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Niuē-fekai (or Savage) Island and its People



83. There was a woman named Tau-fiti-pa who was preparing arrowroot in the cave at Vai-huetu; she was followed up by a company of people to take her arrowroot away. But Tau-fiti-pa prayed to her god, Maka-poe-lagi, to disclose to her a way of escape. The company had occupied the way into the chasm by which she came. Then Makapoe-lagi split open the rock through which she escaped to the cliff-top inland, and then she fled, for she lived, and took with her her arrowroot. Folo-hoi and the others waited a long time, but Pae-lagi had taken the woman to Vai-huetu. This is an arrowroot scraping cave between Hiola and Tautu.