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Hawaiki: The Original Home of the Maori; with a Sketch of Polynesian History

Approximate Dates in Polynesian History derived from Rarotongan Records, etc

Approximate Dates in Polynesian History derived from Rarotongan Records, etc.

Te Nga-taito-ariki and Tu-te-rangi-marama rule over Atia-te-varinga-nui (India) 450
Te Kura-amoo migrates to Avaiki-te-varinga (Java) 65
Vai-takere lives in Avaiki-te-varinga; discovery of breadfruit 50
Period of Wakea (Fornander) 390
Tu-tarangi is living in Fiji; first mention of Samoa 450
Period of Tinirau 500
Period of Renga-ariki 575
Tu-tonga-kai-a-Iti lives in Tonga-nui; others in Samoa 600
Period of Ui-te-rangiora, the navigator Antarctic voyages 650
Hawaii first settled 650
Marquesas probably settled 675
Period of Tawhaki 700
Maku visits New Zealand 850
Tahiti was inhabited at this time, but not then settled for the first time, probably 850
Period of Apakura 875
Rarotonga first colonised by Apopo and Ata-i-te-kura 875
Period of Tuna-ariki and Tu-ei-puku in Fiji 875page 223
Te Ara-tanga-nuku and commencement of second period of voyages 950
Tu-nui lives at Tahiti 950
Paumotu colonized 1000
Samoan migration to Tonga-nui 1050
Period of Onokura and of Naea, who visits Vaii (Hawaii) 1100
Voyages to Hawaii from the south (Fornander) 1150
Time of Toi-kai-rakau, New Zealand 1150
Moriori migration to the Chatham Islands from New Zealand 1175
Period of Pau-matua, voyages between Tahiti and Hawaii 1225
Period of Tangii-nui, Iro, Tutapu, and second settlement of Rarotonga 1250
Awa-morehurehu, of New Zealand, goes to Rarotonga 1300
Voyages from the south to Hawaii cease (Fornander) 1325
Sundry voyages to New Zealand under Paoa, Tu-moana, Kupe, Ngahue, &c. 1250 to 1325
New Zealand settled by "The Fleet" 1350

Otira ua.

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