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Salient. Newspaper of the Victoria University Students' Association. Vol 42 No. 8. April 23 1979

Tees Defeated

Tees Defeated

Suavely filling the ensuing empty space behind the podium, P and G explained why they should go to council. Their reasons were very compelling. They wanted to get to Christchurch one way or another, and this presented a nice chance. Besides, Gerard wants to "fuck up NZUSA". After forcibly ejecting P and G from the room, we were able to vote on the position. Simon and Caroline were quite convincingly returned as delegates, and we zoomed on to the next contest.

This was Finance and [unclear: Administra] for which Peter Beach. Peter Edward rew Tees, and P and G were standing [unclear: tor] Edwards is this year's treasurer of [unclear: new] and therefore has some knowledge of finances. Blow me down if Peter [unclear: Bea] produce a coherent, audible speech [unclear: with] nearly everyone understood. Vastly [unclear: in ressed], the dumbfounded audience [unclear: efe] Peter and Peter their delegates.

Undeterred, P and G prepared their campaign which was for the position [unclear: on] cation delegate. Standing for this, as [unclear: known] as you-know who, was Geoff Adams [unclear: and] Kathryn Fleming. Geoff slowed his [unclear: th] hing display of emotion to say that [unclear: he] Education Officer, and if he was not [unclear: el] he would bash our heads in. Quick to up the offensive, Kathryn said that [unclear: although] she was only a second year student she very strong, and anyway, she has been vious councils and is very concerned [unclear: ab] education. "Wow" we said, "They're [unclear: for] us." and so they were.

Hell set on going to Christchurch, [unclear: p] G decided to contest the position of [unclear: in] national Affairs delegates. Their [unclear: unfof] opponents were Leonie Morris and [unclear: Rg] Wood, who were, despite the strength a convincing arguments of their [unclear: opposite] duly elected.

"More delegates, more delegates" [unclear: the] assembled throng yelled." We can't [unclear: have] this" mumbled Stephen A'Court in a baritone rumble and leapt into a phone booth. He emerged as Super Stephen National Commission candidate and [unclear: va] quisher of P and G. Anything you can I can do better chanted Lindy Cassidy, [unclear: a] waded into fray. Once the formality [unclear: wi] over, and Stephen and Lindy were [unclear: elect] we moved onto Women's Rights [unclear: delegal]