Rollo Davis, 1967. Henry Lawson — the Sliprails and the Spur at Pahiatua. MS-Papers-3643.

Australasian Autobiographies, 1900–1910. MS-Copy-Micro-0752.

Barton, George Burnett, 1899. Review of Maoriland and Other Verses. MS- Papers-2739.

Baughan, Blanche. Papers, 1909–1969. MS-Papers-0198.

Bell, Andrew Beauchamp MacKintosh. Papers from the Vera Macintosh Bell Bequest. 1897–1913. MS-Group-0034.

Cook, Henry Graydon. MS-Papers-4010.

De la Mare, Frederick. Papers, 1889?-1959. MS-Group-0530.

Domett, Alfred. Papers, 1801–1886. MS Papers-1632; Poem, 1844. QMS-0617.

Gordon, Ian A. Papers re Katherine Mansfield, MS-Papers-6984-35.

Grace, Charles W. Collection, Letter, 30 Oct 1895. MS-Papers-1176.

Mackay, Jessie. Collection, 1902–1930. MS-Papers-0778-1.

Mills, Thomas Lewis. MS-Papers-3981-013, MS-Papers-4007.

Morris, Guy and Maude. Collection of Mansfieldiana and Personal Papers. MS-Group-0020.

Mulgan, John. Papers, 1925–2001. MS-Group-1239.

Murry, John Middleton. Diaries and Notebooks, 1915, 1919. MS-Group-0411; Papers Relating to Katherine Mansfield. MS-Group-1038

Norwood, Hugh. Papers, 1909–91. MS-Group-0833.

Pearson, W. H. Scrapbook two, 1959–77. MSZ-0456; Correspondence re Henry Lawson among Maoris, 1967–71. MS-Papers-4343-130.

Pickthall, Chaddie. Papers relating to Katherine Mansfield, 1909–51. MS-Group-0036.

Reeves, William Pember. Letters written from 1895 onward by Men of Mark. QMS-1680-1682.

Satchell, William Arthur. Papers, 1861–1942. MS-Papers-0104.