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Niuē-fekai (or Savage) Island and its People


Written by Pulekula, Teacher at Tama-ha-le-leka.

Liku, October, 1901.


IT commences with the preparation of the island (as a dwelling place) down to the birth of mankind from a tree; also describes the gods, male and female. It is the story of the waters, of the fish, of the birds, of creeping things, and of the trees on the surface of earth; of the fierceness (or evil), the stealing, of the upright (works); also of the kings; of the arrival of Captain Cook in 1774; of Peniamina and Toimata in 1846; of Paulo in 1849; of Mr. Lawes in August, 1861; of the three kings—Mataio, Fata-a-iki and Tongia-pule-toaki—down to the hoisting of the British flag at Niue in 1900.