Title: Early New Zealand Botanical Art

Author: F. Bruce Sampson

Publication details: Reed Methuen, 1985, Auckland

Digital publication kindly authorised by: F. Bruce Sampson

Part of: New Zealand Texts Collection

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Early New Zealand Botanical Art


page 8


Geoff Walker, Managing Editor, Reed Methuen, suggested this book to me. His interest in this topic was aroused some time ago and re-kindled by a brief history of early New Zealand botanists in Professor J. T. Salmon's The Native Trees of New Zealand (1980). I am greatly indebted to Geoff for his keen enthusiasm and for the guidance he has given me throughout the preparation of this book. I thank Jane Connor for her skilful editing of this text and Richard King for the design of the book.

I am very appreciative of the skill, care and time that John Casey and Gerry Keating, Photographic Facility, Victoria University of Wellington, devoted to photographing the black and white and many of the colour illustrations.

I thank the Chief Librarian, Alexander Turnbull Library, Wellington, New Zealand, for permission to reproduce Plates 22 to 24, 33, 34 and 38. I am especially grateful to Ms Marion F. Minson and Ms Moira Long, Prints and Drawings Section of the Turnbull Library, for their assistance and interest. Moira Long also gave permission for me to make use of material from her article on Martha King. I wish to thank Dr Michael E. Hoare, Head of Manuscripts, Alexander Turnbull Library, for permission to quote from his publications on the Forsters and from The Resolution Journal of Johann Reinhold Forster 1772-1775, which he edited. Dr Hoare also kindly commented on my section on the Forsters and on several other chapters.

Dr J. C. Yaldwyn, Director, National Museum, Wellington, gave permission for me to reproduce illustrations from the museum's collection. Dr Patrick J. Brownsey, Curator of Botany, National Museum, cheerfully dealt with innumerable requests and questions. While in England he examined illustrations at Kew Gardens and the British Museum (Natural History) on my behalf. I thank Miss Nancy M. Adams, Assistant Curator of Botany at the National Museum, for advice and for her comments on the chapter on John Buchanan, whose life and work she has been investigating for many years.

I am indebted to the Trustees of the British Museum (Natural History) for permission to reproduce Plates 1, 2, 3 and 8.

Plate 25 is published with the permission of the Director of the Auckland Institute and Museum, and I wish to thank Anthony E. Wright, Curator of Botany at the museum, for taking the photograph and for supplying details of botanical illustrations in the museum's collection.

Mr P. A. Wakelin, Reference Librarian, H. B. Williams Memorial Library, Gisborne, kindly sent me biographical details of Mr and Mrs Featon.

I am grateful to Dr E. J. Godley, Botany Division, DSIR, Lincoln, page 9 for his comments on several chapters and for the loan of transparencies of botanical illustrations. Mr A. P. Druce, Botany Division, DSIR, Taita, identified the Carmichaelia species illustrated in Plate 7.

I wish to record my thanks to Mrs Audrey Eagle, botanical artist, formerly of Ngaruawahia and now residing in New Plymouth, for the keen interest she has shown in the book and for drawing my attention to several early artists.

Dr Ian St. George, Dunedin, provided information on botanical illustrations in Dunedin.

Professor R. G. Cave, Department of Librarianship, Victoria University of Wellington, and Mr B. E. Hale, technician/tutor, Wellington Polytechnic, gave advice on early commercial printing techniques.

Dr T. H. Beaglehole, Department of History, Victoria University of Wellington, gave permission for me to quote from the publications of his father, the late Professor J. C. Beaglehole.

I would like to thank Miss Katherine A. Coleridge, Special Materials Librarian, Victoria University of Wellington, for assistance and information, and Miss Aidan Lanham, Acquisitions Librarian, for help and encouragement.

I am very appreciative of assistance and advice from various colleagues in the Botany Department, Victoria University of Wellington, especially Dr Barry V. Sneddon, Dr John W. Dawson, Dr D. Ross McQueen and Professor J. K. Heyes. I have benefited, too, from conversations with Dr John R. H. Andrews, Zoology Department, who is writing an illustrated history of zoological exploration in New Zealand.

Finally, I wish to thank my wife, Vivienne, for advice, encouragement and proof reading.