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Niuē-fekai (or Savage) Island and its People

The Gods of Old

The Gods of Old

1. There were five gods (tupua) that fled hither from Motu-galo. They were men who lived in idleness, and took no part in the preparation of feasts. (So it came to pass) when their parents made a feast and when all others partook, no portion was sent to them. They were left out because of their laziness. This became the constant rule, and the parents became greedy; then (the five) fled away to seek an island on which they might dwell permanently.

2. There are three accounts about them—that they came from Fonua-galo; from Tulia; from Toga—and some other islands.* These are the names of the tupuas—Fao, Faka-hoko, Huanaki, Lage-iki and Lagi-atea.

3. Between Liku and Lakepa, there is (a part of the) sea-shore called Motu—which name remains to this day; it is a small level space on the reef, with Mata-kao-lima on the north, Makato on the east; whilst at Hiola spring up the streams from which they (people) drink, which there gush forth from the rocks.

4. They (these tupuas) came up from beneath a pool on the reef; Fao from near the base of the cliffs, where his way opened up and he ascended to build a residence at Toga-liulu. He found a single small