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Salient. Newspaper of the Victoria University Students' Association. Vol 42 No. 8. April 23 1979

Elections for NZUSA Council

Elections for NZUSA Council

We had to elect our representatives for May Council, that august occasion when Interested Persons from all the universities gather to sort out NZUSA policy. First up was Chief Delegate (2 positions) Standing for this were Simon Wilson, Caroline Massof, Andrew Tees and P and G. First to speak was Simon (a rugged young newly-wed who lists his hobbies as model planes, origami and under water basket weaving). Being an active lad, he has already been to two councils - he was chief delegate last August.

Photo of Andrew Tees

Photo of Simon Wilson

Photo of Phil Sowman and Gerard Winter

Photo of Caroline Massof

From left to right and down: Andrew Tees, Simon Wilson, Phil Sowman and Gerard Winter (firmly united) and Caraline Massof.

A chief delegate must have experience of the working of council, and must have a full knowledge of the policy of VUWSA. More than this, s/he must be dedicated to the [unclear: spiect] of this policy. Simon certainly fulfills the first two criterion, and claimed that he would satisfy the third as well.

Down he sat and up bounded Caroline, who basically repeated what Simon had said. Caroline has been to two councils as Womens Rights delegate and is currently Women VP of VUWSA. To tumultous applause she returned to her seat, and the game came round to Andrew. Andrew explained that he has an excellent knowledge of Vic policy and the the workings of NZUSA. He has, however, never been to a council, and came in for a lot of fire at question time.

Paul Norman, resurrected as a steely eyed robber baron, led the attack. "Bah" he sneered twirling his moustache and brandishing a rapier, "How can you pretend to represent the policy of VUWSA when at the AGM you actively opposed existing policy, and have in the past attempted to hinder the execution of said policy" Andrew leapt for Paul's throat, in passing accusing his fellow Exec members of just about every sin short of sodomy.