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Salient. An Organ of Student Opinion at Victoria College, Wellington, N.Z. V.U.C. Students' Association Annual Elections, 1953

Men's Committee

Men's Committee

T. H. Beaglehole

Tim is a full lime, third year arts student. He has been on the Exec. during the past year, was Gym Controller, and served on the organising committee for Congress. This year he is Vice-President of the Historical Society, secretary of the Swords Club, a committee member of the Harrier Club, and takes a live, if somewhat intermittent interest in many other clubs and activities He has represented Vic at Easter and Winter Tournaments in athletics, harriers and fencing and has been an observer at N.Z.U.S.A. Council meetings. If elected, he promises nothing, but hopes to see the V.U.C tradition of sound administration continue, combined with a little more aggression in protecting student interests.

Nominator: H. D. Scott.

Seconders: K. M., Phillips. Jeanette Greville.

Peter R Crowe

Peter ("Flying Sourcerer"! Crowe, who is now doing Mus. B., is in his second year at Vic after spending two years at Canterbury College, and three years at the Sydney Conservatorium. He is secretary of the Music Club. Gramophone Club and the Glee Club and in the sporting line patronises the St. George in Willis Street. Principal achievement in Australia was to join heckling party responsible for breaking up Sydney Peace Carnival in 1952.

Understudy to alt principals in '53 Extrav. he finally secured two minor parts as Flying Sourcerer and Cr. Gladd. He promises fantastically to bring more culture to the colonies, for his motto is "Ars longa, vita brevia." or "Life is short, so don't drag along behind."

Nominator: Ken Phillips.

Seconders: J. G. Hutchison, and D. W. Crowe.

Ian Free

Peter Dronke

Peter is a third year Arts student, doing English and Philosophy. His other interests range from the cultural clubs at Varsity (he has been on the committees of the French Club (1951) and German Club (1952-3) and of the Literary Society) and the Catholic Students Guild, to the Rugby Football and Ski Clubs. He has been "Salient's" literary editor for two years editing the literary issue last year. His only policy is a general aim towards a common ground of ideas between the students inclining, politically or religiously, to a Left or a Right wing, so as to form a basis for more relevant discussion of all particular student affairs.

Nominator: Anne Tarrant.

Seconder: T. H. Beaglehole. T. H. Hill.

T. H. Hill

Third year Arts; will be around Vic for another two or three years. Has shown his great interest in Association affairs by attending most executive meetings in the last 3 years. Member of Tramping Society (committee 1952-3). Basketball (Tournament 1952. committee 1953) clubs. Marathon service on Salient; assistant editor 1952, editor 1952-3. Cappicade distribution manager 1953. Was in Extrav. 1951. went to Easter Tournament 1953. Winter Tournament 1952. headquarters staff Easter 1952: went to Congress 1952. He is the President of the New Zealand University Newspapers Association. Attended N.Z.U.S.A. Council meetings at Tournaments 1952-53 for Salient. The list of his activities shows his comprehensive interest in all Association activities, and his wide knowledge of university affairs in general.

Nominator: R. A. Knox.

Seconders: P. D. Chatwin. B. V. Galvin.

Richard V. Kirby

Dick is captain of the Vic Rowing Club, a committeeman of the Star Boating Club, a delegate to the Wellington Association, as well as an examiner and executive of the Royal Life-Saving Society.

At Training College, he is a member of the students' executive, chairman of the Assembly committee and a club committeeman.

In the Territorial Army. Dick is a commissioned officer. A fourth-year part-timer in Arts, he is an old boy and former prefect of Wellington College. For old time's sake, if for no other reason, he invites the support of fellow old boys.

Nominator: M. J. O'Brien.

Seconders: P. D. Chatwin. P. M. McCaw.

D. G. B. McLean

Dennis, a fifth year full timer, now completing his thesis for M.Sc. has a brilliant record, both scholastically and in many extra-curricular activities. A V.U.C. nominee for a Rhodes Scholarship last year, Dennis has for the past four seasons been a regular and invaluable member of the senior Rugby XV (College Blue. 1951-52). It is also his second term as secretary of the Rugby Club. An enthusiastic member of the Rowing Club (deputy club captain 1952-53), has rowed for Victoria at two Easter Tournaments. If elected, would serve with all the ability and enthusiasm which his career has already shown him to possess.

Nominator: K. M. Phillips.

Seconder: P. McCaw. M. J. O'Brien.

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John McLevie

John is a member of Teachers Training College Executive. 1952. especially as cafeteria controller and tournament billeting organiser. Has worked in a bank.

Represented Vic Inter-club in athletics, indoor basketball. Rugby, table-tennis, harriers, hockey. Former secretary-treasurer of Athletic Club, and committee member of table tennis club. V.U.C. blue in athletics. Former Wellington provincial senior athletic champion.

Completing B.A. as full-time student.

His policy is to (1) strengthening liaison with city community through cultural, sporting and civic affairs; (2) supporting proposed Student Association building With gym and rooms for culture clubs; (3) improving the cafeteria system.

Nominator: James Ryan.

Seconders: Elaine Foote and Ken Phillips.

R. N. Nelson

Ross is a third year student at Vic. During that time he has spent most of his time in the Maths. Dept.—this year he is attempting pure and applied maths III and science German for the second year. Plays table tennis, cricket and basketball. Represented Vic. at basketball at the Winter Tournament, 1952. and is secretary-treasurer of the Basketball club this year.

Ross's policy is (1) that at all times Exec. members should be approachable; (2) an extension of hostel accommodation; (3) improvements in sporting facilities, e.g. Student Union building, will improve the standard of sport at Vic. He belongs to no political group.

Nominators. R. P. Stephenson.

Seconders: O. K. Ansell. R. F. Read.

Jeremy Proctor

Jeremy is a second year student, full-time, completing his Medical Intermediate He is secretary of the Chess Club and on the committee of the students' Relief Organization, and is an active member of these clubs: Miniature Rifles. Table Tennis. Photography, Maths and Physics and International Students.

The policy which Jeremy intends to carry through is positive and sensible.

(1)Public relations supports Extrav. profits to charily.
(2)Members of Exec. must be readily approachable to college clubs.
(3)Student Union building plans must be attended to and a positive start made in its erection.
(4)Voluntary and free medical examination for all first year Students.

Jeremy's knowledge of college activities commends this policy to all voters.

Nominator: D. F. Donovan.

Seconders: R. S. Rawnsley and A. G. Armstrong.

D. B. Somerset

Dave is a full-time second wear arts student. He is an active member of the Tramping Club; plays third grade Rugby for University: Is on "Salient" staff and reported for "Salient" at Dunedin Easter Tournament last year. Saw Extrav. 1952 through to its bitter end and starred in the Male Ballet Extrav 1953 War. Procession Controller and author of various other capping frivolities this year.

Policy: Resurrection. Method, Activation.

Wants return to better Extrav., college dances and the consequent re-emergence of some corporate spirit and social life at V.U.C. Would press for priority of new Stud. Ass. building.

Nominator: Ian Free.

Seconders: T. Beaglehole and B. V. Galvin.

T. W. Turner

In his three years at V.U.C., Trev Turner has gained an extensive knowledge of student affairs by participating in a wide range of activities Academic qualification—B.A., studying full-time for M. A. this year. Administrative: Victoria's Junior delegate at past three N.Z.U. Tournaments; club captain of hockey club 1952: treasurer of cricket club 1952-53. Sporting: Member of V.U.C. Tournament teams in cricket 1951-52-53, and hockey 1951-52. Other activities: French and German Clubs (committee member 1950), table tennis and Procesh. He believes that If there were a real University sports ground of a high standard, where all our clubs could practice freely, then, apart from giving better performances at Tournament, other Varsity clubs would be able to follow the lead of the Rugby, cricket and athletic clubs in gaining prestige for the college.

Nominator: P. D. Chatwin.

Seconders: Elaine M. Foote and K. M. Phillips.

Barry Williams

Barry has been around since 1948 observing matters and has decided to put his experience to some use. In 1949 he got blown into prominence during Procesh, by an unfriendly bomb on the Chem float, since when he has taken an ever widening interest in student affairs.

Completing B.Sc. this year with Radio Physics III, Barry could be called the science faculty candidate. He holds executive positions in the Chem. Soc. the Maths and Physics Society and the Photography Club.

Although pledged to the improvement of all aspects of student activity. Barry is particularly interested in the matter of public relations. He believes a lot of good work could be done, and intends to investigate the possibility of Extrav. profits to charity. (Report of this in last week's "Salient").

Nominator: B. J. Bradburn.

Seconders: R. Adams and A. G. Armstrong.