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Ngamihi; or The Maori Chief's Daughter


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Chapter I.—General Character and Superstition of the Maoris 11
Chapter II.—Pakeha v. Maori 16
Chapter III.—Zada, the Maori Chief's Daughter 19
Chapter IV.—A Rescue 22
Chapter V.—Miss Munroe's Escort to Wairuara 26
Chapter VI.—Murder of the Rev. Mr. Volkner 30
Chapter VII.—Zada keeps her promise 34
Chapter VIII.—A Narrow Escape 38
Chapter IX.—Andrew's Adventure 40
Chapter X.—The Hot Springs and Volcanoes 44
Chapter XI.—An Ambuscade 50
Chapter XII.—The Earthquake 54
Chapter XIII.—Zada's Information 58
Chapter XIV.—A Tale of the West Indies 62
Chapter XV.—John Fly turns the Tables 65
Chapter XVI.—We are caught in a Trap 70
Chapter XVII.—"The Varmints have their Innings" 74
Chapter XVIII.—Miss Munroe à la Florence Nightingale 77
Chapter XIX.—The Maori Maiden turns Doctor 81
Chapter XX.—The Power of Love 85
Chapter XXI.—Randwick's Escape 89
Chapter XXII.—Piggy and the Amputated Leg 93 page 8
Chapter XXIII.—The New Zealand Wild Boar 97
Chapter XXIV.—Miss Munroe's Thrilling Experience 100
Chapter XXV.—To the Rescue of Arline Hirch 104
Chapter XXVI.—A Successful Stratagem 108
Chapter XXVII.—Arline Hirch in Danger 111
Chapter XXVIII.—"Taipua will not Forget" 115
Chapter XXIX.—A Tale of the Sea 119
Chapter XXX.—Blowhard's Yarn Continued 124
Chapter XXXI.—"Taipua, You're a Brick". 128
Chapter XXXII.—Captain Wilson Recovers 132
Chapter XXXIII.—"Render unto Cæsar, the Things That are Cæsar's" 135
Chapter XXXIV.—Zada hears Bad News from the Forest 139
Chapter XXXV.—"Shure They Make Very Small Glasses Now" 144
Chapter XXXVI.—Extraordinary Poetry 147
Chapter XXXVII.—Captain Wilson Confesses His Love 151
Chapter XXXVIII.—Jessie Relates Zada's History 156
Chapter XXXIX.—Zada's Hatred of the Pakehas Explained 160
Chapter XL.—Taipua makes his Appearance 163
Chapter XLI.—Lieutenant Lovelock Gets "Sat Upon" 167
Chapter XLII.—A Delivery of the Mail, and Its Consequences 171
Chapter XLIII.—"What a Pity That I Had Slippers On" 177
Chapter XLIV.—Arline Hirch Gives Evidence in Taipua's favour 181
Chapter XLV.—"I Wish I Had the Power to Twy You Up" 186 page 9
Chapter XLVI.—The Tapu Fruit and Water 190
Chapter XLVII.—Miss Munroe's Suitor 194
Chapter XLVIII.—Lieutenant Lovelock Receives His Congé 198
Chapter XLIX.—A Day's Shooting 202
Chapter L.—Te Rangewhenua gives a warning 207
Chapter LI.—Doctor Gill's Experience in Cuba 212
Chapter LII.—A Story of the Early Days of New Zealand 216
Chapter LIII.—The Story Continued 222
Chapter LIV.—Some of Blowhard's Nautical Experiences 226
Chapter LV.—"I Cannot Sing the Old Songs" 230
Chapter LVI.—A Fatal Shot 240
Chapter LVII.—Death of Ngamihi 247
Chapter LVIII.—After the Murderers 253
Chapter LIX.—Lieutenant Lovelock is Killed in a Skirmish 258
Chapter LX.—Retribution 264
Chapter LXI.—I Get My Commission 273
Chapter LXII.—Conclusion 279
The Silk Handkerchief—A Tale of a Round Tower 299
Comal and Galbina 333
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