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Niuē-fekai (or Savage) Island and its People

Ko Folahau

Ko Folahau

65. Ko e fifine ne higoa ko Folahau, kua nofo a 1a he tumuaki he lagi tua-taha, ko Tuku-ofe e higoa e tumuaki founa ia. Ko e fifine

page 114

64. Last of all came the turtle. Hina asked, “What do you come for?” The turtle replied, “I came to bring some tortoise shell to suspend in your curls.” The woman praised him; she descended and got on to his back. Some coco-nuts were taken as food for her projected voyage. The turtle said, “When you want to drink one of the coco-nuts, tell me, and I will show you something on which to open it.” (Presently) Hina drank, and emptied the coco-nut, but she never asked the turtle what to open it on. but broke it open on the top of the head of the turtle. The turtle withdrew his head within his shell and contracted it with the pain, and so the turtle withdraws his head within his shell to this day.