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Salient. Special Salient Issue. Careers Information Week. 1961

Victoria Sponsors: New Zealand's First University Careers Information Week

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Victoria Sponsors: New Zealand's First University Careers Information Week

During the first term I received a message from Mr. Hogg, the Liaison Officer, stating that a group of employers was interested in organising a Careers Information Week. Little did I dream that such a modest beginning would produce this comprehensive programme which will now cover a period of 10 days.

I would not be venturesome in saying that about three-quarters of us have very little more than a vague idea of what we want to do after graduating. Here is an opportunity for all of us to receive first-hand information from men of experience, on the variety of careers available to graduates in New Zealand. This is a service which has been all but entirely lacking at Victoria to date, although it is indeed a most important one. Many overseas Universities have Appointments Boards carrying out this function, and this could well be the first step in setting up such a body, with the added advantage that many students at an early stage of their courses may become aware of beneficial changes they could make in the structure of their degrees to be more suitably qualified for a career which appeals to them.

Although there will be displays erected by individual concerns in the Common rooms and articles in the special "Salient" issue stressing particular opportunities in different fields, I would like to mention that all the talks will be of a completely general informative nature, with no bias towards any particular organisation.

Finally, on behalf of the Students' Association, I want to express our thanks and appreciation to those members of the organising committee who have worked so hard, and I would appeal to all students to show their gratitude in the tangible way possible—pack out the theatre and common room for every lunch-time talk.

A. T. Mitchell, President, V.U.W. Students' Association.

A. T. Mitchell, President, V.U.W. Students' Association.