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History and traditions of the Maoris of the West Coast, North Island of New Zealand, prior to 1840

Second Migration of Ngati-Rau-Kawa. — 1825

page 412

Second Migration of Ngati-Rau-Kawa.

It was not long after Ati-Awa occupied Port Nicholson that a second party of Ngati-Bau-kawa, under Te Ahu-karamu, one hundred and twenty strong, came down from Maunga-tautari to see how Te Rau-paraha was getting on. Mr. Travers says they arrived shortly after the battle of Wai-o-rua. Readers are referred to Mr. Travers' account of the subsequent proceedings of this period;* all that is necessary here is to say that Te Ahu-karamu, finding matters going well with Te Rau-paraha, returned to Maunga-tautari and brought down another reinforcement of Ngati-Rau-kawa; with which party came Te Whata-nui, principal chief of that tribe, and Te Heuheu. of Taupo, head chief of Ngati-Tu-whare-toa, on a visit. It was at that time Te Whata-nui decided to remove to the shores of Cook's Straits—a project which he subsequently carried out.

* Transactions New Zealand Institute, Vol. V., p. 68, [gap — reason: illegible]et seq.