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Mathematics at Victoria in Retrospect



Initially the one professor took all the classes and in the 20's he gained a regular assistant.

In 1946 a third permanent post was established to be filled by D Patterson who came from teaching at Gore.

Senior lectureships were a newly established grade at this time and I transferred in 1947 from the Meteorological office when a further position was advertised. The fifth place which became available in 1953 attracted Dr J C Burns who stayed ten years before moving on to Canberra and currently to the chair at Duntroon.

During the 1960's the departments' establishment grew from 7 to 21 and now in 1974 stands at 23, with a new lecturer due to arrive next month.

A feature of the department has been the stability of the staffing. Apart from those mentioned, the only other lecturers since 1947 to leave were: Ross Renner who went as head mathematics lecturer to the U.S.P. in Suva, Paul Scott who in Adelaide is now writing a series of secondary school text-books and Bob Northcote who is soft-ware manager for I.C.L. with a base in Adelaide, Bruce Payne who has merely transferred via the Information Science department to our Computing Services Centre and Mrs Shirley Pledger who however is able this year to return in a part-time capacity. Moreover all the staff had an earlier association with the Department until very recently, the exceptions being Chris Grigson direct from Adelaide and Reuben Sandler after wide experience in the States.

There have been 35 junior lecturers since 1947, one remained to be promoted through to reader, six left to return to permanent positions later and our present establishment provides for four.

Of the 35 at least 11 have gained Ph.D. somewhere.

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