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The Greenstone Door



The stress is on the first syllable.

A is pronounced Ah, as Pah (Pa).

Terminal i equals terminal y, as Hahng-y (Hangi). In other places i has either the sound of ee, as Pee-Cow (Pikau), or i in thick, as Tick-y (Tiki).

O as in English.

U as in goose, Oom-oo (Umu).

E as in merry, terminal e as eh; Mer-reh, nearly same sound as merry (Mere).

Ng is sounded as in song and singer.

Every vowel is sounded, but this is not always evident at a casual hearing. Compare Mah-o-ry, Maury (Maori)Kah-y, Kye (Kai).

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