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Salient. Special Salient Issue. Careers Information Week. 1961

Requirements of a Scientist

Requirements of a Scientist

What does a scientific career in the D.S.I.R. demand of a new recruit? Academic knowledge is not sufficient of itself: this must be backed by an ability to work industriously and painstakingly when searching for answers to problems. To be worthy of the title of scientist a person must also be creative and capable of original thought. An ability to report one's results clearly and succinctly is also essential.

In the New Zealand D.S.I.R. there are many opportunities for scientific work in a wide range of subjects. In its 22 divisions are employed chemists, physicists, mathematicians, geologists, botanists zoologists, agricultural scientists, and engineers, as well as more specialized workers such as entomologists, bacteriologists, mycologists, paleontologists, plant pathologists, and geneticists