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Niuē-fekai (or Savage) Island and its People

Foods, &c

Foods, &c.

Many of the articles of food have already been mentioned, but the following are some of the made-dishes of the people:—Fai-kai is a page 68 mixture of grated coco-nut and yam baked. It is very good. The Feke, or Octopus, is pounded, mixed with coco-nut and baked. Nani is boiled scraped coco-nut, with lump of arrowroot (pia) dropped into it. Tukifuti is composed of arrowroot and pounded bananas, and is very good, it is baked. Holo-talo is a pudding of grated talo. Pitako is composed of green bananas and coco-nut. Takihi is baked coco-nut and yams. Vai-halo is scraped coco-nut and arrowroot boiled.

In former times they made enormous talo puddings. The following story in connection therewith will probably be set down as a traveller's tale, but it is true nevertheless. When the new church was opened at Liku, a great feast took place, and one of the articles of food provided by the people was a talo pudding 220 yards g! It was baked in a long native umu, or oven, of that length, the stones marking the extremities of which are still to be seen.