Title: Early New Zealand Botanical Art

Author: F. Bruce Sampson

Publication details: Reed Methuen, 1985, Auckland

Digital publication kindly authorised by: F. Bruce Sampson

Part of: New Zealand Texts Collection

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Early New Zealand Botanical Art


page 5


List of Plates 6
Acknowledgements 8
Introduction 10
I Parkinson, Banks and Solander 13
II Johann and George Forster 33
III Dumont D'Urville's Voyages 47
IV Etienne Raoul 58
V William Curtis's Botanical Magazine 61
VI Sir William and Sir Joseph Hooker 68
VII Martha King — First Resident Botanical Artist 83
VIII Fanny Osborne of Great Barrier Island 85
IX John Buchanan and Nature Printing 86
X Mr and Mrs Featon's Art Album 93
XI Emily Harris's Flowers, Berries and Ferns 97
XII Mrs Hetley's Native Flowers 102
XIII Henry Field's Ferns of New Zealand 109
XIV Thomas Kirk's Forest Flora of New Zealand 115
XV Thomas Cheeseman's Illustrations of the New Zealand Flora 121
Coda 129
Selected References 133
Index 137